Netbreeze: Turning web data to information and zAgile: Enterprise Semantic Wikis

18h: Sozialising

18 30h: Netbreeze: „Turning web content into business information – best practices and future developments in web-monitoring”

Stefan Kummer – Head of Consulting
Ralf Gautschi – Projectmanager, Developer

The way information is published and consumed has changed enormously in the past few years. Web technologies and digital media have continuously diminished the cost of sharing information. The web has emerged as a gigantic graph storing everything from media content, news articles, corporate and governmental information to personal opinions and messages. The availability of all this data poses an equally big challenge for corporations and private persons. Which sources, what type of content, and which means of analyses are actually relevant to tame the information beast? Over the past 10 years, NETBREEZE has developed technologies and services to master the challenge of the growing data avalanches of the digital age. NETBREZE provides a scalable platform for data aggregation, semantic analysis and visualisation. It is currently applied to support business decisions various areas like Issues Management, Market Research and Corporate Communication in mid-to-large sized companies. 19 30h: Discussions

20h: zAgile: Enterprise Semantic Wikis

Sanjiva Nath, CEO & Founder

Abstract: While offering an easy-to-use collaborative platform for teams to capture and share knowledge about their products, processes, people and projects, enterprise wikis also typically have limitations that have often impeded their wider adoption and usage in the enterprise. These limitations are in the areas of information accessibility, reliability, maintainability, and integrate-ability. Conversely, semantic enablement of these wikis can not only address these limitations but can turn the wiki into a powerful collaboration platform and information portal for the enterprise. zAgile's Wikidsmart provides such capabilities to Atlassian's Confluence Wiki.
Wikidsmart is an open source extension for Confluence and is based on the zCALM framework which can also be easily ported to other wikis.

Sanjiva Nath Sanjiva has more than 25 years of experience in software technology and advises Silicon Valley start-ups in offshore software development strategies, process and methodologies, and overall software engineering operations. He has a long track record of building and managing high-performance and scalable software engineering teams across multiple geographies. He co-authored two patents and has authored several books in software engineering. Prior to founding zAgile, he served as VP of Engineering at several companies including Trigo Technologies (acquired by IBM), ePit Systems (technology acquired by Hitachi), Abilizer Solutions (technology acquired by BEA), and planet U (acquired by Transora). Sanjiva holds a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University.

Profile: http://www.linkedin.c...
Blog: http://sanjiva.typepa...

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  • Michal D.

    Ich kann nur den ersten Teil bewerten und ich habe ziemlich viel ueber die neuen Chancen und Herausforderungen von "social web" gelernt.

    Dezember 21, 2009

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