A new meeting framework proposition (the hybrid approach)

From: Timmy W.
Sent on: Thursday, May 3, 2012 10:01 AM
Hi All,

When we started (semester 1) there were only 2 free online classes (AI
+ ML) (Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning)

These classes (and the people taking them) were a natural fit --
consequently our Sat conversations were inherently focused and
coherent -- and i personally learned a lot

Since semester 1, free quality education has exploded -- if you
haven't explored this site lately you're in for a treat:


Because of the diversity of classes offered in semester 2 we expanded
the scope past AI + ML

The result, to be frank, has been disjointed / incoherent meetings
where we essentially just talk about whatever's on our minds -- which
is cool in it's own right, but i'm not learning as much (i can only
speak for myself)

I want to suggest 'the hybrid approach' -- something that doesn't
pigeonhole the group into AI (or even technology), but still provides
coherence and structure

I want to do a better job of planning and clearly communicating the
focus of each meeting

Lucky content is not an issue -- see again https://www.course...­

Every week (or every other week) (or every n weeks) -- i'm hoping we
can find someone willing to "lead the meeting around the course
they're taking" -- much of this i imagine will simply be highlighting
good lectures and study material for the group to review

The goal of this new framework is to help us learn diverse topics
while staying somewhat glued to the quality content now available

I'm excited to learn what you'all think -- and if onboard -- how we
can best make this a reality

Timmy Wilson

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