We have a new name; Sexual Awakening!

Dear Members,

You may or may not have noticed, but this meetup group has a new name; "Sexual Awakening"!!! As those of you who have been members for a long time already know, this group has been around for many years, and has evolved over time. After much careful thought and consideration, I decided to change the name of the group.

What I mean to communicate by calling this group "Sexual Awakening" takes the sexual journey even further than an intellectual tolerance for sexual diversity, along a path that leads to the celebration of pleasure and self discovery without imposing shame or negative judgment. Sexual Awakening requires a sex positive attitude, plus a desire to become a better lover, and a willingness to explore the body, mind, heart and spirit in order to reach higher heights of pleasure (both for yourself and for your partner). This path of Sexual Awakening also leads to deeper depths of awareness and a sexually rich and savvy experience that is the language of love.

At the heart of this group there has always been an intention of a positive attitude toward sex, and that has not changed. However, there are some reasons that prompted me to change the name of this group that I would like to share with all of you. Several years ago, I took over running this group after the lovely sexologist duo who created it took an extended leave of absence. I loved the original intention and philosophy of this group and have kept this group, including the name, very much as it was. However, being a Tantric practitioner, and sensual touch artist, I have also added more events on the calendar that celebrate the art of love with a Tantric, spiritual, and holistic point of view.

The original name was the Sex Positive meetup group. Although I did not pick that name, I thought it was a reasonably good name for the group, and I did not rush to change it. However over the years as I have facilitated this group, I have noticed some reoccurring and persistent issues. Recently these issues and concerns have gotten even more pronounced. Often people have expressed confusion over what "Sex Positive" means or what the over all intention of this group is. Some have wondered if this group is supposed to be a support group for people who are HIV positive, and others seem to interpret "Sex Positive" to mean "sexually promiscuous". Neither of these assumptions are an accurate description of our group's intention.

A person does not need to say yes to any and all sexual possibility, experiences and variations to be a sex positive person. Everyone can and should be in choice about whatever sexual experiences they engage in. However, a sex positive person is one who has a positive attitude about sex and is willing to be tolerant and accepting of other people as they are; as long as their activity is safe, sane and between fully consensual adults of course.

Previously, this group seemed to have consistently attracted more men than women. Several times people have commented on this imbalance as being less than desirable, and I have been working on making some changes to correct this issue. The name change is just one important part of my overall plan designed to appeal more to the feminine aesthetic, and to convey a more holistic and sacred attitude about sex, love and relationships, as a beautiful healthy part of life.

Just as before, the groups and events that I would like to offer on the calendar are ones that; are fun to attend, offer a forum to talk about ways to improve our love lives, promote a sex positive attitude, encourage a healthy philosophy about sex, love and relationships and foster acceptance of our bodies as beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. We will also be offering more educational workshops and events with a focus on sexual awakening. We welcome an accepting attitude toward the whole spectrum of sexual diversity. I want to include events that appeal to both men and women who wish to improve and enjoy their sex lives to the fullest.

I also wish to minimize the inaccurate stigma that this group is only for those who want casual sexual hookups or sex without "heart". This group is appropriate for both singles and couples of any sexual orientation. Whether you are inclined toward a monogamous relationship or prefer a more open or polyamorous love style, you are welcome here. Anyone who wishes to discover new ways to improve the quality of their sex life or wish to have an exciting deep and meaningful sex life with their beloved partner should find a welcome home here in this group.

I truly believe that women are just as interested in experiencing good sex as men are. However, as the saying goes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We women often express ourselves differently than our male counter parts and have some different emotional needs and desires, particularly in regard to experiencing a heart connection that creates a sense of safety so that we can open up sexually more fully.

As a spiritual and highly feminine woman myself, I can tell you that a "heartless", disconnected, purely casual, no strings attached attitude toward sex is "generally" not entirely appealing or fulfilling, at least not to the vast majority of women.... and even more to the point, is NOT what I wish to promote here. I want our meetup group to be just as friendly to our members from Venus as it is to our members from Mars.

It may take a bit of time to balance everything out, but since the name change I have already seen a positive surge in overall new membership enrollments. We now have over 800 members, and I have noticed that a much higher percentage of these new members are females than was happening before the name changed, so I am inclined to think we are on the right track. However, there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for this group. I welcome your input in regard to the new name or anything else you would like to share with me.

Love and Light,
Goddess Jeanetta

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