WIRF was established June 2011 to fill an apparent need on Whidbey Island.
The goal was to maintain about $1,000 in the fund at all times to assist with emergencies.

It was sponsored by the charity Operation TeddyCare to see if the need for such a fund existed. Over time, it was amazing how many lives were helped by such a small fund.

WIRF helped island critters of all kinds. Funds helped special needs dogs and cats, as well as horses, goats, birds, and other island animals in greatest need.

The WIRF was always transparent. Here is what happened:

$1,085.01 (earned at July 16, 2011 rummage sale at Bayview Hall)
$ 351.59 (earned at Oct. 1 bake sale at Bayview Corners)
$16.23 (WIRF collection jar at Critters & Co.)
$1,211,00 (earned through Skagit Farmers Supply fundraiser, Feb. 2012)
$26.05 (WIRF collection jar at C&C June 2012)
$287.28 (July 7, 2012 bake sale at Bayview Corners)
$200.07 (Aug. 4, 2012 bake sale at Bayview Corners)
$26.85 (WIRF collection jar at C&C Sept. 2012)
$66.20 (WIRF collections at Skagit Farmers Supply, Freeland Oct. 2012)
$107.51 (WIRF collection containers at all locations)

Donations of goods or services
Through July, 2011
1/2 ton hay, 3 bags horse grain, 1 bag duck food, 1 horse blanket
Standing offers to purchase WAIF approved enclosures for any dogs needing a six ft. fence to be adopted
Through Sept. 24, 2011
8 LARGE BAGS of high-quality dog kibble! Over $200 worth of food from a great local pet store! Thank you!
Through Nov. 2011
$250 worth of high-quality kibble (thanks Critters & Co.!)
$200 worth of pet food samples (thanks Skagit Farmers!)

Expenditures and distribution:
$170 emergency spay/neuter for two dogs that would have otherwise become shelter surrenders
$153 emergency food (The Pit Stop Here)
$150 for gas cards for volunteers engaged in a large emergency rescue effort (Whidbey Cats Spay Neuter)
$100 emergency hay
$300 toward emergency treatment for Chance, the rescued bait dog (The Pit Stops Here) in foster care here
$351.22 costs associated with helping animals rescued by Whidbey Cats Spay Neuter
$250 emergency surgery for dog whose owner could not cover bill
$250 for help with transportation costs to send rescued pit bull to new permanent home in Vermont
$300 toward lifesaving emergency surgery for pet (veterinarian requested due to financial need of family)
$151 provided to veterinarian for end of life care for a woman's senior dog and beloved pet (financial need)
$300 emergency care for neglected dog left at Dr. Patrin's (and later surrendered to Pasado's Safe Haven)
$300 needed dental care for horses (financial need request)
$150 to help senior dog and cat (veterinary request based on owner's income)
$150 emergency hay for goat rescue
$70 hoof care for rescued horse
$107.51 for horse scheduled for euthanasia unless rescued and given needed care

Current balance

WIRF was a designated account of island-based nonprofit Operation TeddyCare (OTC), and WAG provided recommendations to OTC re: worthy expenditures of the funds.

Now it's time for this effort to become independent. Plans are underway to create a nonprofit that will maintain this modest emergency fund on its own through fundraisers, and the development of volunteers willing to help with emergency fostering when needed. WAG will assist by promoting the fund.

If you would like to learn more, email

or plan to attend a meeting on Saturday, September 21, 2013
10:00 AM
Mukilteo Coffee Roasters
5331 Crawford Road
Langley, WA 98260

(Should a nonprofit be established, the balance of WIRF funds can be donated to that nonprofit. If not, WIRF will expend the remaining funds to help animals prior to shutting down.)

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