Great Sage event results and an important announcement

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Sent on: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:20 PM
Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for attending the fundraiser at Great Sage restaurant in Clarksville. Great Sage donated 10% of all sales to Animal Advocates of Howard County. We also had a door prize giveaway in which people donated to the cause as well. The total money that we raised that night was $1,800! We couldn't have done this without our sponsors, especially Great Sage (please check out the message board for a complete list of sponsors). Please support our sponsors as they have supported us! Also I have posted pictures on the site from the event and many Meetup members are in the photos.

Deer Hunt planned

I have been informed that there is a deer hunt scheduled to take place in Annapolis. Unfortunately this hunt will be killing late stage pregnant deer. The deer are about to fawn. Myself and many others consider this a very inhumane way to control the deer population. Roughly 150 deer are planned to be killed. There are other humane ways to control the deer population, such as contraceptives, however these methods are ignored by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Please call our Maryland Senator Barbara Miskulski to express your disapproval of this hunt. The more calls, the better. Here's her information:

BARBARA A. MIKULSKI (Democrat), U.S. Senator from Maryland
Hart Senate Office Building, Suite 503, Washington, DC 20510 - 2003
(202)[masked]; fax: (202)[masked]; tdd: (202)[masked]

Brown's Wharf, 1629 Thames St., Suite 400, Baltimore, MD 21231
(410)[masked]; fax: (410)[masked]; tdd: (410)[masked]

60 West St., Suite 202, Annapolis, MD 21401 - 2448
(410)[masked], (410)[masked]; fax: (410)[masked]

Here is a letter sent to the Capital newspaper from Joe Lamp, Wildlife Advisory Commissioner. At the bottom, there is a link to the article about the hunt so you can get more information.

"Dear Lisa,
I thank you and the Capital newspaper for doing a great job covering this story (link below). I had to jump off of it very late last week and get over to several other wildlike issues that were also pressing and needing my attention. As a Wildlife Advisory Commissioner (WAC) for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), you name it, if it's furry or fowl, I'll get called about it. However, I must admit, I was blindsided by this one -- no clue.

Killing late stage pregnant deer about to have their fawns is NOT sitting very well with the animal welfare community and others with whom I spoke last week. Like me, they had no clue any of this was happening.

Only thanks to Ms. Charlotte Lindsley were we informed after it was clearly a "done deal" by DNR and the Navy. Obviously this had been in the works for months with apparently no effort put forth by the Navy to seek guidance from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) as to nonlethal alternatives. I do find that disheartening and hope for a better working relationship with the Navy can be reached very soon on this and from this point forth - and with DNR in announcing these "authorizations." The public has a right to know.

At the very least, I believe that DNR has an obligation to notify all WAC commissioners in writing -- and actually much more needs to be done here, too. This was a wake-up call for me in these matters.

However, I was in contact with officials at HSUS, and they were still trying to make some progress to see what can be done with the Navy on the humane front -- if any. Getting through by telephone to people at the Navy and the bureaucratic run around was very problematic so I am told though. I was also told that Senator Mukulski's office was hopeless as well, and so many well meaning people -- terribly upset over this killing -- felt helpless in trying to weigh in here on behalf of the deer.
On a brighter note, one thing I am so glad to see is some really great progress coming with immunocontraception for deer and other species that evokes human/animal conflicts. Some of it is already in the "approval works" with the EPA, I suspect more is on the way, and I'm praying that "something" is ready for primetime very soon. We've been waiting for years.

We hope that those who seem to have no problem allowing the killing of pregnant deer will indeed be ready to get on-board, accept, and by all means, help finance alternatives to such an inhumane methodology for herd control once immunocontraception protocols are in place. The deer live here, too, and humans brought them here and represent the catalyst for these conflicts -- not the deer. The deer are living, breathing, sentient creatures and we have an obligation to them as well. Killing pregnant animals about to have their babies cannot remain the option of choice when others will exist for these types of situations. Thank you so much. Take care, Joe

E. Joseph Lamp, Ph.D.
Wildlife Advisory Commission
Maryland Department of Natural Resources"

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