Mute Swans need your help

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Sent on: Friday, May 22, 2009 2:55 PM
I received this message from Dr. Joseph Lamp from the Wildlife Advisory board. Please call the govenor to politely express your disapproval of what they are doing to Mute Swans. Your efforts do make a difference.

"To all members of the Maryland Animal Welfare Community - and our friends worldwide,

Would you please help us save the lives of Maryland?s few remaining mute swans by contacting Governor Martin O?Malley at website Tell Governor O?Malley to: 1) Stop the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from brutally killing the less than 450 remaining mute swans we have in Maryland; 2) Require Maryland?s DNR to do the following:

A. impose an immediate moratorium on the lethal control of Mute Swans;

B. use non-lethal humane controls to manage the swan population;

C. use lethal methods only as a last resort when significant negative impacts cannot be alleviated through non-lethal methods


Here is a quickie summary of the particulars ? our letter and our full report are attached in a PDF file.

1) Over the last several years DNR staffers have killed thousands of our beautiful mute swans, reportedly removing them from their nests and either shooting them, or herding them into groups when they cannot fly and crushing their necks with a bolt-cutter like device ? called ?cervical dislocation.?

2) Dr. John Grandy, Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and I recently served on DNR?s mute swan task force, but our attempts at reasonable, humane compromises were drowned out by those intent on killing mute swans. While no evidence exists showing that mute swans contribute to the overall demise of the Chesapeake Bay, that fact carried no significant weight. DNR?s final report came out last week, and they are intent on reducing the mute swans to ?as few as possible.? DNR is reneging on their previous claim that the impact of the mute swans was ?negligible? when they reduced the population 500. Now DNR basically wants all of the mute swans killed.

Thank you so much for all you do, and would all of you who have crosspostings of animal welfare friends, please crosspost! The animals have no votes --- only us to stand up for them and only Governor O'Malley can stop this killing. Please join us in this effort as national celebrity Montel Williams had done to save our mute swans. As always, Dr. E. Joseph Lamp, Wildlife Advisory Commission, Maryland Department of Natural Resources"

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