About Meetup

Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

Meetup's mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.

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    20.74 million
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    3.54 million
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Our Team

  • Kate Addicott, Senior Copywriter

    Kate uses words to help create better experiences. Though she loves crafting messages of all kinds, she rarely writes about herself in third person. She thinks she may secretly like it.

  • Camille Alexander, Operations Manager

    Camille maintains Meetup HQ by ensuring a comfortable and functional work environment. On top of being the Queen of all things Operations, she also finds time to assist our busy CEO with his day to day business activities.

  • Amy, Trust & Safety Specialist

    Amy helps members make meaningful connections with people with shared interests and helps to make sure that Meetup is a safe and trustworthy place. Originally from Minnesota, she loves the outdoors and spends a lot of her free time making art, dancing, and laughing too loudly.

  • David Anderson, Community Specialist

    David joined the Community Team to increase his interaction with awesome community-minded people by approximately 92%. When not helping members and organizers navigate their Meetup journey, David spends his time biking about, eating Haagen Dazs, and recording sounds and voices.

  • Maygan Anthony, Community Specialist

    Maygan started working at Meetup through an awesome Meetup group, and is excited to give back to the Meetup community! When she’s not giving members the best support possible, you might find her binge-watching episodes of Friends or looking for the best Ramen bars in New York.

  • Steve Aquillano, UI Engineer

    Steve is helping the UI team develop and maintain the front-end of both Meetup and Meetup Everywhere.

  • Garrett Arnold, Community Specialist

    Garrett is all about providing support to Meetup members and building the Meetup community. He is psyched to be a part of the Meetup team and is a lover of the outdoors, science fiction and freshly baked bread...mmm.

  • Farah Assir, Senior Experience Designer

    Farah aims to make things clear, simple and bold through design. She's passionate about creating experiences that mesh online and offline worlds together. When she's not making things on the internet she loves doing yoga, riding her bike and eating lots of Kale.

  • Lilith Ben-Or, Community Specialist

    Lil is thrilled to be a part of the Community Team, helping Meetup members create awesome Meetups, discover new interests, form lasting connections, and impact their communities. In her free time, Lil likes to learn 90s pop songs on the ukulele, eat dumplings, and write haikus.

  • Odile Beniflah, Product Manager, International

    Odile wants everyone around the world to be able to use Meetup no matter their language. She has lived in many different countries and can certify that people are eager to learn - new mums and geeks are everywhere. She loves picnics, roadtrips and Pina Bausch.

  • Sarah Jean Billeiter, Community Team Lead

    Sarah Jean provides support to the Meetup community so its members can navigate the site and make their Meetups more successful. She spends the rest of her time biking the boroughs in search of the perfect taco, dreaming of ways to renovate her apartment and everyone else's, designing and making jewelry, and trying really hard to not go too dog crazy.

  • Laura Blackett, Senior Community Specialist

    Laura works on the Community Team, helping to ensure that the site is an enjoyable adventure for all. When she's not at work, she schemes up furniture building projects and copes with her inability to properly eat sandwiches.

  • Richard Boenigk, Core Experience Design Lead

    Rick helps build and maintain the parts of the Meetup site that you can see.

  • Julia Brodatska, Accounting Associate

    Julia is responsible for supporting the Finance Team by handling accounts payable, verifying bills, and tracking expense reports. She's also responsible for all of the Biz Ops files.

    Julia believes that organization is THE way to success.

  • Jerry Brown, Community Specialist

    Jerry joined the Community Team in the hopes of supporting Meetup members to build a strong community. Outside of the office he enjoys playing ping pong for too long and perfecting his Frosted Flakes only diet.​

  • Vlad Burca, Software Engineer

    Vlad is a back-end software engineer, originally from Romania. He works on fixing bugs and developing new features that will make users love Meetup even more! He has a passion for algorithms and math but, when not programming, he likes exploring the city, in a non-shortest-path traversal, by either running or walking.

  • Gary Burns, CTO

    Gary oversees development and operations for Meetup.

  • Jeff Campbell, Senior QA Engineer

    Jeff works with the QA team to make sure that Meetup is awesome. In his spare time he likes to play board games, take pictures of food, and insist that Rush is the best rock band of all time.

  • Ryan Carlino, Community Specialist

    Ryan gets jazzed about people getting together, sharing interests and discovering new hobbies. That's why he's on the Community team helping members find, join and attend awesome Meetups. Outside of Meetup HQ, Ryan enjoys playing rugby, chowing down on dumplings and watching the same shows over and over on Netflix.

  • Will Carlough, Software Engineer

    Will is a computer programmer.

  • Mike Castleman, Lead Android Engineer

    Mike works on the Meetup app for Android, fixing bugs and adding new features.

  • John Cockrell, Product Manager

    John is working on making Meetup even better, especially on mobile. He loves talking about design and corgis.

  • Ian Corbett, Senior Systems Administrator

    Ian does everything in his power to keep Meetup...up.

  • Keith Corwin, Director, Software Engineering

    Keith builds tools to help members and organizers bring their Meetups to the next level. He is currently living in Berlin, and is a co-organizer of the local chapter of Hack and Tell.

  • Troy Cox, Desktop Support Specialist

    Troy provides daily tech support at Meetup HQ.

  • Ella Creedy-Hall, Community Specialist

    Ella provides support to the Meetup community. In her spare time she enjoys YA novels and theorizing about the Boy Who Lived.

  • Michael Curtes, Product Lead, Member Engagement

    Michael joined the Meetup team because he's interested in the interaction between on and offline life. Ask him about mobile, synthesizers, trees, and North Korea.

  • Scott D'Antuono, QA Engineer

    Scott lays awake at night dreaming about testing new features and ensuring their quality for the Meetup community. In his spare time, he dribbles around looking for new additions to his guitar collection.

  • Anne DeCusatis, Software Engineer

    Anne writes code for Meetup's backend. She is thankful for the existence of Squidwrench hackerspace. Her current emotion is probably excitement about computers.

  • Erin Dertouzos, Head of Talent & Culture

    Erin leads Human Resources at Meetup. She and her team are deeply committed to hiring the best and brightest in New York and making sure that our team is consistently challenged, engaged and growing professionally.

  • Adam Detrick, Design Architect

    Adam helps develop and maintain the front-end of Meetup. He's also a member of the New York Web Standards Meetup and the New York Web Performance Meetup.

  • Kara Donaldson, Senior Community Specialist

    Kara provides support to the Meetup community so that they can navigate the site and make their Meetups more successful. She'll most likely talk at you about The West Wing, Jane Austen, and/or your celebrity doppelganger.

  • Doug, (Mini) Office Security

    Doug has two main goals at Meetup. His first is to keep the team morale high and his second is to keep Meetup HQ clean...he's our in-house Hoover and likes to hang by our picnic tables, munching on escaped crumbs during lunch.

  • Evan Estola, Machine Learning Engineer

    Evan is uploading our personalities into the Internet so we can all look at funny pictures together forever, long after our bodies are gone. Until then, he enjoys using data and improving Meetup's back-end.

  • Ivy Feraco, Lead UI Engineer

    Ivy helps develop and improve the Meetup user interface with code and a little TLC. She's happy to *finally* work for a web company that has positive impact - in real communities.

  • Wayne Folkes, Technical Operations Manager

    Wayne works behind the scenes to help make sure Meetup's systems are running smoothly.

  • Jennifer Gergen, Experience Design Director

    Jen designs lovely and useful features that “just make sense” and take some of the hard parts out of meeting up. She’s from the internet, she’s obsessed with the future, and her spirit muppet is Fozzy Bear.

  • Caitlyn Gillikin, Senior Community Specialist

    Caitlyn provides support to the Meetup Community, helping members and Organizers to make their Meetup experience the best it can be. You can normally find her in Brooklyn, drinking too much seltzer and trying to show strangers pictures of her cats.

  • Andres Glusman, Chief Strategy Officer

    Andres develops insight-informed strategies that help set the company's direction.

  • Alex Godin, Customer Developer

    Alex helps with user research, with a focus on communication and connections within the Meetup community.

    He's a big fan of the Internet, NYC and weird foods.

  • Nate Graves, Web Engineer

    Nate is excited to be joining the Product Team to help take new Meetup features from concept to launch. Nate is a member of the Manhattan International Coed Soccer Group and is hoping to join more Meetups in the coming months.

  • Brian Gruber, Lead Software Engineer

    Brian works on the back-end of Meetup. He's also a Co-Organizer of LispNYC, the New York City Lisp User Group. Brian likes computers, music, and combinations thereof.

  • Davide Gualandi, QA Engineer

    As part of the QA team, Davide tests Meetup's functionality all day long. He also gets to play with new Meetup features before they are released to members and organizers.

    He's also the Organizer of JCNY: Japanese Cinema in the City of New York.

  • Chris Halpert, Data Analyst

    Chris explores data to find insights which guide Meetup's strategy.

  • Nathan Hamblen, VP, Engineering

    Nathan helps make Meetup's software smarter, more useful, and more reliable. He organizes the ny-scala Meetup and publishes a half-dozen open source apps and libraries.

  • Jason Hammons, UI Engineer

    Jason helps develop and maintain Meetup's interface.

  • Katie Hawley, Communications Associate

    Katie loves storytelling and also happens to be terribly fond of local community. She’s psyched to combine those passions, by sharing and celebrating the stories of the millions of awesome Meetup members. When she’s not blogging or tweeting her little heart out, you’ll find her lurking outside the nearest dog run, or taking herself for a human run with the Ladyburg Runners Meetup, of which she’s a Co-Organizer.

  • Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder, CEO

    Scott is Meetup's co-founder & CEO and focuses the team on our dream of a Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything (MEME). He co-founded the NY Tech Meetup and is organizer or member of lots of other meetups.

  • Kristin Hodgson, Communications Director

    Kristin oversees the Communications team, helping us to tell the stories of Meetup Organizers and Members around the world. Kristin was a co-organizer of the Web Content Mavens Meetup in Washington, D.C. and goes to many Meetups in the NYC area.

  • Will Howard, Director, Web Engineering

    Will helps build and maintain Meetup's front-end features.

  • Rich Hsieh, Lead Software Engineer

    Rich works on the back-end of the site, coding new features and maintaining existing ones. He is organizer of the Dashing Whippets.

  • Calvin Hu, Android Engineer

    Calvin works on Meetup's Android team.

  • Adaam Hukins, QA Engineer

    Adaam works on the QA team to test Meetup's functionality and make sure everything runs smoothly for the Meetup Community.

    He enjoys gardening, scrabble, and trivia...but in no particular order.

  • Byron Hulcher, Full Stack Engineer

    Byron loves building user interfaces and experiences to bring people closer together. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

  • David Jimenez, Associate Community Specialist

    David joined the Community Team because he is passionate about getting people together and making awesome things happen. When he is not at Meetup HQ you can find him on the roads of your favorite park.

  • Deirdre Johnson, Senior Community Specialist

    Deirdre gets all excited about community organizing, so she's very happy to be a member of the Community team. When she's not answering your Meetup queries, she's probably discussing the hard-hitting topics like social justice issues, celebrity gossip, and where to get dinner.

  • Zach Kanfer, Software Engineer

    Zach is a core engineer, working on Meetup's back end.

  • Matt Kime, UI Engineer

    Matt helps develop and maintain Meetup's user interface. He enjoys long walks with his view camera.

  • Lars LaPann-Johannessen, Community Specialist

    Lars works on the Community team, providing support to Meetup members and Organizers. In his spare time, Lars enjoys running, exploring the outdoors, and is attempting to visit every last pizza place in New York.

  • Brian Lafayette, Strategy Lead

    Brian uses site data, customer research, benchmarks and experimentation to create strategies that will enable the future growth of Meetup. He organizes the NYC Beach Volleyball Meetup.

  • Katie Lahey, Community Specialist

    Katie is eager to guide the Meetup community to smooth and enjoyable Meetup experiences. When she's not at Meetup HQ, you will most likely find her playing trivia, watching college basketball, or quoting Friends.

  • Arnaud Lawson, Systems Administrator

    Arnaud helps the IT team in keeping Meetup servers up and running optimally. In his spare time he likes playing with cutting edge technologies, but also really enjoys music and traveling whenever possible. He is a member of New York City Storm User Group and The New York Python Meetup Group.

  • Juan Leguizamón, Associate Community Specialist

    Juan enjoys helping Meetup members create positive, sustainable change in their communities so he is stoked to be part of the Community Team. When he’s not at Meetup HQ, you can find him exploring the city and its many coffee shops, watching Florida State football, or dancing along to his iPod while waiting for the subway.

  • Jake Levine, Product Engineering Lead

    Jake couldn't stay away after his summer internship, and has returned in full-force to making the back-end better, stronger, faster.

  • Chris Lewis, API Engineer

    Chris works on the Meetup API in the effort to harness and empower the creativity of Meetup users wishing to innovate on the platform. He also likes functional programming, open source, and penny skateboards.

  • Daron Lin, Software Engineer

    Daron spends time building and maintaining Meetup's back-end. He currently works on making donations and dues as painless as possible in order to create healthy and self-sustaining communities. When not sitting in front of a computer, Daron can either be found on the soccer field or stuffing his face in various eateries around New York.

  • Nora Lorenzo, Generalist, Talent & Culture

    Nora works to help grow the Meetup team and performs other HR related duties. She's also a Co-organizer of Working@Meetup.

  • Jenn Louie, Trust & Safety Manager

    Jenn helps Meetup communities thrive and grow by championing and facilitating trust and safety across the Meetup platform. She oversees the team that develops policies and enforcement measures to ensure Meetup is being used as intended. Her interests are pretty diverse and explorative, which is why she's part of over 20 Meetup Groups.

  • Liz Love, Senior Community Specialist

    Liz cares about the members of the Meetup Community and spends her days providing support, encouragement, and motivation to help others get together offline! On her off time, she drinks biodynamic wines, hula hoops in the park, and reads non-fiction. She knows how hipster that sounds.

  • Gavin Maisel, Lead QA Engineer

    Gavin works on the QA Team to help ensure Meetup's functionality is awesome, enabling everyone to Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything.

  • Marc, Senior Trust & Safety Specialist

    Marc loves solving problems for Members and Organizers and helping to make their Meetup experiences great.

    When he's not assisting the Meetup community, you can find him meeting new people while hiking the nearest trail.

  • Caroline Marcks, Software Engineer

    Caroline helps build the magic that is the Meetup backend and therefore likes to think she's a wizard. She loves cooking multi-course meals, weird music, and, most importantly, shoulder dancing.

  • Josh Marcus, Software Engineer

    Josh works on Meetup’s core technologies, focusing on analytics infrastructure. He works to support Meetup’s mission of helping communities as they self-organize to build the power to change their world. Josh lives in Philly, is a member of the Philadelphia Area Scala Enthusiast Meetup, a creator of the open source geographic analysis library GeoTrellis, and loves to support social justice struggles with technology.

  • Dayna Mark, Administrative Assistant

    Dayna is excited to be part of the team here at Meetup! She is the administrative assistant who wears many hats. You can catch her on the weekends exploring the city, eating Oreos, and playing co-ed soccer.

  • Nicole Maslov, HR Coordinator

    Nicole supports Human Resources, working to bring awesome talent to the MEME team. When she's not at the office, you can find her learning languages, singing about what she is doing at the current moment, or speaking in weird voices.

  • Mike McGahan, Product Engineering Lead

    Mike works on Meetup's front-end with a particular focus on making the interface easier to use and more informative. With a broad background in psychology, engineering, and data analysis, he helps the site get more people together offline.

  • Brendan McGovern, Co-Founder, CFO

    Brendan oversees the money coming in and the money going out, keeps the investors informed, and manages all the legal and administrative complexities that go along with a new business.

  • Andrea Murphy, Community Engagement Manager

    Andrea works with the Communications Team on outreach, education and engagement initiatives that celebrate, strengthen and broaden the community. Expect to hear from her if you're doing great things with your Meetup Group.

    You'll find her chatting up the locals in your neighborhood, hosting Organizer Meetups, gardening and occasionally playing pinball. Her favorite machine is Theatre of Magic.Tilt!

  • Larry Ng, Software Engineer

    Larry works on the back-end and strives to create the best experience possible for Members and Organizers.

  • Ann Nguyen, Community Specialist

    Ann provides support to the Meetup community. She is constantly on the lookout for roast beef sandwiches, empanadas, and Game of Thrones fans.

  • Nicole, Trust & Safety Specialist

    Nicole joined the Trust and Safety team in hopes of making the Meetup experience fun, safe and enjoyable for all users. When not on the clock you'll find her binge watching Dateline, searching for the perfect slice of pizza or cuddling her Mini-Schnauzer, Dublin.

  • Oreo, Office Maintenance Lead

    Oreo heads up the office maintenance team. He is dedicated to ensuring that the floors are clean and there isn’t a morsel left behind by the MEME team. When he’s not at Meetup HQ, Oreo can be found traipsing around the beach, swimming in ponds, or riding sidecar on a slick bike.

  • Erik Osheim, Software Engineer

    Erik works to make Meetup smarter and faster. In his free time he rides bikes, writes open source code, and plays loud music.

  • Coralie Pachaud, Senior Localization Specialist

    Coralie loves making friends around the world so she is excited to be developing the use of Meetup internationally. As a true epicurean you can find her traveling somewhere sunny, tasting a glass of wine and baking a cake (all at once).

  • Adrian Parsons, UI Engineer

    Adrian works on Meetup's front-end. He's a member of the Brooklyn Javascript Meetup, and the New York Web Performance Meetup. He tweets at @adrianparsons.

  • David Pashman, General Counsel

    David, aka Lawzilla, works with the business, community and development teams to crush the legal and business obstacles that come up as we strive towards a Meetup Everywhere About Most Everything.

  • Andrew Pelimsky, Software Engineer

    Andrew writes code to squash bugs and implement new site features. When he’s not attending functional programming Meetups, he enjoys playing volleyball and drinking beer, sometimes at the same time.

  • Mike Perrotti, Experience Designer

    Mike helps to get Meetup looking and feeling good across all platforms. In his spare time he enjoys printmaking, playing with synthesizers, and caring for reptiles.

  • Kyle Petrovich, iOS Engineer

    Kyle helps build and maintain Meetup's iOS app. When not at work he can be found tinkering with bikes, communing with cats, and translating websites to emoji.

  • Lev Piatigorsky, Systems Support Manager

    Lev provides systems support for Meetup HQ. In his spare time, he likes to roll around on a board, enjoy a good brew, and tell people that 'Lev' is indeed not short for anything. He is also good at being tall.

  • Brandon Price, Senior Systems Administrator

    Brandon likes to build new things, and keep them operating like clockwork. He remembers using a serial modem.

    He is also a member of Docker New York City, New York Linux Users Group, and OpenStack New York.

  • Chelsey Prudhomme, Communications Designer

    Chelsey keeps Meetup HQ looking good with her design skills. Hailing from South Texas, she can be found cooking southern comfort food, whooping you in Monopoly and hiding in closets to scare the living daylights out of you.

  • Erin Rauch-Sasseen, Community Specialist

    Erin is enthusiastic about making Meetup members and Organizers super happy. You can usually find her rocking out on stage with her sisters and/or reading plays aloud in the park. She has no idea what Shakespeare is saying, but that's part of the fun.

  • Jeremy Rayburn, Community Specialist

    Jeremy helps support Meetup members so they can get together to accomplish great things. He’s thrilled to be part of the Community Team. In his spare time, he enjoys writing sketch comedy, taking candid photographs, and exploring various neighborhoods in New York.

  • Joshua Reid, Community Team Manager

    Joshua supports and guides members through any issues they may have. As cheesy as it sounds, his goal is to encourage the Meetup Community at large to make the world a better place, one Meetup at a time.

  • Jake Roa, Associate Community Specialist

    Jake's biggest obsessions are making new friends and new memories. That's why he's so excited to help members find each other and do just that! When he's away from HQ, he's either telling stories or trying to fix his Kramer hair in some shop window somewhere.

  • Jose Rodriguez, Product Engineering Lead

    Jose works on awesome stuff on the back end. He is a member of the Military Veterans in Tech Meetup.

  • Pamela Rook, Community Specialist

    It warms Pamela's heart to see Meetup members connecting and forming long-lasting communities across the globe. That's why Pamela loves providing friendly support to the Meetup community. Pamela's favorite pastimes include sitting in adirondack chairs with friends, wandering Prospect Park, and channeling her inner Coach Taylor. She has to hold back from using exclamation points.

  • Ryan Rosa, Office Manager

    Ryan assists with the general upkeep and awesomeness that is Meetup HQ. When not running around HQ, she enjoys reading comics, pawning off her photography to the general public and watching old episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

  • Will Ruiz, Office Assistant

    Will enjoys making everyone's life a little easier. He is always trying to come up with new innovative ways of ensuring a smooth operation. In his free time he enjoys photography, yoga and has a passion for film.

  • Samantha Schwartz, Community Specialist

    Samantha is all about community-building and works to ensure Meetup Groups are good-to-go. She is a self-proclaimed pun master, a firm believer of the Oxford comma, and constantly searching for the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Sadaf Shahsahebi, Product Engineering Lead

    Sadaf helps the UI team build the best web experience for all Meetup members by maintaining the current site and working on cool, new features.

  • Qing Shou, Director of Technical Operations

    Qing keeps the servers running smoothly and handles tech support for our staff.

  • Hakiem Simmons, Junior Accountant

    Hakiem is excited to be a member of the Finance team, working to keep all of the accounts, accounted! In his spare time, Hakiem likes to play sports, spend time with friends and explore new areas of the World Famous New York City.

  • Mike Spencer, UI Engineer

    Mike helps develop Meetup's front-end. Outside of web development, he enjoys playing soccer, playing guitar and snowboarding.

  • Fiona Spruill, VP, Product

    Fiona is responsible for product, design and community.

  • Aashish Srinivas, Software Engineer

    Aashish is excited to joining Meetup's Data team as a Software Engineer. He enjoys playing ping pong, hiking, learning how to cook, and of course, playing with huge data sets.

  • Nick Stamas, Experience Designer

    Nick is a product designer working on how to build and strengthen relationships among Meetup members.

    He wants to drink beer and eat pizza with you.

  • Kristen Stewart, Product Designer

    Kristen works on building the best possible experience for Meetup's members and Organizers. When she's not hip-deep in design, she likes to obsess over turtles, read sci-fi, and endlessly replay BioWare games.

  • Stewy, Office Gremlin

    Stewy is notorious for two things - dramatically whining when he doesn't get his way and stealing other dog toys and then running around like he's lost his mind while making Cujo sounds. When he isn't doing that, he can be found lounging in someone's arms with his head hanging upside down.

  • Phil Tang, Lead iOS Engineer

    Phil sits around the office and makes puns and other bad jokes. In his spare time, he also builds and improves the Meetup user interface and iOS app.

  • Doug Tangren, API Engineer

    Doug helps build out the web API and expose the platform to a community particularly close to his heart - the developer community.

  • Marina Tempelsman, Senior Community Specialist

    Marina is very excited to be a part of the Community team here at Meetup. She spends most of her free time writing/performing sketch comedy at The PIT and The UCB, baking cookies, and watching Project Runway.

  • Matt Trush, Product Director, Special Operations

    Trush is passionate about designing and launching great product experiences that bring people together. He's an avid fly fisher and founded the NYC Fly Fishing Meetup.

  • Ben Tumin, Senior Community Specialist

    Ben provides support and customer service to the Meetup community. When not at work, he can be found chasing and retrieving used tennis balls, eating a mixture of dry and wet food out of bowls, and sleeping on the bed even though he's not supposed to.

  • Bryan Velzy, Senior Community Specialist

    Bryan makes community support his number one priority. When he's not at Meetup, he enjoys going to concerts, tattoos, NY Giants football, and a good pun.

  • Teresa Wall, QA Lead Analyst

    Teresa makes sure new and existing Meetup features are running smoothly.

  • Andrew Williams, Community Team Manager

    Andrew works with and supports Meetup's thriving community of Members and Organizers to help make their Groups successful.

    In his free time Andrew enjoys drawing, over-analyzing the Knicks, and giving unlicensed haircuts.

  • Dana Wolma, Director of Community Operations

    Dana believes in the power of community and is thrilled to support the team as they build community with every interaction. She loves living in NYC and embraces the diverse opportunities it offers. Dana participates in her local community garden, eking out a few prized hearty beans and lopsided tomatoes each summer.

  • Eugene Yee, iOS Engineer

    Eugene is an iOS Engineer on the mobile team. He loves collecting Apple products, cool jackets, and cowboy boots, and spends most of his time coding while listening to Korean pop music, even though he doesn't understand any of it.

Board of Directors

  • Andreas Stavropoulos

    Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    Andreas is a venture capitalist and Managing Director at DFJ, where he serves on the Boards of a number of cool companies, including Meetup. Andreas focuses primarily on software investments (enterprise infrastructure and consumer/Internet), wireless networking, and technology-enabled services.

  • Brad Burnham

    Union Square Ventures

    Brad is a founding partner of Union Square Ventures, an early stage venture capital group in New York. He invests in web services which, like Meetup, have the potential to fundamentally change important markets. He currently serves on the boards of Indeed, Pinch Media, Tumblr, Bug Labs, Wesabe, Adaptive Blue, and Oddcast.

  • Di-Ann Eisnor


    Di-Ann Eisnor, VP Platform & Partnership runs US operations and is crafting the cartography of "live mapping" for Israeli crowd-sourced navigation and real-time traffic start-up, Waze.

    Di-Ann is a neogeography pioneer and serial entrepreneur employing all means to increase the world's citizen mappers.

    Prior to Waze, Di-Ann was Co-Founder and CEO of Platial, a widely adopted mobile and online social mapping service funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Ram Shriram and others. Di-Ann holds a BS in Studio Art and Business Administration from New York University.

  • Esther Dyson


    Esther Dyson is editor of Release 1.0 (a CNET Networks property) and serves as court jester to the online world, as loving critic, angel investor, long-sighted analyst and enthusiastic participant.

  • Scott Heiferman


    Scott is Meetup's co-founder & CEO and focuses the team on our dream of a Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything (MEME). He co-founded the NY Tech Meetup and is organizer or member of lots of other meetups.

  • Todor Tashev

    Omidyar Network

    Todor is a Senior Director, Investments at Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm that invests in market-based approaches to help people improve their lives. Todor's role includes leading the Social Media investment area, making investments that encourage people to connect to others with shared interests and take action on what matters to them. Todor serves as a board member for Meetup, a board advisor for O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and a board observer for Common Sense Media, Federated Media Publishing, and Socialtext.

MVP Alums

  • Greg Whalin

    Co-Founder/5-year CTO
  • Mary Telesco

    VP, Sponsorships
  • Matt Meeker

    Co-Founder/VP, Member Experience
  • Peter Kamali

    Co-Founder/5-year CTO

Meetup Fellows

  • Douglas Atkin

    Douglas is the author of 'The Culting of Brands', the fruit of 10 years of research into how organizations create loyalty and devotion from their members. He has spent much of his career in Marketing and Advertising, and was most recently Chief Community Officer at Meetup.

  • Pierre Omidyar

    eBay and Omidyar Network

    Pierre is the founder and chairman of eBay. Inspired by the social value created by eBay and Meetup, Pierre and his wife Pam established Omidyar Network to fund businesses and nonprofit organizations that leverage market-based, collaborative approaches to create opportunity for people around the world. Pierre also serves as a trustee of Tufts University, Punahou School, and Santa Fe Institute

    Photo credit: Allison V. Smith

  • Richard Rowe

    Richard Rowe is a clinical psychologist and educator who advises social benefit organizations, focusing on organizational health and development. He has worked in West Africa, was Associate Dean at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, been the CEO of a $500 million publicly-traded internet business, and directed the Internet and Information Services team of the Dean for America presidential campaign. He has been engaged with Meetup since 2003.

  • Senator William W. Bradley

    Allen & Company LLC

    Senator Bradley is a Managing Director of Allen & Company LLC. Senator Bradley served in the U.S. Senate from 1979 to 1997 representing the state of New Jersey. In 2000, he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Prior to serving in the Senate, he was an Olympic gold medalist and a New York Knick, winning 2 NBA championships. He has authored five books on American politics, culture and economy.

Advisory Board

Jim Cashel, Steven Johnson, Kenneth Lerer, Robert Putnam, Ira Rosen, Richard Rowe, Douglas Rushkoff, Andrew Shapiro, Clay Shirky, Brian Sroub, Jeffrey Stewart.

Meetup Alums

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