Christian Fundamentalism & The Current State of the Union

From: Norm
Sent on: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 9:04 AM
Many don't seem to be able to see a definite connection between the two. We have had a Christian Fundamentalist President going on eight years. Creationism/Intelligent Design has flourished, threatening our children's education. More money has been funneled to Christian groups via the Faith-base Initiative. Basic Constitutional rights have been threatened. The involvement of religion in politics has increased. An atheist, a national hero, was killed in Iraq by suspicious friendly fire. The list goes on and on.
Now, let's look at some of the other issues that don't seem to be related to Christian Fundamentalism, like the economy. What it all comes down to is mindsets. Most Christian Fundamentalists are out of touch with reality. When a crisis presents itself, their reactions frequently are the reactions of someone who doesn't have the proper education/knowledge/incentive to handle a crisis. A good example might be the New Orleans fiasco. Many of the appointees of the Current Administration were graduates of religious universities, like Liberty. Also, one should not forget the Armageddon mindset. If one really believes that some deity is going to save the faithful while destroying everything else, their perception of problem and the solution is very likely to be tainted with fantasy. Being in a position of power certainly enables these fanatics to bring the world to the brink of disaster.
Many events that have occurred over the last eight years are suspect to manipulation such as the changing of the bankruptcy laws, allowing unsecured loans afterwards, outsourcing American jobs, Bush's relationship to the Enron Fiasco, close ties to the Bin Laden family, the relationship of oil in the 911 attack, the suspected knowledge of the 911 plot by the current Administration, and the availability of the knowledge of the attackers before 911.
The point is that whether or not you think that all these occurrences are all related, some are and others are suspect. Additionally, this is the first time that a Religious Fundamentalist has taken over the White House and here we are now in this state. Some may argue that Former President Reagan was a fundamentalist. Maybe to some degree, but not to the same degree as the current Administration. I think that former President Reagan was playing the John Wayne fantasy rather then the fantasy of the End Gamers.
Can you help stop this slide into the fantasyland of the End Gamers? Send me a private email if you need to know how.

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