Broward County Chihuahua Meetup Membership Policy

Broward County Chihuahua Meetup (BCCM)

Membership Policy

* This group was created to provide Chi-Parents Chihuahua Playtime(s) for them and their fur-babies and to share our love and knowledge about Chihuahuas with each other, therefore applications to join the group for the sole purpose of seeking a stud/bitch for breeding their dog will be declined.

* If it appears after approval that a current member has joined Broward County Chihuahua Meetup to locate a stud or bitch for breeding, and/or to sell or purchase puppies or dogs, they will be removed from the group immediately. This group is for responsible dog owners who are interested in socializing, chatting and learning the latest information on Chihuahua behavior, health and nutrition.

* For your application to be approved you MUST provide one of the following:
1. your Chihuahua(s) name(s) (if you are currently an owner)
2. state that you are looking for a Chihuahua
3. a doggy-related website
in the application questions (this information is required for the TITLE field to be completed by the Organizer). Applications that do not have this info will be placed in pending until this information is provided. The Organizer will make 2 attempts - either via email or greetings - to request this information; if the information is not provided within 7 days the application will be declined and the individual will be advised that they can re-apply when they are able to provide this information.

* You MUST post a photo of you and/or your Chihuahua(s) on your profile at the time of your application OR within 60 days or your approval (The Organizer will gladly take a photo of your Chihuahua at the next Meetup and send it to you so that you can post it to your profile if you do not have access to a digital camera). Extensions for this requirement will be granted on an as needed basis - at the Organizer's discretion.

* You are REQUIRED to attend a minimum of ONE Meetup every 6 months

* You are REQUIRED to access (sign-on to) the BCCM website a minimum of ONE time every 4 months

* Please RSVP "YES" or "NO" for each and every event. If you RSVP "YES" you will be EXPECTED to attend the event unless you change your RSVP to "NO" at least 2 hours prior to the Meetup's start time OR notify the Organizer via phone that you will be unable to attend prior to the event. If you DO NOT change your RSVP or notify the Organizer, you will be counted as a "NO SHOW" and once you have accumulated 3 consecutive NO SHOWs you will be REMOVED from the group.

* Any puppy may NOT attend a Meetup event until they are older than 4 months of age and have completed their puppy vaccine(s). This policy is for the protection of your dog(s) and the other member's dog(s).

* Any recently "adopted" dog (coming from an animal shelter or animal rescue) will NOT be allowed to attend any events until 30 days after their adoption date (when they were first brought into your home). "Foster" dog(s) are only allowed to attend an event once they have been quarantined for 30 days. This policy is for the protection of your dog(s) and the other member's dog(s).

* Any Member who contacts other Members (via Message Board / Email Link / Greetings) in order to solicit that they leave this group and join their Meetup group (official or unofficial) will be immediately be removed from this group.

Message Board Rules / Guidelines

Below is a general guideline for posting on this message board. We are all here to have FUN while learning and helping each other! A lot of this goes without saying, however, this is the time and place to say it so that it's officially been said.


* We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, so please keep that in mind when reading new posts and meeting new people. However, if you feel something offensive has been posted, please contact the Organizer immediately. Posts may be closed to further replies and/or be deleted entirely at the Organizer's (or Assistant Organizer's) discretion.

* Trolling will not be tolerated. Trolling is when someone intentionally posts controversial comments and opinions with the intention of baiting other members into emotional responses (resulting in a flaming thread) rather than make thoughtful comments, even if contrary, to further debate. Trolling on the message board could get you removed at the Organizer's discretion.

* Avoid offensive language.... be polite. The idea of this board is to ENCOURAGE discussion and/or debate, not offend and insult people.

* Show kindness. We all make mistakes, and we are trying to create a friendly, public forum to talk about our Chihuahuas.

* Harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment occurs when a member insults, attacks, and denigrates another member passively or aggressively. We have zero tolerance for taking an argument about any topic to a personal/hurtful level. The idea is to make this a pleasant environment to discuss our rescue efforts - so name-calling will not be tolerated.

* Repeated negative posts toward the group's members will get you removed at the Organizer's discretion.

* Racist, sexist or homophobic language, jokes or cartoons will not be tolerated. Ever!

* No spamming.

* Lost / Stolen or Found Chihuahuas may always be posted.

* No BREEDING or STUDDING or PUPPIES FOR SALE posts will be allowed and will immediately be removed from the Message Board.

* Rescue Chihuahuas for adoption may always be posted.

* In order to invite members to Playdates / Meetups (outside of this Meetup), you will be required to submit the complete details (when, where, etc.) to the Organizer for approval before actually posting the information. If this information is posted without the Organizer's approval it will be removed immediately.

* No solicitation. If you wish to promote your pet-related business or organization the Organizer will be glad to post your information on our "PET BUSINESSES from our members..." webpage: .

* You may post links to appropriate articles or repost quotes or sentences, but please credit the source and ALWAYS provide a link. Also if you are posting a photo or video into a thread, please indicate "photo / video courtesy of (blank)" and also if this information is allowed to be "cross-posted" by adding "please crosspost" to the thread. For more information please see Meetup TOS: .

* ALL "Off Topic" posts (not directly related to Chihuahuas) MUST have OT posted at the beginning of the title.

A first (1st) time Violation of any of the Message Board Rules / Guidelines will result in a REMINDER of the Rules / Guidelines being issued to the member, a second (2nd) time Violation will result in a WARNING being issued to the member and a third (3rd) time Violation will result in the member being REMOVED from the Meetup group - unless otherwise stated above.

If you have any questions on the above policies, please feel free to contact me at:
(Annette - Organizer, Broward County Chihuahua Meetup (BCCM))

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