The Mermaid Parade is TODAY, Saturday, 6/23/12 in Brooklyn's Coney Island,, if you want to meetup with me (and a few friends/ group members) , call/ text me TODAY at 1:35pm at [masked] as we walk down surf ave to find our viewing spot , and we are mee

From: Greg
Sent on: Saturday, June 23, 2012 8:08 AM

The Mermaid Parade is TODAY, Saturday, 6/23/12 in Brooklyn's Coney Island,, if you want to meetup with me (and a few friends/ group members) , call/ text me TODAY at 1:35pm at [masked] as we walk down surf ave to find our viewing spot , and we are meeting at ocean parkway and surf ave at about 1:45pm and expect to be at Surf Ave. and West 10th by 1:50pm)

Perfect Weather is expected today, so don't miss this chance to see an awesome parade !!!

(Partial Nudity is a Mermaid Tradition/ It's an Art type parade/ Save the Environment Type of thing, and alot of fun, so come down this morning and try to be in Coney Island BEFORE 1pm...

The entire area gets very crowded before noon, so arrive early to avoid a disappointing day...

BE EARLY and have an awesome afternoon !!! Hopefully you get a chance to say hi to me and the group, but either way, HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE PARADE :)   )

We hope to be as close as possible to the judging stand / west 10th and surf ave by 2pm so we can hear some of the commentary....


If you want an exact address for mapquest or GPS , use the NY Aquarium on Surf Ave

602 Surf Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11224.

(Surf Avenue & West 8th Street)

or if you are meeting me saturday at 1:35pm


outside of 2915 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235

((and we'll walk the block to surf ave))

call/ text Greg at [masked] if questions

Mermaid Parade is Free (OUTSIDE)

Optional things to bring,,, Bring a Camera, Sunglasses , Suntan lotion, Dress COOL, Dress Casual

( a few dollars to buy water?)

By 2pm, if you are not with me, my phone becomes my camera and i don't take calls...

Hopefully you have found me by 1:40pm and you don't lose the group, otherwise be aware that the parade gets alot of people , so it's hard to move around (but it's so much fun, come out and have a great afternoon in coney island !!!)

If you are taking the train, F or Q to the Aquarium stop or D,F,Q or N to Coney Island/stillwell avenue... (and you would be a 10 minute walk from us)

Our Next Brooklyn Cyclones Night is Monday Night July 9th, call or text [masked] if interested, tickets only $10 while supplies last

Our Next Mets Night, is Mets Fireworks Night at Citifield is July 3rd, tickets only $20 , Mets vs Phillies, call/ text [masked], while supplies last


Both Games will sell out before event day, JOIN US FOR FUN :) for weekend getaways this summer, limited spots still avail. for July 6th, Mention FunMeetup when booking to get a discount !!!


Below some Mermaid parade FAQ

What day is the Parade?
Saturday, June 23, 2012, rain or shine.

Who is this years King and Queen?
Queen Mermaid - Annabella Sciorra, King Neptune - Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling.

What time does the Parade start?
The Mermaid Parade starts at 2 PM!

What time does the Parade end?
Hard to say, but it usually wraps up at around 5:30 PM or so. Immediately after the last participant passes the review stand, parade founder Dick D. Zigun leads the King and Queen procession up West 10th street to the beach for the opening of the Ocean for the summer swimming season. We hope you'll join the procession. Mermaid Parade winners will be announced at The Mermaid Parade Ball.

Where does the Parade take place?
The Parade will start on West 21st and the Surf Avenue. It will roll East to West 10th Street, the marchers and push pull floats will go to the Boardwalk and march West to 15th Street, where the Parade will disband.

Where’s the best place to watch the Parade?
That’s entirely up to you. Many people like to watch the Parade on the boardwalk, but the boardwalk only features marchers and push-pull floats. Surf Avenue allows viewing of antique cars and motorized floats as well. If you choose to watch the parade on Surf Avenue please understand that crowds are getting as thick as those in Times Square on New Year's Eve and similarly you might find yourself locked into a pen behind steel NYPD barricades unable to leave, breathe or go to the bathroom for a few hours. If you think that you may not want to stay for the entire parade, we recommend that you stand on the North side of Surf (non-beach side), as getting to the subway or crossing Surf can be difficult, due to crowds.

Is it ok to bring kids to the Parade?
The Mermaid Parade is an art parade and is for everyone, just keep in mind that some folks will be dressed as Mermaids and Mermen who, let's face it, aren't historically known for wearing much clothing. That being said, we've always had a ton of kids in the Parade, (even a little girl's Birthday party or two!) but it's
entirely up to you as a parent or guardian to decide what you feel is appropriate for your kids.


What time do I have to get there?
People arrive as early as 11am,, Parade rolls out at 2 PM. You can come as close to 2 PM as you’d like, but be aware that traffic on the Belt Parkway can come to a standstill and that the registration line grows longer, the closer it is to 2 PM. Don’t get crushed by the rush! Noon may be a good time to arrive.

How do I get to Coney Island?
The best way to get to Coney Island is to take the D, F, N or Q subway to Stillwell Avenue. The Coney Island amusement area is also accessible via Exits 6 and 7 on the Belt Parkway.

I’m coming by car. Where’s the best place to park?
Are you nuts? The Mermaid Parade is Coney Island’s busiest day of the year and the traffic is terrible. Having said that, the New York Aquarium and MCU Park both have parking lots, and there are a number of private lots between Surf and Neptune Avenues and West 8th Streets and West 17th Streets. Coney Island USA strongly encourages people to make use of the mass transit system.

I’m coming from Manhattan. How much is a taxi from Midtown?
More than $40. You’re better off taking the subway.

I’m coming in from out of town and need an address for GPS directions. What should I use?
For Coney Island in general, you can use 1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224, for the Registration area you can use the intersection of West 21st Street and Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224.

Where is the Judges Reviewing Stand?
It is on W. 10th St. in front of the Cyclone, across from Luna Park. At this location you can hear parade commentary from our MC, Chris T (from WFMU and Sirius XM) and his sidekick Richard Eagan.

What's this about bribing the judges review stand on W. 10th Street?
Our Judges are paradigms of fine jurisprudence, and as such actively discourage all bribes. Having said that, in year's past there have been isolated incidences of bribery. And coincidentally it seems many of those proffering the best bribes seems to often go home with the top awards. And it is also a coincidence that many of those awards appear to be a bit greasy -- this clearly being a function of the culinary delights of Coney rather than some kind of metaphorical greasy palm. And while our Judges certainly prefer a handmade objet d'art, they never turn their nose at a delicious baked good or a fine bottle of whiskey.

And we're only supplying this info as a "fun fact" -- it is in no way a solicitation. And observers have noted that while the judges stand is often well equipped with bottles, it seems to often be short of cups and ice. Again just another factoid to share. Finally, the many young people on the reviewing stand certainly enjoy candy, toys, noisemakers and other joyous items.

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