Fathoming the unfathomable

From: dana
Sent on: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 12:25 AM
Hi all;

A client  recently asked me my thoughts on some musings she had shared with me on the relationship of Course concepts with her special love for her 5 year old daughter Sophia.

I thought that I would share my response with you all.  I hope you enjoy.


Here is what I wrote:

I accidentally erased your phone message with all your musings before I had a chance to listen to it again but I am pretty sure I got the gist of your wonderings as symbolized in your "special" love for Sophie.

All love is, like patience, infinite, perfect, complete, total.  It demands nothing: bargains not at all:  is ignorant of comparisons: is infinitely patient:  is a state of complete living communion.  

Its source is infinite: in a word, God. 

Some whisper or fragment or memory of that source lives in us as our true identity.  It is holographic.

That source is unfathomable to our minds at this moment of our evolution or waking up.  Perhaps it will ever be beyond our grasp.

But it is experience-able in moments within time that actually are glimpses of eternity.

We are some strange, perhaps even almost unfathomable, evolving, or waking up, or -progressive awareness of our true nature as emanations of that unfathomable source-, beings.  We seem to live with one foot in time and one foot in eternity.  We are like seeds that have within us the fulness of tree, but are destined somehow to discover or achieve that fulness in a very mysterious process we call time.

That discovery or achievement is the result of a kind of mastery, over much "time", of another mysterious dynamic process called choice.  Sometimes called "free will".  In short, the right understanding of the use or purpose of this universe of things and laws and time, is mastery over the process of choosing love over fear until the time beyond time when that mastery renders the necessity of choice dissolved along with the universe of things and laws and time as we know it.  Maybe.  But certainly, until we are fully "tree".  Or free.

Somehow, love is the capacity to hold that dual vision without contradiction.  When we see someone, a person, our world, the universe, as both Tree and Becoming Tree without contradiction, we are choosing love.  The vision of "tree" brings grace and wisdom to the love that is called on to nurture  "becoming tree".

Now, what is perhaps the most mysterious aspect of all this, or at least mysterious and exciting, actually awe-inspiring, to me, is the element of personality.  It seems to me that for love to be meaningful at all, it must be personal.  All love, is personal.  We must not be deceived by the seeming limitations imposed by time, space and the universe of things and laws, into believing in any limits on the personal essence of unconditional love.  Gods love is tender.  Personal.  And still, undivided, single.  This is a great mystery.

We are here to make "progress" in fathoming that awe-inspiring and glorious mystery.  We do that in our relationships.

Relationship with people is the great milieu of that fathoming.  And parenting and childrening are perhaps the highest forms that that milieu takes on this planet.  As are marrying and brother and sistering. The actual growing of a child, the nurturing of that growth from "seed" to tree, is a near perfect living symbol of this mystery and of that process of unifying that dual vision, personally felt as love, of being and becoming.

All joy, all beauty, all tenderness, all appreciation of the beauties of this world, all tender humor, all delight in whatever delights, has in it the whisper of that mystery, that infinite source, that personal and undivided love, and is the blossoming forth, in time, for a moment, of that holographic all in all.  

Forgiveness in "the course" is simply the gentle and tender recognition/acknowledgement in any situation, of having chosen fear rather than love.  Any form of rapture, ecstasy, delight, is not the problematic "making real the unreal" that the course talks about.  It is the bursting through the veils of time, of the timeless.  Tastes and whiffs of heaven.  Where forgiveness is forgotten because fear is no more.

Your "specific" love for Sophie is wholly holy until it becomes hijacked, really, simply, out-shouted by fear, the spirit of loves answer to which is gentle forgiveness only.  And it (your love of her) is the experiencing forth of the mystery of specific personal love in non-contradiction with universal lovingness.  I am certain that if we could personally even while specifically, love one person wholly and fearlessly and completely, we have touched all creation and God herself with that love.

I am also certain that Jesus, while loving all that is with Gods love and with perfect equality, loved with total specificity and uniqueness, and without contradiction, certain of his friends while he walked the earth with them.

Fear not your passionate love for Sophia.  Let it heal and teach you of God and gently forgive the fear that arises moment by moment on the road to tree-dom.

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