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6/4/2012 Japanese Language 24/7 Recap and Encouragement

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Hajimemashou! :o)

EVENTS: We have had 2 nice Events since our last recap. First, we had a Makkohou Japanese stretch class that I attended with Sly, who is one of our new members. Sly was quite flexible and a natural for the class! He also had the opportunity to practice speaking Japanese with the other class members and it was a challenging and satisfying evening. We do not have any future Makkohou classes on the schedule because of time constraints on my part but if anybody would like to be an Event Organizer for these classes in the future, please let me know.

And I MUST mention the Animé viewing on Friday night. It was GREAT! I am very happy to have these new group members join us. Blaise and his Japanese were damn awesome and I kept getting embarrassed that my own Japanese would not be able to keep up with his! Good. Like in tennis, it is always better to play up than to play down. Neil is a great addition to this group as well and the fact that he is not shy about speaking in Japanese (and that he is attending another one of our Events this month) makes him officially our friend :) Wilmer made his first appearance at one of our Events but he is already family to us. He is a regular member of Lauren's Japanese karaoke class and he is one of my students. And considering that Wilmer already can read and write in Japanese and is learning kanji after only 6 weeks, he is going to be a Japanese language beast! And finally, we got the chance to meet Corey in person. You might recognize him as a Facebook hero for our group. And his Japanese is just as polished and natural in real life as it is on Facebook. Thank you for putting up with Sailor Moon, Corey! And my native Japanese friend (Shuko Saito) was her wonderful and helpful self, as always. Having a native Japanese person at these Events to explain Japanese concepts and facilitate conversation is a big help! Michelle Hanawa is another great Japanese native speaker in our group. Hi, Michelle!

This is the link to our Assistant Organizer Lauren's Learn Japanese through Music FREE online class. She would love to see you there! http://www.facebook.c...­

We already have 3 more Events planned for this summer. Visit our Meetup page and RSVP!

FACEBOOK POSTING: To everything who has been posting, thank you. To everybody who has NOT been posting, please start! It is hard work but it is a lot of fun and it does wonders for your Japanese reading and writing skills. Since we are on the topic, I noticed that the most recent Facebook topic had no takers. That leads me to believe that perhaps many people AREN'T getting regular Japanese conversation practice, which is why they had nothing to post.

That has to change. Skype is your friend here. Play a game together while you talk. You can even play something slow-paced and strategic like Civilization 4 or online cards or something. The game doesn't matter. The point is that you can speak Japanese right from your bed. If you have to go out of your way and actually GO someplace to speak Japanese, it won't happen (or it will only happen once a month at most.) We are all lazy to some degree, so let's work WITH our laziness :) I like to add the co-op video game to the mix because you actually need something to talk about, along with an activity to fill up dead space in conversation. It also takes pressure off the conversation to have to constantly produce words every other second. Less pressure, more fun, more Japanese practice.

Ogenki de!


Japanese Language 24/7 Policy: Inactive (non-participating) members will be gently deleted from our roster on a daily basis. The definition of "inactive" is a member who does not post on Facebook OR attends any Group Events for 30 consecutive days. To be considered "Active" and to avoid being gently deleted, come to at least 1 Meetup Event a month OR post at least 1 Facebook post a month. Thank you. And I am always available for any questions or help that you want. If you want or need help, please ask. We are all here to learn WITHOUT judgment or trolling. The only bad Japanese that will get you booted from this group is NO Japanese (or being a no-show at an Event.)
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