Re: [bostonatheists] Needs and wants post marathon

From: Zachary B.
Sent on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11:57 AM
Pardon my bullet-point response; I've got a day where I'm dividing my attention among several tasks, and I'm trying to stay on top of all of them. I wish I could make a more substantial contribution to this conversation, but for now, just some information:

<<I know the Harvatd Humanist Community had an event.>>
Properly, the HCH participated in a Harvard event.

<<Should long term planning involve developing partnerships with similar organizations? Instead of duplicating efforts and resources?>>
There are two coordinating bodies at present: the local Boston Coalition of Reason, and the state-wide Secular Coalition for Massachusetts. Greg Epstein is the point of contact for the first, and I am the coordinator for the second. He and I both recognize that there is more and better work we could be, and need to be doing, to make sure all parties -- organizational leaders, groups *members*, and outside contacts -- are kept in the loop on long-term planning. 

<<There is a large humanistic Jewish community in Boston. Do we have any contacts there? Or with secular student organizations in the area?>>
I maintain a list of over a hundred individual contacts for dozens of local and state groups -- Kahal B'raira is on there, as are all the SSA and campus groups I know about. 

<<We have members who might be interested in forging greater ties and developing an inclusive network with non-religious organizations.>>
Jim, you are talking about a community affairs or outreach committee. And I'd like you on it.

- Z

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