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1) Get an Ipod (or equivalent) and listen to 10-14 hours of Japanese podcasts a day. Japanese podcasts are free. Just go into Itunes and change the country to Japan. You can even keep one bud in your ear while at work. Any type of podcast is fine. Of course, you won't understand it but you didn't understand English at first, either! Just let it infiltrate your subconscious, since this will be mostly passive listening (like background music, except a lot more effective.) Do this at the same time as step 2--->

2) Remembering the Kanji, 6th Edition. Buy the book and just do it!­ You can know all of the meanings for all ~2,000 kanji within 3 months AND retain them. You will not know any of the Japanese readings, of course. But once complete, that brings you to step 3--->

3) Get an account with http://www.skritter.c...­ and tell them that you were referred by lwellington . Purchase a writing tablet as well. The small and cheap tablet is fine. http://www.skritter.c...­ First, study the vocab lists for: Remembering the Kanji, 6th Edition first. Once you have finished that, move onto: JLPT4. Then just add on higher JLPT levels as you finish them. The Skritter site will have you draw the characters on your tablet and keep track of your progress, while correcting your mistakes and showing you new kanji as you go along. This is the best way to learn how to write kanji AND learn the readings that I know of (that is actually fun!) The best part is that the program will actually say most of the readings out loud, so you get listening practice as well. Be sure to say the words out loud each time that you hear them! Do this at the same time as step 4--->

4) Go to Bookoff and buy Japanese children's books and manga. Read them on your commute to-and-from work each day. Bookoff's address: 49 West 45th Street. (212) 685-1410. Since this is a used bookstore, the books are often as cheap as $1. Since you already know your ~2,000 kanji, you will be able to figure out whatever words you don't immediately know. Be sure to buy books and manga that have furigana in them! It will be crucial in helping you learn readings, along with the compounds. As soon as you are feeling comfortable with reading Japanese, this will bring you to step 5--->

5) Post on the Japanese Language 24/7 Facebook page and respond to other people's posts. This is how you get practice in producing Japanese, which will be an important component of speaking Japanese. Otherwise, you become an extremely bright mute.

If you do these steps, you WILL be immersed in Japanese. There is no way that you will NOT learn the language. The question is whether it will take 3-5 years or 300-500 years. If you only study 30-45 minutes a day, expect 300-500 years! But if you study 12-18 hours a day, expect a nice and efficient 3-5 years. There are people that can do it even faster, but I am being more conservative. There are 2-year olds in this world that can already speak their native language but I was not one of them! You don't technically learn a language because frankly, nobody taught you how to speak or understand English! They just taught you how to read and write. Comprehension comes from environment. You internalize a language, in the same way that you know your favorite songs by heart from constant exposure/repetition/reinforcement (and most of it is passive! Yeah!)


P.S. Choosing to split the difference and be illiterate is not an option! If you lose confidence and decide to not become literate in Japanese, this is not the club for you. You can accomplish practically anything if you believe in yourself!

I see potential in everybody (I stole that quote from Stacy London. She is so awesome!) Good luck.
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