sarah s.
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Hello, I have been following the cookie discussion and wanted to make a suggestion that we all go to http://www.girlscouts...­ or start a petition if anyone knows how to do that asking for cookies that are better for our bodies, the earth and the animals. I think the one thing we can all agree on is their cookies are crap and not good for anyone.

Having said that my daughter is in Girl Scouts and is a vegan (her choice, not something I forced) and would have been in tears if someone told her they were not going to support her because she is mean to animals no matter how nicely they said it. It is human nature to want to protect our children and get defensive if someone says or does something to upset them regardless if they are right or wrong. I am a fellow vegan and I would have been very upset if someone said that to my daughter so I can only imagine how it is going to come across to a non vegan. We want to educate not create enemies. I would strongly encourage our group to go to the top (the people really in charge of the cookies and how they are made) rather than upsetting little girls.

Thank you for your support of children and animals and working together in a positive way to make the world a better place.
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I think I missed where someone said they told a girl scout "they were not going to support her because she is mean to animals."

J - You rock dude. If someone is offering you something to put into your body, there is nothing wrong with asking them if it is vegan. Child or adult.

For those of you who think differently - How many times do you think these girls are being asked if they have a gluten-free cookie?? I bet dollars to vegan donuts, a lot more times then being asked if the cookies are vegan! And there is nothing wrong with that question either, so why is it wrong to ask if it is vegan??

Jen W - there is info on Girl Scouts web-site that say the bakers source 'green palm' now. What ever that means. I don't know the full details about palm, but maybe this is better?? http://www.girlscouts...­

Rachel - thanks for the info. Girl Scouts don't make claim to any vegan cookies
But on ABC's web-site http://www.abcsmartco...­
you can read the ingredients and sure enough they sound pretty darn vegan!
Which makes the question "Do you have any cookies that are vegan" even more worth asking!!
Laura K
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I don't think anyone objected to asking if cookies are vegan. I think the language that riled some people up was asking if the cookies are "animal-friendly", and then saying to the girl scout that they wouldn't buy cookies that aren't animal-friendly.

Personally, I agree with taking the issue to the adults in charge.


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I don't think anyone was there when JVon made his comment to this troop, so to everyone knocking him: You are reading way too into it. You have no idea how his exchange went, so why all the judgment? I know JVon too, and he is a super nice guy who happens to have his own little girl. Don't assume so much about a person. I think JVon was really happy and shared this with us, and I think he was so upset b/c he was judged so harshly. One person completely twisted his words around, and another person pointed that out.

As for Jim's original comment, with all due respect sir, I just don't understand many of your statements. How could a vegan person buy non-vegan cookies and throw them away?! Or donate them? You can just donate money to support the girl scouts or troops, and that way, all of the money goes to them, not just a portion of it, and it is not wasteful and harming animals and the environment. As a mother, I am not only vegan because of animals, it also has a lot to do with the sustainability of our planet for our future generations. There is no way in hell I am throwing out food when a person dies of starvation about every 3.6 seconds. Period.

I am sorry, but the points that you raise about becoming a business person? Planet and animals trump that by miles. Taking care of our earth and it's inhabitants is a far more valuable lesson to teach a child. Besides, there are many other ways to teach your children those things in a sustainable, earth-friendly, and healthy manner. I think you have a somewhat unique opportunity here, as you are an insider in the scout community. You could be teaching the girls in that troop about ways they can become healthier and ways that they could build a better environment and a more compassionate world. Please don't miss this amazing opportunity that you have. I work at the Children's Hospital Colorado, and I do this all the time. Never miss an opportunity.

There are so many more vegan people in the world today, and it is not from not talking about it. I am not talking about pressing a religion on someone, I am talking about saying something because it is vital to our children's survival. Like Ann said, we have to be constantly planting these seeds. I believe it is my duty, esp. being a parent, this feeling has never been so strong to me.

And wow, these cookies are crap: enriched flour, hydrogenated oils, whey, etc. I would not eat them, no way! I wish someone would have made a comment like that to me when I was a girl scout. I would have been much better off.
sarah s.
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Littleton, CO
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Yes, I can't imagine anyone has a problem with asking if any are vegan and when the girl says what is vegan I would say made with animal products. The environment was important to the founder of girl scouts and in many ways this is still what girls scouts is about. They pick up trash, donate and do projects for animals, plant trees etc. There is a lot of good things about girl scouts BUT the cookies suck and I would love to see pressure put on whoever hires little brownies bakery rather the girls themselves.
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