Re: Plan B & More: Tonight's Processes Webinar

From: Teresa R.
Sent on: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 2:13 PM
Hi Brian,

You've got the biggest issue under control: you can see the blue widget! :)

We'll only hotseat two or three volunteers.? Everyone else will just be listening in.? There are 33 people signed up so far.

We don't call on anyone who hasn't volunteered.? No one is put on the spot.

I'd love to have you join us.


From: Brian
Sent on: Wednesday, February 24,[masked]:27 PM
I do not know much about this,do not wish to be in the hotseat,I?went to the processer page and I do have the blue box to sign in,I would just like to listen to get more of a feel of what it is all about.Thank's

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 1:25 PM, Teresa Rogovsky <[address removed]> wrote:
Hi Kerrie,

Please call AND log in.? We'll have visuals, which will make it easier to fill in the handouts -- and if all goes according to plan in the hotseat segment, you'll see processes worksheets filling in before your eyes while I'm coaching people.

The problem with listening over the internet last time:

(1) sometimes the audio just dropped out for people

(2) sometimes Dimdim spit someone out and they thought the webinar had abruptly ended

(3) if the internet connection drops or Dimdim gets sketchy, by listening on the phone you won't miss a beat of the conversation and will be right up to speed with us when you get a new browser opened

The problem with listening over the internet this time is the folks in the hotseat will be on the phone, and you wouldn't be able to hear their part. ?

There's not an ideal solution but I'm hoping to circumvent some of the problems we had last time.?

Anyone who wants to minimize their long distance charges might listen over the computer until we get to the hotseat section, then dial in at that point.


From: Kerrie
Sent on: Wednesday, February 24,[masked]:03 PM
thanks. I got it - and I'm all set!! See you tonite. So, do I call AND participate on the website or is it ONE or the other?? Not familiar with this technology!

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Teresa Rogovsky <[address removed]> wrote:
Hi Kerrie,

You're not on the registrant list for the webinar.? There is a new registration from you on my site yesterday -- which makes me think the webinar widget didn't appear for you.

I can add you to the list, and that will generate an email to you from Dimdim -- but it would be better to take a few minutes right now and figure out what needs adjusting, so that you can connect easily tonight.?

To be sure things go smoothly for your during the webinar, please copy the following URL: and paste it into a different browser than the one you usually use.? If you wait a moment or two, does a dark blue box appear with Processes Webinar in white lettering?? If so, then you should be in good shape to use this browser to attend the webinar.


From: Kerrie
Sent on: Wednesday, February 24,[masked]:54 AM
didn't get the e-mail from dimdim and didn't have anything in a trash folder either.

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 11:36 AM, Miss Teresa <[address removed]> wrote:

This morning I sent a link to the handouts to the registrants for the seminar -- and I got two failed mail messages back. I have no phone number for these folks. If you know:

Chuck Goodwin or

please forward this to them so they can drop me a line.


HANDOUTS are at the Prepaving Page:

...along with lots more good information.



In case there are any technical difficulties in the hotseat session, or if we have extra time, I'd like to be ready to have an impromptu Focus Wheel Clinic. (Okay, not so impromptu because we're preparing for it here. But impromptu in that we'll be going to it if we need to fall back on a Plan B.)

Email your Focus Wheel to me before 4PM (teresa @ penguinmail . com). Just the first parts of your Focus Wheel, as follows:

  • Contrasting situation (remember, give us a story here)

  • Out-of-the-vortex statement (in the format I {feel emotion} about {situation})

  • In-the-vortex statement or Center of the Wheel statement (reach for the opposite of the out-of-the-vortex statement, and keep it in the format I {feel emotion} about {situation})

  • Stop there and just send that much; I don't want the whole process


Having trouble registering? The solutions that are working are:

  • Updating flash
  • Changing to another browser (Firefox is giving folks the most grief, but one person had an Internet Explorer issue)
  • After that, sign up in the dark blue widget here:



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