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From: Teresa R.
Sent on: Friday, December 28, 2007 6:39 PM
Holiday greetings!

DECEMBER 8TH - Last time you heard from me was right before the December 8th Processes Meetup. That event turned into an interesting case of, if you don't come to the meetup then the meetup will come to you! The other two folks who had RSVPed couldn't make it, but it turned out that fellow Abe-Head Vickie was working behind the counter at the venue where I was having the meetup! She sat down at the table a couple of times, but the place was really hopping and she was kept busy by a line almost snaking out the door! I used the time to do process after process, ending up with four completed worksheets. Sweet.

EXPERIMENTING IN '08 - I have to admit, I'm not exactly drawing a crowd in Richmond. And as I was writing out my Christmas cards, I was wishing I had a reason to visit a friend in Waynesboro more often -- and that gave me the idea of trying a processes meetup in Charlottesville. So I switched the January and February processes meetups to be in Charlottesville, and we'll see how that works out.

NOVEMBER 28TH - The November 28th regular Richmond meetup had three people attending. David Burkholder wrote, "This event is where you find people who are actively learning to apply the Abraham/Hicks teachings and are serious about having fun all the time." And Kerrie said, "Excellent conversations."

DECEMBER 10TH - Five people gathered for the December meetup. Here's what they said about it afterwards:

Kerrie - "It is always incredible to explore the teachings of Abraham on a deeper and deeper level."

Lezar - "All Abraham, all the time - even when it's not! Totally fun, easygoing and informed group!"

David Burkholder - 'We really put the Abraham back in Xmas! Merry Abrahamas! Doesn't that sound great! The Christians stole the holiday from the Heathen so I'm stealing it from them! That's fair. And I do have the authority to change anything I want so from now on I decree that Xmas will hereafter be known as Abrahamas, my favorite holiday of all. It's the holiday where all your dreams come true, and how cool is that? Merry Abrahamas! And a happy New Year! First all your fondest dreams start coming true then you get a fresh new year to enjoy it all in. That's hard for those "other holidays" to match. Abrahamas, it's the superior holiday.'

UPCOMING MEETUPS - To RSVP, click through the link. (Then look for the phrase "Already a member?" followed by the blue hypertext "Sign in." They're both teeny tiny...)

JANUARY 12TH IN CHARLOTTESVILLE - It's looking like 1:30-3:00 at C'ville Coffee. Plan is for a Processes Meetup but I'm also posting this at my dreamgroup meetup so we may do some dreamwork as well. You're welcome to bring a dream or a situation from life. If you're interested in dreamwork, read this transcript of Abraham on dreams.

JANUARY 14TH IN RICHMOND - More of the irreverent crew in Midlothian -- serious about not taking things seriously -- with a discussion about living the Law of Attraction.

FEBRUARY 9TH IN CHARLOTTESVILLE - Processes meetup again. This one will probably be about an hour earlier, from 12:30-2:00.

MARCH 8TH - EITHER RICHMOND OR CHARLOTTESVILLE, TBD. Location is to be determined, but the format will be a Processes Meetup.

CLOSING QUOTE - "Aren't you knocked over by this Earth? Isn't it awesome, this massive space? This big chunk of matter? Don't you find it remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that. Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt? Who used physical action to scoop it up and make it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation is not and has never been about action. It has always been about alignment of Energy. So when you focus upon alignment of Energy, time becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant, it will be so expansive that you will wonder where it always was." Abraham-Hicks 10/8/98


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