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Best Abe rampage EVER!!!

Tina Lutes (.
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I transcribed this from the 2008 Mexico Cruise CD, disc #6 track 10, 11 & 12. If I figure out how to get it on my facebook, I will! Feel free to come and find me: tinalouisemiller.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

Mexico Cruise, 2008, Disc #6, track 10, 11, 12

There is abundance that is pervasive and is flowing to you.
There is outrageous abundance that has been summoned by you and held by the source within you and tended by the source within you.
You have a vibrational escrow of ENORMOUS financial abundance.
Tell the story:

I am abundant in nature and well being is always coming to me.
And I am often understood by the people that I’m interacting with.
And I’m loving this life I am living.
And it’s fun to expand and grow.
And I love the contrast of my environment which helps me to continue to identify new things that I want.
And often, in fact usually, I’m not a vibrational match to everything that I want but I can feel the difference and I know how to lean in the direction of what I want.
And my life just gets better and better.
And I’m surrounded by people that are like me, learning about life.
And it’s really to be in this physical body and expand.
I get the sense of who I am and often when I’m really not paying attention, I can feel the source within me just sort of wrapping those non-physical arms around me and through me; I can get that non-physical hug, so to speak, from the inside out.
Sometimes I can feel the well being of my being.
Sometimes I get glimpses of what’s in my vibrational escrow and I’m really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold.
And I’m noticing that the people around me are enjoying their life also.
And I’m feeling a freedom of detaching myself from what they’re thinking or from what they’re wanting from me.
I’m doing such a good job living my life.
I’m starting to realize the reason that I came forth into this physical experience.
Things are coming easier and easier.
And I’m beginning to understand how the universe flows.
And I’m beginning to understand the vibrational world.
And I’m beginning to leverage my time more by pre-paving more things.
I’m becoming more of a mental being.
I’m not reacting to so many things.
I’m lining up more.
I’m sensitive to the energy.
I’m feeling strong negative emotion. Sometimes things really rub me the wrong way but that’s a good thing because it means something’s out of sync with what I’m wanting.
I’m getting more intuitive about people. I can feel when they’re leveling with me. I can feel when they’re not. I can feel when it is to my advantage to interact with them and I can feel when it isn’t.
In other words, I’m becoming more intuitive.
My senses are out there in advance.
I’m doing a better job at pre-paving.
People like me.
I’m doing well everywhere I go.
Good ideas flow to me constantly.
I always have a good time.
I have fun wherever I am.
There’s cooperation around me all the time.
New ideas are flowing to me constantly.
I never get enough of this physical experience.
I love living life.
I’m feeling so vital and alive.
I love the people that are surrounding me.
I love the variety of people.
I can see the diversity of the talents of the people who are around me and I realize what a wonderful team we are working together.
I’m appreciating the people of this planet more and more.
I love the cooperative nature that we are all about.
I love knowing that we are all casting our vibrational votes.
I love knowing that there is no injustice.
I love knowing that everybody get’s exactly what they are offering vibrationally.
I love knowing that I’M getting exactly what I’m offering vibrationally
I love knowing that I don’t have to hold anyone responsible for how my life is unfolding.
I love getting into this appreciative mode because the better it gets and the better it gets and the better it gets.
I’m eager about this life experience.
I want everybody to have the fun that I’m having in this life experience.
I’m not bothered by those not having fun because I know the potential for fun is there for all of them.
I love being the clear example that I am.
I love offering my vibration deliberately and I love watching all of the universal factors lining things up.
I love how circumstance and events come into alignment to give me post manifestational evidence of how I’m doing vibrationally.
I love knowing that it doesn’t matter what’s going on right now because I can keep telling a new story.
I love knowing that it doesn’t even matter how good my story is right now, it might not even be close to the best story that I could tell, but I love knowing that I can continue to tell a better and better story, and I love knowing that the cooperative universe will keep matching my better and better story.
I love knowing that I have the option to focus.
I love knowing that I am the center of my universe.
I love knowing that it’s a vibrational universe.
I love knowing that that law of attraction is utterly consistent and will never bring me anything that is not a vibrational match.
I love knowing that everything I get is because of something that I’ve been saying chronically.
I love knowing that I can morph the story, that I can tell a different story, and I love the cooperating universe that will give me evidence that I have changed the story that I’m telling.
I love knowing that I never get it wrong and I can’t get it done and that no matter where I’m standing there will always be new data that’s coming.
I love all of the people that are surrounding me that are playing the same game that I’m playing.
I love knowing that they’re not in charge of me, they can’t control me, and that I’m not in charge of them and I can’t control them.
I love knowing that we are all here as vibrational entities, as extensions of source energy and that we are all much more in harmony with each other than we are not in harmony with each other.
I love knowing that every particle of the universe has that which is wanted and that which is not wanted.
I love knowing that every person with whom I interact there are things that I like about them and things that I don’t like about them and that it’s up to me to fixate on the part of them that I want more in my life experience.
And I love knowing how cooperative many of them will be.
And I love knowing that the most tuned in, tapped in person, I can abstract from them something less than tapped in, tuned in, turned on because I am a powerful creator. I’ll get from everybody whatever it is I focus upon.
I am responsible for my experience.
I get the complete credit for everything that’s happening to me.
I love the stability of this time space reality but I love even more the stability of the eternal nature that is me.
I love my expansion.
I love where I am.
I love where I’m going.
I love where I’ve been.
THAT’S the story you should be telling!


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This is Awesome Tina!
I'm sure your vibration went up more than a few notches just writing it. I plan on translating again and customizing it for myself so I can feel the vibe.

Tina Lutes (.
user 9901862
Denver, CO
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You should hear Esther interpret this. It blows your mind! I'm going to give a copy to George so maybe he can play it at the next meeting. It will give you goosebumps!! Glad you enjoyed it. ;0)

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