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Backpacking 2013

Dylan C.
user 13815564
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 15
Do you like camping? Do you enjoy going for a hike? Put it together and try backpacking!

I've been interested in this for many years, but last season was the first time I attempted it. One of our other organizers (David Garcia) took us on a 14-mile urban hiking\guerrilla hammocking trip, right here in town. Another (Caryn ;-) was kind enough to plan a series of beginner backpacking meetups and shakedown hikes, followed by some memorable backpacking adventures up north. Now I'm hooked. I'd like to plan and encourage similar meetups in the coming months.

Last year I had a couple major reservations to get past before giving this a shot. The first was all the gear I might need to buy. I had several sleeping bags, a tent and tons of other camping gear, but none of it was lightweight stuff designed for backpacking. My old tent alone weighed 20 lb. Also when I go camping, I tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink. It's hard to fit everything I want to bring in my car, let alone on my back.

My other big reservation was that, even if I could get everything I need in a backpack, I might not be fit enough to carry it very far.

I was able to figure all this out and go backpacking with confidence. It was a blast! We hiked for hours every day in beautiful country, arriving at the next site sore and exhausted. After setting up camp and making dinner, we'd go swimming or hiking, or just sit around the fire for a few hours before bed. I never slept better and the hiking got easier every day. I could have gone for another week.

If you're interested in backpacking, but haven't tried it, what would help you get you started? What do you need to figure out? I'm sure there are some very experienced backpackers here who can answer any questions. I learned a lot last year too.
Amanda Prater W.
user 4819330
Britton, MI
Post #: 49
Hi! I just joined the group a few days ago, but one of the things I really want to try is backpacking. I've camped and hiked, but I have the same reservations about backpacking that you describe. What I really need are people who to go with and who can tell me what stupid things not to do! I'll be watching this space. :)

user 79943932
Windsor, ON
Post #: 1
I have two questions! Um, where do you go to the bathroom if it's an emergency!?!?!? Also, for the type of hike you've got organized here, would we really need anything other than a drink?
Dylan C.
user 13815564
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 16
On a real backpacking trip, we would send you deep into the woods with tp and a cathole shovel. For the hike on Saturday, you can use the bathroom at Bivouac before we head out. You really only need to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes. A bottle of water is optional.
user 48162202
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 1
Hi! I am really interested in hiking with this group! I am due in about a week with my 2nd child and unable to hike for about 4-6 weeks after. (Unless I can get a go ahead earlier from my doctor)
I hope I won't be too late to join some hikes. I have hiked a lot, but never went backpacking and would LOVE a chance to do this! I'd love to follow the posts and join you all in May!! :)
Caryn ;.
user 3095678
Trenton, MI
Post #: 131
Hi Trish, you usually only have to use a cathole if no outhouse/privy is provided... I can only think of a couple times I had to build a latrine and that's usually just for backcountry (creating your own campsite and a lot of parks don't want you doing that)... Alcohol can be a good thing for quick relief of muscle aches and pains... But it also dehydrates you... I agree there is nothing like backpacking... You usually avoid large groups of people and rarely see trash... And you get gorgeous views and you get to eat whatever you want and still lose weight ;-)
Caryn ;.
user 3095678
Trenton, MI
Post #: 132
Hi Michelle, congrats on the baby! You are welcome to join us anytime... We are just starting backpacking/hiking season
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