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From: Rose L.
Sent on: Friday, May 4, 2012 10:10 PM

I wouldn't normally send this out but since it revolves around things "international & food" plus my friends got such a kick out my recent Facebook posts about my coworkers (no names mentioned) at my new job. I thought I'd share. Witnessing these comments first hand gave me a good laugh.

Rose, Organizer 

Facebook post #1:

Conversation at my new job (true story):

Me: San Juan. That's your site, right? Puerto Rico?
Coworker: Yes, Puerto Rico.
Me: Why does the GM live in San Francisco, CA?
Coworker: He lived in Miami & kept the site after he moved because he was fluent in the language. When I have my monthly call with him & the accountant in San Juan they start speaking French & I can't understand a word they're saying.
Me: French? Don't they speak Spanish in Puerto Rico?
Coworker: French. Spanish. Either way, I can't understand them.

Your public education dollars hard at work!!

Facebook post #2:

Another work day conversation with my HILARIOUS coworker (the same one who couldn't understand the "French" speaking Puerto Ricans in our San Juan office)...

(During our early morning "should we or shouldn't we order from the company delivery program?")...
Me: Are you ordering delivery from Satay Thai at lunch today?
Coworker: No, I don't like Indian food.
Me: It's not Indian food, it's Thai.

(Later while eating my Pad Kee Mao at my desk)...
Coworker: That looks good.
Me: Yes, it's decent for takeout - far from the best Thai food in town.
Coworker: That kind of looks like Asian food.
Me (rolling my eyes and stiffling a laugh): It is Asian food. It's Thai.
Coworker: I thought it was Indian from that place in Green Hills.
Me: No, that's Shalimar. This is from "SATAY THAI".

Facebook post #3:

Another coworker, another true story...

Coworker: Eww, that's disgusting! (spitting out her veggie eggroll)
Me: Was it bad?
Coworker: No, something in it tasted awful. And for a vegetarian like me to say that it must be pretty bad.
Me: Oh, so you don't eat any meat?
Coworker: Well, I like chicken.
Me: (snickering)

I guess it's time to introduce her to Wikipedia...


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