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From: Steve
Sent on: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 1:07 PM
Here's the state of affairs on a couple of "revolutionary this-changes-everything" energy technologies I've been tracking:
LENR aka Cold Fusion:
We continue to have many interesting but not commercially useful results from a growing body of experimenters.  There is still no widely accepted theory to explain LENR.  The theory the comes closest to acceptance is still Windom-Larson (high electric field melds electron-proton pair into a neutron, which is then captured by a metal nucleus, causing a series of Weak Force nuclear decays).
As for Rossi/Defkalion (the ones claiming commercially viable reactors), they are still around, still making claims that never seem to materialize.  Rossi has actually gone with a "double down" strategy, making ever more extravagant claims (higher temperatures, higher energy gains, etc).   The situation has become so ridiculous that the main discussion site I have been using to track Rossi's progress ( has decided declare Rossi a fraud, and shut down.
EEStor (the ultimate solid state electrical energy storage device):
There was a LONG period of silence from EEStor.  In the last couple months, Zenn (the electric car company providing financing to EEStor) forced EEStor to make some announcements, in exchange for further financing.  The result?  At this point, it looks like EEStor does NOT have something that will revolutionize the electric car and alternative energy industries.  But it looks like they do have something that will be a notable advance in the state of the art for capacitors used in electronic devices like computers, smartphones, etc.
Steve Barbie

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