4/18/2012 Japanese Language 24/7 Recap and Encouragement

From: Louis
Sent on: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 4:54 PM

Hajimemashou! :o)

EVENTS: We had a GREAT time at our drama/anime viewing on Friday, April 6th. I must give a big Thank-You to Michelle and her husband, Satoshi! Michelle made Japanese food for us and it was delicious! There are photos of it posted on the Facebook page and the Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/Japanese-Language-247/photos/ Michelle and Satoshi were very nice to us and were happy to explain some of the more interesting concepts while watching anime. I learned the word for "lesbian" while watching Sailor Moon! We also ate pizza and drank and it went on well into the night. This was Rafael's first Event and we are happy to have him! Rafael has this stealth Japanese where he does not do a bunch of speaking but he understands a heck of a lot! Lauren was vivacious and lovely and she expertly wielded her Japanese like a katana, as always  :)  As for Tina, this was her first viewing and her growing Japanese abilities made her quite popular. We love you, Tina! And Jimmy....he deserves special mention. At the February viewing, he did his best but his Japanese was still very short and Beginner. Yet only 2 months later, he was able to have an ENTIRE conversation with somebody in Japanese at the April viewing! Amazing. That "somebody" was Tina and clearly, her Japanese is becoming more and more polished as well! I am so glad that these viewings are actually able to help people  :)

We are having a restaurant Event next month:  http://www.meetup.com/Japanese-Language-247/events/59326882/ It will be at Ninja New York and it will be a lot of fun! Please RSVP as soon as you can because space is limited. 

FACEBOOK POSTING: JocelyneCorey, Rafael, Michelle, Jimmy and Emily have all posted this month. Thank you! This is one of the first month where the majority of the content did not come from me and that makes me quite happy  :)  It is wonderful if I can post but the Facebook page really takes off when everybody can make a post. Try to post at least once a week, even if it is only one sentence and it is all kana! Visiting the Facebook page forces you to read and click on Japanese links and actually practice the grammar that you study. And before I forget....Emily, WE LOVE YOU! Your Facebook posting is balls-out awesome. Balls. Out. If anybody has not gotten a chance to read her posts yet, please do so. They are super entertaining and reading her expert Japanese will help you improve your own Japanese (if you are not native Japanese, of course!)

As usual, I will impress upon all of you the importance of kanji. Please learn them! All ~2,000 that you would need in order to read a newspaper. Once you have your kanji down, then your Japanese can truly begin. Before kanji comfort, it is just endless Japanese exercises in a sterile environment and just HOPING that your Japanese is where it should be. I believe that once you know your kanji, you will be KNOWING that your Japanese is as solid as your booty  ;)   I would much prefer a lottery ticket that I KNOW has the winning numbers than a lottery ticket that I HOPE has the winning numbers. I would choose full Japanese fluency over winning millions of dollars but then again, there is clearly something wrong with me  :)

Ogenki de!


Japanese Language 24/7 Policy: Inactive (non-participating) members will be gently deleted from our roster on a daily basis. The definition of "inactive" is a member who does not post on Facebook OR attends any Group Events for 30 consecutive days. To be considered "Active" and to avoid being gently deleted, come to at least 1 Meetup Event a month OR post at least 1 Facebook post a month. Thank you. And I am always available for any questions or help that you want. If you want or need help, please ask. We are all here to learn WITHOUT judgment or trolling. The only bad Japanese that will get you booted from this group is NO Japanese (or being a no-show at an Event.)

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