TODAY: Demand Committee Meeting at 2 PM

From: WeAreChangeLA
Sent on: Saturday, November 26, 2011 11:40 AM
From: Steven Vincent <[address removed]>
The following Objective was passed by the Objectives and Demands Committee and read to the General Assembly on Friday, November 25, 2011.  It will be presented for consensus on Saturday, November 26th.

A major Objective of Occupy LA is to END CORPORATISM on the National, State and Local levels.  We define CORPORATISM as the merger between Corporations and the State.  Some examples of this nexus are: 

·       the pervasive influence of lobbyists throughout government

·       the revolving door between the private and public sectors as corporate executives and lobbyists become governmental regulators and legislators and then move back into the private sector again.

·       The awarding of public contracts to private political cronys

·       The dependency and predominance of the public Electoral process on private Corporate funding

·       Commonplace Legislative action blatantly prejudicial to the public interest and grossly beneficial to favored Corporate interests

·       The elevation of Corporations to the legal status of persons enjoying the rights and privileges of citizens.

·       Wars waged in the interest of Corporate profits.


The marriage between Corporations and Governmental Power has overthrown the basic principles of Rule of Law, Equality Under the Law, Due Process and the protection afforded to the Citizens of the United States by the Constitution.  As long as the above described condition is allowed to persist, the interests of the People will be prejudiced in favor of the Corporate interests of the 1%.  We will seek out all peaceful means, including citizen  legislative, legal and protest action to END CORPORATISM.

Given the obvious issues of time we are currently faced with, the Committee will be starting its work early today at 2 PM.  We found a nice, quiet spot with tables and chairs adjacent to the Starbucks at 1st and Los Angeles.  We may be at the outdoor seating area outside of Starbucks but if not there go down the alley to the left of Starbucks and look for us in one of the Food Court seating areas there.  You can also try calling me at [masked].


Yesterday the Committee decided to laser in its work on drafting Objectives and Principles which we feel reasonably describe the already pre-existing underlying consensus that already exists at OLA.  I would suggest that we continue along that track over the next two days.  In my opinion if we can be successful at synthesizing the real consensus that does exist then we will be providing a great service to the movement here (and everywhere) by helping us all to realize that fundamentally we do have a core set of Objectives and Principles that we can continue to work together around going forward in spite of what may happen to the physical Occupy.


Yesterday we passed the Objective of "END CORPORATISM" and it was read to the GA.  It will be presented tonight for consensus to the GA.


Today we will be working on Chris D.'s proposal to END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, which was sent to this list separately.  We will also be considering a list of other potential Objectives and Principles for submission to the GA.


I a separate email I am going to propose "END THE POLICE STATE".  It seems to me that this is an obvious elephant in the room that everyone agrees upon.  It's so obvious that we barely bother to discuss it.  But I think it needs to be recognized and included as an Objective.


Thank you!  See you this afternoon.




Here's a quick draft which can provide the basis for work today:


A major Objective of Occupy LA is to END THE POLICE STATE.  The 1% Corporatocracy has instituted an Police State to enforce its political control and suppress the 99%.  This Police State has effectively overthrown the basic and essential principles of Rule of Law, Due Process, Equality Under the Law and the other fundamental Rights afforded by the Constitution of the United States.  Some elements and examples of this Police State are:

  • HOMELAND SECURITY, which concentrates immense Police State powers in a monolithic, centralized bureaucracy
  • The PATRIOT ACT, which negates and erodes many of our fundamental Constitutional rights and enables aggressive Police State powers
  • TRANSPORTATION SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, which subjects all air travelers to unconstitutional and prisoner-like  searches of their persons and effects
  • THREAT FUSION CENTERS, which meld Federal, State and Local law enforcement into a permanent state surveillance apparatus
  • FREE SPEECH ZONES, which restricts access to sites of protest and effectively denies Freedom of Speech, Assembly and the Right to Redress of Grievances

We reject the idea that we must surrender Freedom to gain Security.  We reject the notion that we must live in fear under the overarching protection of a Big Brother state.  We stand for a restoration of all Constitutional rights and we will work to END THE POLICE STATE.

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