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Are there any role players here?

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Anyone looking to get a game going in the Westchester area?
Alec U.
Peekskill, NY
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There's a few other Westchester Groups focused on RPGs and gaming. See WGG and also here.
White Plains, NY
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Hi Nick,

The rule of thumb that I've noticed has worked for a lot of folks so far is to be patient, and persistent. If you don't get responses right away, keep trying. Post a few times. As far as I know everyone so far that has wanted to hook up with fellow gamers has had success through one of the meetups or yahoo group message boards in the area. So hang in there. Also, I'm still waiting to hear back from my group. I half expect that since the group is in a state of flux right now due to some members leaving the area we have a certain amount of flexibility to re-constitute on a new date. If I do not hear back from them in a few more days I will make an Imperial Edict and reset the date to Sunday so you can join. If you know of other players who may be interested as well, please send them my way. I would like to get four to six players for the new campaign. So far I have 1 strong, 1 pretty-strong, 2 not sures, and two who are on their way out. So... the upshot is... hang in there and keep trying. I'm sure one way or another you'll get into a game or two soon.
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Thanks, I really appreciate the encouragement. I see a lot of people who frequent one Meetup group cross pollinate all the other meet up groups that may have RPG's as a hobby that it focuses on. If your willing to have new players come in, I think what's left of my role playing group would wanna use me as there Yellow Canary to see if they'd like the game or not based on my experiences. So I'd definitely be down to giving it a shot and if your willing to maybe have 1 or 2 extra stragglers drop in after a game or 2 of me playing, I can offer ya that as well. Either way, I'm definitely interested in trying your game out as I find sometimes home-brewed systems sometimes bring out better role playing from the players.
White Plains, NY
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Sure no problem. Yup there's quite a bit of cross-pollination. :) I'll get in touch about the game shortly. My sense at this point is that we can try for Sunday evening games and see how that goes. I'll contact you through WARS on that in a day or so.
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I'll play pretty much most games (board,cards,dice,etc) other than rpg's or ccg's
RPG/D&D not my thing .. just being honest
user 2738427
Elmsford, NY
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I just moved to NY. I was part of an off shoot of World of darkness table top RPG in RI where I moved from. Are there any games going on around the area that are looking for a new player? I would love to join a game if possible... please let me know! Thanks!
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Anyone looking to get a game going in the Westchester area?

I'm *really* interested in joining a GURPS 4th edition game with high-point characters (500-5000). Would be interested in other games, but I'm already in a 1st Ed. AD&D game so I'd like to add something more modern/futuristic.
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