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This thread is to allow members to propose new games to be added to the list of games of interest to our group.Members who add games that are not related to Axis and Allies should also give their reasoning why the proposed game should be added, and all members are encouraged to give thier oppinions on whether or not a game should be added to the list. Anyone who hosts is, of course, free to offer any game they wish to play.This list is just basically a guideline to keep the meetup group from becoming a "game of the month" club and as such hosts are encouraged to at least offer games from this list as choices to be played. thanks, D.K.M.

Current Games of interest to the group:

Strategic level games:
1.Axis and Allies 50th Annivesary edition (Avalon Hill), 2-6 players
2.Axis and Allies 1942 (Avalon hill), 2-5 players
3.Axis and Allies Revised (Avalon hill), 2-5 players
4.Axis and Allies Europe 1940 (Avalon hill), 2-4 players
5.Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 (Avalon hill), 2-4 players
6.Axis and Allies D-Day (Avalon hill), 2-3 players
7.Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge (Avalon hill), 2 players
8.Axis and Allies Guadalcanal (Avalon hill), 2 players
9.Fortress America (FFGMB Gamemaster series), 2-4 players [a&a in future U.S.A.?]
10.Shogun/Samurai Swords/Ikusa (MB Gamemaster series), 2-5 players [a&a in feudal Japan?]
11.Conquest of the Empire (MB Gamemaster series,Eagle games), 2-6 players [a&a in roman times?]
12. Attack! (Eagle Games), 2-8 players [alternate reality a&a? or "Risk on steroids"]
13. Superpowers, 2-8 players [modern day Axis and Allies]
14. Axis and Allies 1914, 2-8 players

Tactical level games:
1.Tide of Iron, 2-4 players [WWII tactical combat]
2.Memoir '44, 2-6 players [WWII tactical combat]
3.Axis and Allies collectible miniatures game, any number of players [WWII tactical combat]

Members Suggestions:
History of the World.
The War Game: WWII,
Battle-cry (both old and new version),
Conflict of Heroes,
Twilight Imperium,

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A game that is getting rave reviews is Conflict of Heroes. This is a tactical, squad level game set on the Eastern Front in WWII. It uses large chits and hexes instead of mini's. So, not much to drool over for plastic mongers. However, the game system is just outstanding. I definitely want to pick this one up at some point (don't know when). It would be a great 2 (or more) player filler. Several short, intense scenarios that are fairly simple to learn, but difficult to master.

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Could I suggest Diplomacy? It has been almost 18 year since I last played, but it is a "wicked good time." Fairly easy to learn, but very difficult to master...
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For those who are interested in a relatively fast tactical game of Axis & Allies War at Sea (a.k.a. WaS), there is an upcoming release of Flank Speed. This is the new booster set to WaS. Wizards of the Coast has been slow to release this third series, but it will be on the market on Sept. 1, 2009. Tentatively, there will be a release party at Guardian Games on Sept. 12, 2009. I think it will cost $30 to enter. This is the cost of two booster sets (5 random ships, planes, or subs in each set with stat cards), which will be used to play in a bracketed tournament. I will provide an update later.

Just an FYI: Some of the miniatures included in this new series are the USS Arizona, Prinz Eugen (Germany), October Revolution (Gangut of the Soviet Union), HMS Prince of Wales (Great Britain)

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I'll add to the list

Axis and Allies 1942 2nd edition (Along with a big map I made) 2 to 5 players
Axis and Allies 1941 2 to 5 players
Game of Thrones 2nd edition 3 to 6 players
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Would anyone be interested in Star Wars: Imperial Assault? Fairly new, but looks fun
Erik S
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I am actually thinking of buying it soon.
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