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Culti Newsletter 25/8.2: The Missing Link!! ( To the Free Speech Story, To The Frisian Missing Link, To the "Frisian Aditude" reaching Berlin - and to the WEDNESSDAY LANGUAGE MEETUP! )

Culti A.
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Landsmeer, NL
Yesterday I forgot to add a link to the added text on the Free Speech Story I have been writing about multicultural issues in the Netherlands. I had to be at a pub quiz yesterday - a quiz that was a BIG success! Both quiz hosts were very strict and one on top of that was very charming too. This quiz will be repeated!
The reason why I picked multi cultural Issues in The Netherlands as a topic is because for the time being I stopped commenting on international issues.
This fall, I'll get into the Jewish and Jiddisch Heritage of Amsterdam a lot more in order to beat anti semitism in the most constructive way possible: by informing misinformed people in a way that might shine a new light on stuff . The aim is making a SMALL contribution to the equal treatment of ALL people, regardless of what gender, religion, etc etc etc....
The new  issues will be raised by me with NATIONAL topics. Because than the ones reading them might in fact learn something, in stead of just reading an opinion they might back up or might disagree with - but which in all to much cases already heard before anyway.
Right now I am editing a story about multicultural issues in The NL's, I'll publish one or more  parts of this story every week. Part 1 and 2 were already published before August 18, after August 18 I have published part 3. Here's the overview....
After this I will most likely publish a story about Anne Frank. But first this one.
Part 1 => Introduction =>­
Part 2 => The Multi Cultural Challenges the NL's went through =>­
Part 3 ( New ) => Where is the Multi Cultural Society? Is it here to stay? =>­
The two stories in The Netherlands I know a lot better than all other are the Amsterdam Stories and the Friesland stories. "Amsterdammers" are the most alive and funny people in The NL's. Don't let anyone that talks mainstream Dutch fool you into understanding Amsterdam. Or maybe... Do let them fool you.
Because for some Dutch people Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. These people are not so called "Amsterdammers". They are nothing but Dutch people that happen to life in Amsterdam. They might think they understand the city - but they don't. Because they are doing the same stuff likeminded people do in cities like Köln, Kopenhagen, Hamburg and Gothenburg. Than how can they know what's different in Amsterdam compared to these other cities?
For these people Amsterdam is a place to go to for study or for a job, and to stay until they start a family. Or until they move to another city. They treat Amsterdam like a hotel only. As long as they pay the right price, "Amsterdammers" can't be bothered btw.
For these other people ( The Amsterdammers), Amsterdam is not the capital of The Netherlands. Neh. To them it's BIGGER than The Netherlands - these people are "Amsterdammers". They speak ( or should speak ) a version of Dutch with many Jiddisch influences. And with a Jiddisch sentiment. For these people Amsterdam is... home. And yes, amongst lots of other things Amsterdam STILL is a Jiddisch City!
Jiddisch =>­
The Amsterdammers know how to make a party - but they don't know when it ends - they think it never ends :)
Therefor, the Amsterdammers do NOT seem to be the missing link to "an even  better human culture". But who knows what the future brings :)
Maybe the Frisians are the link to this better human culture? Frisians tend to be individualistic AND social - they don't like being told what to do - they mind their own business - they tend to think before they talk and sometimes they party. These parties tend to go on until people feel like going home. Simple like that :)
I see a lot of potential in this culture to get back in the game and become to be one of the examples to follow once again - because in Friesland moral principals mather more than money and raw power. And that's what the world needs real hard!
Therefor, other than a link to a Dutch and a German or a Latin song, I have also added a link to a frisian song in the first 3 versions of the WEDNESSDAY LANGUAGE MEETUP.
The first linked song is just a simple one.... But it is about what Frisians want more than anything else: FREEDOM =>­
( Frisians are free by nature, they are not free of being forced into a system hardly anyone really likes anymore, but the mind stays free - always. )
The second one is about love. In fact it's one of the best Frisian love songs ever - because the tragical side of love gets highlighted: one day it will all be over.
Love in fact tends to be treason - lots of people promise each other love for life because they FEEL  a love for life - but what if the love leaves one of the hearts involved? Than an unwanted but also inevitable kind of treason took place. Some loves last - and some don't. But it doesn't make the initial promise less powerful...  And that first promise is what this song is about.
The main line in the song is "No day will start without me being there". BTW - to me this refers to the kind of love that also stays when on of the two loved people died long time ago - but a romantic love in all to many cases doesn't last that long. In many cases it starts one sided and dies soon - in some cases it's two sides first and one sided later - in only very few cases it remains to be two sided.
The linked version of the song was recorded during the biggest Frisian gathering I know of in the last 100 years at least =>­
The last one simply is a cover of Paradise by the dashboardlight =>­
Now I'm at it anyway, I'm also linking a very interesting German song. In more and more countries guys prefer spending time on their own in stead of being with the wrong girls. These days as a result of modern lifestyle both males and females can be very demanding - plus other than that more and more people want one thing more than anything else.
Therefor more and more people that are getting tired of this, REALLY take their time finding the right one. If they are looking in the first place. Maybe also because of the danger of the tragical treason of love, life is better without a partner anyway..... In modern societies more and more people have a "'maybe tmrw" attitude towards more and more kinds of relationship. That's what the next link is about :)
Based on this link, where a sexy girl just can't get a guy of the dancefloor, at least one German guy joined the group of "Maybe Tmrw" thinkers :)
In fact for example in Berlin more and more guys are getting tired of all these one night flies... Which changes an ancient game: now the GIRLS have to go try and get the guys!
Which btw in Friesland already is the culture for a long time.
Maybe the girls that want to get the guys of the dancefloor should buy them a drink :)
But in Friesland girls never took that step in big numbers  - so why would others start doing that in big numbers too :)
The German Song => ­­
I'll add all these video clips to the event texts later on this week - but in Amsterdam I will start organizing Language Meetups on Wednesdays - for 3 Wednesdays in a row!
If the underlying concept works than I will spread it over all Culti Groups that don't have a Language Meetup yet.
Sept 3 =>­
Sept 17 =>­
Sept 24 =>­
Thanks for reading :)
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