Great Japanese practice via this video game. No joystick needed. And it is downloadable!

From: Louis
Sent on: Sunday, October 20, 2013 5:03 PM

You can get it from Steam: Steam is a free online service where you can legally purchase and download games. Feel free to install Steam first, if you do not already have it and it prompts you.


The game is "Fable: The Lost Chapters". Here's the trick. It costs less than $10 and you can buy it for the PC. Buy it in English. Now here is where it gets cool. This game has language support for Japanese built in! After you purchase it, just right-click on the game in your Steam library list and select "Properties". One of the options is "Language". Click on that tab and then choose 日本語 Japanese. That's it. The game will then convert the text, audio and subtitles from English to Japanese!

If you have passed the JLPT N3 or higher (or can read a manga in Japanese), you should be fine. Use this opportunity to look up the words you don't know via your smartphone. Imiwa is a great Japanese dictionary for iPhone and it is free. It also has the option to look up words via Chinese input, which means that you can draw the kanji that you are trying to figure out. That is crucial when you have no idea how to pronounce something! Input your newly discovered words into Skritter or Anki or whatever you are using for your vocabulary training.

Have fun! And feel free to let the group know if you end up buying the game and are enjoying it.



P.S.  Japanese native speakers who want to practice English should give this a try as well. Just use English as the Language, rather than Japanese.

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