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Basic Information
Domain - FL-040-D
Venue - Isle of Death (Cam/Anarch)
VST - Jesus Romero

The Venue
Cayo Hueso (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaʝo ˈweso]) is the original Spanish name for the island of Key West. Meaning \"bone key\" It is said that the island was littered with the remains (bones) from a Native American battlefield or burial ground. It should therefore be no surprise that the walking dead haunts the small island. Overcrowded, the kindred of Key West must deal with each other and live in fear of their neighbors to the north.

Mortal history
Pre-History: Calusa Indians inhabit the Keys
1492: The New World is discovered. Piracy begins in the Caribbean.
1521: Ponce de Leon is the first \\\"European\\\" to set foot in Key West. He leaves a small battalion of soldiers behind.
1600s: Piracy enters it\\\'s Golden Age in the Caribbean.
1793: England takes control of Florida, sending all remaining Spainards and Natives to Havana, Cuba.
1822: The United States physically claims Key West for itself.
1823: Commodore Porter, a US Navyman and famed Pirate hunter, places Key West under martial law.
1845: Fort Zachary Taylor begins construction.
1860: Key West is the largest city in Florida due to it\\\'s wrecking industry.
1861 - 1865: The American Civil War, Key west remains in Union hands.
1866: Fort Zachary Taylor is completed.
1899: Key West is the largest and wealthiest city in Florida.
1912: The railroad connects Key West to the rest of the state.
1926: Hotel La Concha is built
1935: The Labor Day Hurricane destroys the railroad, cutting off Key West from the rest of Florida by land.
1936: The US-1 road is completely, once again connecting Key West to the mainland.
1982: The Conch Republic declares independence.
1995: The grand invasion of the Dry Tortugas.

How did Key West avoid the notice of the Sabbat:
Prior to the Crusade in 2008, Key West was hardly a blip on the radar to the Cainites of Miami. They never heard of any vampiric activity coming from the Keys, or much of anything at all. On one or two occasions, the random Sabbat that accidentally wandered into the Keys and actually made it back told stories of animal-men (werewolves, naga, etc... which we have none of, by the way, just a lot of Tremere with Dominate and Thaumaturgy, and a Setite with Form of Cobra), and no one ever bothered to pursue it. Prior to Sabina\\\'s reign of Archbishop, the Cainties of Miami were just too consumed with themselves to really bother to look that way.

Come the Crusades of 2008, Miami pledged it\'s resources to the taking of Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, and only briefly considered Key West. Being that Key West is 400 miles away from the mainland, it would have almost made more sense for the Cainites of Miami to turn their attention to Orlando long before they ever bothered with what amounts to nothing but a bunch of drunken tourists to the South. Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach were taken just before the Regent called for the Crusades to come to a halt, and as such, even the briefest considered plans were put on a shelf.

Due to the small nature and remoteness of Key West, in order to avoid overpopulation by inactive characters, characters attached to the VSS will be limited to Domain members only. Proxies are still allowed provided they comply with the rules of the Camarilla.


Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 4
Action (combat and challenges): 3
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 3
Social Etiquette & Interaction: 5
Drama (ceremony and characterization): 4
Darkness (probability of player character death or corruption): 5


Proxy rules are outlined by the Camarilla addendum. Please understand that proxies can easily result in improper play of a character. As such, any and all proxies will require an extensive write-up on the PC�s goals and motives, as well as a copy of the character sheet, XP log, background, and proof of MC. Also, a proxy should be sent for approval to the VST at least 48 hours prior to the start of the proxy. This is to give the VST sufficient time to review the sheet and motivations. Failure to do so may result in the proxy being denied. It is understood that some events might cause a last minute proxy. Such proxies will be considered on a case by case basis.


Key west can be reached by boat, car or plane. Travel by automobile requires multiple hours, making it difficult for travelers to make a simple day trip to the keys without fear of sunlight. Key West Airport is available for Charter Flights and thanks to Kindred Influnce, the airport can be opened for a traveler.


It is possible because of actions of PCs or NPCs that visitors may have difficulty finding and arriving safely at an event. Visiting players are encouraged to contact local PC�s or the VST at least 24 hours before any game to ensure that they can safely locate and gain entrance to any event taking place. Visiting players are also expected to add to the theme and mood of the local venue. If a PC is deemed inappropriate for any reason, the VST may ask that player to play a different character, an NPC, or to avoid certain plot elements while visiting. Characters that belong to a VSS type other than Cam/Anarch must notify the VST of their intent to attend game at least 24 hours prior, and must receive approval to do so. Failure to comply will result in the PC being turned away and the player advised to play a different PC, or an NPC.


Players must have copy of their character sheet in order to enter play. Players without sheets may be denied entrance, or asked to relent to all challenges. All players must either have the VST check-in an item card for any possessions or equipment they wish to bring into play, or must have these items listed on the character sheet. All players should have an copy of their updated experience log. Visiting players should also provide their direct Storyteller name and contact information. Where possible, visitors are encouraged to have their direct ST sign their sheets before visiting.


There is a large quantity of sanctioned source material. It is not reasonable to expect a Storyteller to remember how every power from every book works, or to carry the complete library of materials with him at all times. The ST will have Laws of the Night Revised, and the Laws of the Night Camarilla Guide on site. If you have a power that comes from a sanctioned source outside of these 2 books, then you are expected to have the printed mechanics with you as a part of your character record. Failure to have these mechanics may result in the ST refusing to allow the use of certain powers, or merits.


Feeding is handled per the book. A simple test is made. If you win, you begin at full. If you tie, you begin at half (rounded up). If you lose, you begin play with 4 blood traits. (may need to change as overcrowding is a theme).


Players will typically receive 3XP for attending game. The VST may award fewer points to players who arrive very late, who do not stay in-character for extended periods, or other such things that detract from or disrupt the game. The VST may also award additional points for costuming or extraordinary roleplay. Experience may also be awarded for downtimes sent to the VST, and scenes run in downtime, at the discretion of the VST

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