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Process Server Rules? Process Server Tactics?

user 10106705
Tucson, AZ
Post #: 6
Hello all,

I am currently facing a photoradar violation. The State has until 10/02/09 to serve me as my violation was filed with the Court on 07/02/09. They have not yet sent anyone out to serve me, as far as I know. However, others have indicated from their own experiences that the process servers will usually wait until the last 2 weeks to attempt to serve. I am now entering this "two-week" window in which they may try to serve me.

I've been attempting to find out if the State of Arizona has any rules for process servers, but haven't come across any. Does anyone know if Arizona process servers must follow certain rules? In addition, what are process servers standard (and non-standard) tactics? I've read conflicting information that they cannot serve on Sunday, but then read information that people have been served on Sundays.

Can a server come late at night? How late is too late? 9pm? 10pm? How early can they come? 6am? 8am? Can they serve you in a public place, not your residence, such as a parking lot or one's place of work? The Arizona statute seems pretty clear that they must serve it upon your residence, but I just want to confirm this.

Thanks to everyone who responds!
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 253
try this link it may provide some insite:­

good luck and happy hunting
user 10106705
Tucson, AZ
Post #: 7
Thanks for the information, but the link doesn't contain any information regarding what I was looking for. There is a lot information about certification, etc., but no information regarding process serving standards, rules, or methods.
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 254
OK so here is what i can find for process servers in the state of AZ. click on the link below and explore the different rules that apply:


good luck and happy hunting
user 10106705
Tucson, AZ
Post #: 8
Hey Mike,

Thanks again, but I already saw that the other day before I posted the question. I've gone through that in detail, but there is nothing that pertains to when, how, or what tactics process servers can use. It is just a free-for-all??
user 10317484
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 1
Last week a Tempe Judge ruled that it is ok to photograph, tape record and make videos of the person being served without their knowledge. He also ruled that the process server does not have to see your vehicle on the property and can serve you anyplace they think you might be. The servers do not have to have information correct regarding hair color, age, weight, race or anything else about you on the forms that they submit to the court. This is because the Rules of Civil Procedure are not used in traffic court. The government can and will stake out your house, come in the middle of the night, photograph your property and the people who come and go. The process server only needs to see someone in a yard and throw the papers in the street and yell "Consider yourself served !" This is how the Tempe Judges rule as instructed by their chief justice Louraine C Arkfeld who for years has served her boss well by maximizing fines and other moneys stolen from the Tempe population. I suspect that Tempe judges generally have a tendency towards Russian communist thought and actions. The rules for Process Servers are written but they do not mean anything. The judge will always rule to take your money. The process servers like the judges and cities that they represent are stealing your money in order to feed their own families. In the ruling above I complained to the judge and he instantly threatened this senior citizen and combat veteran with chains and prison. The courts are corrupt and not due any respect nor the truth when testifying. The judiciary and the lawyers that make it up are rotten to the bone. Any victim of crime who has looked to the courts for justice has walked away is dismay. Please Boycott the City of Tempe and any other city that employs this unconstitutional intrusion into your personal space and home security. This type of power to the government is going to get a lot worse and I beg everyone to take note: If you don't want to live in Russia, vote anyone who had anything to do with Redflex contract out of office. Find them and mark them. If your one of the people that believe that it is ok to come into my space, on my property and look for reasons to steal money from me then we are on different planets and one of us has got to go ... and it ain't gonna be me.

Redflex must go. The company is nothing but WowShammy salesmen looking to steal your money. This company must be targeted and punished for their actions. The individuals on our governmental bodies that have allowed these foreign opportunists to corrupt our system are true idiots and must be targeted for removal from office in the next election cycle.
Eric B.
Mesa, AZ
Post #: 1
I agree with my whole heart, vote them out. If you don't understand why this is such a big deal, or you do, I strongly encourage you to find and rent a movie about E. Germany prior to the fall of the wall. Search private lives of other's or private lives in the data base. The real shocker is in the special features when you learn the excellent actor's performances are actually underscored by the fact they all lived it real world. It is subtitled, but very easy to watch. The US Gov't's wholesale recording of nearly all american's long distance phone calls was even ruled unconstitutional after the fact. The wholesale recording of citizens movements is just plain wrong. It is very sad to hear local justices have chosen to thow out civil procedure in favor of automated persecution. Any law 101 student knows its 1 degree murder to set up an automated shotgun at your door to kill a repeat intruder, so why is automated persecution of the public allowed? I've seen these things flash people going 30 MPH in a 65 during slow and go traffic. Its a lot more than a speeding ticket or higher insurance rates for many professional people in a lot of fields of employment now too. Why should I have to defend myself ($) in court over something clearly so unconstitutional? Answer, I shouldn't, its abuse of power. Publish and disseminate the list of photo radar supporters in our group. Brand them as un-American and use our American democracy to decide their fate and vote them out. This issue is much bigger than just photo radar and highway safety, the sooner we snuff it out the easier it is to stop. Re-claim the constitution, its what has made this country a great one, trample on it and we will all be damned as will generations to come and the country its self. Americans should never fear the gov't is allowed any wholesale spying of its citizens, this only breads abuse of power, see the movie.
Gregg M.
user 14441492
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 1
While I see your post is old- perhaps my input will help others.

I've evaded process servers for years and have never been served. BUT- it takes
a lot of awareness and effort.

I am in Missouri- I have no idea if "rules" vary from state to state but
for what I have expereinced there are no rules.

There are process servers- then there are special process servers. The
first is someone that will make no effort to serve you. They come to your house
or workplace and hand you the summons. If they cannot locate you that will
be that. The plaintiff will then request a special process server. They are the
ones that will say anyhting, do anyhting to get you served. They will use any
tactic possible to get that summons into your hands and are either employed
by the court or a hired special by the attorney suing you.

I rented after selling my home. I lived in the rental for two years and then found another
rental for which I lived a year then purchased a home. I left the first rental in good order
and had long forgotten about living there until I get a letter from the landlord demanding
$2800 in damages. He waited 11 months to sue. The damages he was suing for
was a blatent lie and it boiled down to extortion. So, needless to say it was war.

For three years the landlord tried to serve me with special process servers with
no luck. It became a game- and I eventually won.

Here are some of the tactics the special process servers used.

They will call you on the phone first before making the trip to see you.

They will call your home and say they are a delivery service and have a package
for you.

They will sit outside your home and wait for you to pull up.

They will park at a distance to see when you pull up and then drive up to serve you.

If you leave your home they will follow you to your destination then serve you when
you get out of the car.

They will visit neighbors and will say they have a warrent for your arrest.

They will go to the landlords home and office and say they are searching for
you because they are bail bondsman and you have jumped bail.

They will group in in pairs and go to each door and pound at the door for 10 to
20 minutes.

They will ring the door bell and scream obsanities. I had one that screamed " GET

They will pose as repairmen. I had one which had a pickup truck with ladders and
a COMCAST logo on the side. He wore a uniform and tool belt and came to the door
thinking I had a cable problem.

They can come at night or early morning.

I have evaded these legal stalkers but it takes acute awareness of your surrounding.
Never answer a local call which you do not know. Dont leave your home if an unfamiliar
car can be seen. When you do leave make sure you are not being followed. If you are
lose him and always have a full tank of gas. Never answer the door unless you absolutely
know who it is. Do not let them know you are at home. Try to avoid letting them know what
kind of car you have as if you see them while pulling up they dont know who you are
and you can drive by and come back when they leave. Informa your neighbors of your problem
and let them know what may happen. If you have good neighbors they will call the police if
they curse and pound at the door.

In Missouri there is (­)
It has up to the minute court records online. So, you can see when the summons is issued and
when it ends.

Keep in mind, most special process servers are paid ONLY when they serve you. If they make
multiple attempts and fail- they will give up and the plaintiff will have to hire a new server. Once
word gets out that you can't be touched- it will be very difficult for the plaintiff to hire a server as
non established serves are public record.

The landlord eventually gave up. He later died of cancer and I celebrated it. He was liar and a
thief and I took pride in making him govel- as each time the server failed I emailed him to let him
know and suggested he try again.

In this case it would have cost $3000 to $5000 to defend the lawsuit. If his lies were believed by
the court ( and landlords know how to lies and work the court system) it could have cost over

user 8519450
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 2,041
Hmmmm. I imagine if the servers did all that crap in Texas they would be shot, draggged into the house, and be called a robber.
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