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From: Russell S.
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Can’t resist responding to this.  Thanks for your comments,  and the inspiration,  Glen!    (this might work best if I insert responses in green  directly after points I’m answering about)  
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Here we go again with the wise cracks about republicans - as if we all believed the exact same thing politically and otherwise. Even if there were no republicans besides me in the group (which I know is not true), it's uncalled for.  Gee -  I had no idea there were any R’s  in this group -  good to know there’s so much diversity -  sorry I haven’t been paying enough attention to have known. I know it's sometimes done with the intent of humor, but often I for one don't find it very funny.   Growing some of that “thick skin”  can really help.   and in so many email conversations it can become quite the prerequisite.   It’s always a choice that’s best to make very consciously and unfortunately too often people don’t even think about this.  The chioce is between writing to honestly help others to understand your thoughts,  or to just try winning the insult game.   Some here seem to assume Republican = Religious Right, which is obviously not the case for any of us in the group.  It is very strange and sad how many seemingly smart people will let their prejudices control their thinking to that extent.   but I’m afraid they really do.  I actually lean Libertarian,   WOW,  your even loonier than a Republican!   ( and that is intended to be funny,  b/c I happen to be very libertarian,  even though I haven’t paid dues to the LP for a few years)   and know others here do as well, but as a practical matter often vote republican-- mostly because of my belief in small government, low taxes, and high regard for self-reliance and personal freedoms, and because voting Libertarian in presidential elections essentially throws your vote away.   Ok,  I’ll make an attempt at helping people understand this one more time -  throw your emotions out the window, think mathematically now.  You only cast one vote  YOU ONLY CAN CAST ONE VOTE (legally)  YOU ONLY GET TO CAST ONE  SINGLE LITTLE  VOTE.  How do people get the feeling that their single vote actually matters so much,   when a single vote can only make a difference in two extremely rare cases?  Case 1 is if it will cause a tied count and case 2 is if it will brake a tied count.   In all other cases your vote is simply lumped in with all the others that mean nothing individually (given that they are all accurately counted, that is).   Is this not true?    Now for just a minute try considering the crazy wild alternative. (“throwing your vote away”  on a third party candidate)   Every – yes EVERY  vote cast for a third party really does get attention,  especially from the people who try to pretend they don’t pay attention to them -  namely the big party people -  because for the next election they are in a contest to try attracting more of those third party votes than the other guy.   and that’s only one reason why a vote for a third party really matters.    I do agree completely with everything else here.    I don't think it would be appreciated if I or others made wisecracks and negative blanket generalizations about Democrats, so let's play fair. By the way, although there are proportionally more
Republicans than Dems among fundamentalists, both parties are dominated by believers of one sort or another. In fact, traditionally the Catholic Church and some other denominations have been dominated by Democrats. I for one don't regard Catholic beliefs and practices as any more rational than those of fundamentalists, and some even loopier, such as praying to Mary and "saints," believing the host and wine during Communion/Mass are Jesus' literal body and blood.   Really glad you said it,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rus     
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