What's your Google Analytics Survival Threshold Score?

From: Anita
Sent on: Friday, September 9, 2011 11:17 AM

I am not dropping this Google Analytics area! If you really want to make money, it is too important. (Meeting to be scheduled based on your input!)


At our last meeting, I found that most people are below a survival threshold on using Google Analytics. What is a survival threshold? Can you give a positive, proactive response to these 10 questions? If not, you are below the survival threshold.


  1. What is the main purpose of your site?
  2. What are the measurable goals of your site?
    (Up to 6 goals & subgoals, like sales, opt-ins, videos viewed, etc.)
  3. Are you tracking each of these goals? How often?
    (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)
  4. What are the 5 pages on your site that get the most traffic?
  5. What are the main sources for that traffic?
  6. What are the top 10 keywords driving that traffic?
  7. Does the intention behind those keywords and traffic sources match the goals you have listed in #3?
    (Let’s say you have a parents of teenagers site & you are selling products for selecting and financing college. Your top traffic pages are articles about how to communicate with your teenager and how to tell if he/she is lying to you. This means you are screwing up big time. Think you aren’t stupid enough to do that? You might be surprised.)
  8. Have you identified your best converting pages?
  9. Have you identified your #1 weakness? (For instance, if you get 10 visitors a day, but you are making sales with $300 profit a month, you clearly need to boost traffic into a far higher range.)
  10. Have you defined steps to remedy that weakness and the result you will look for in your analytics such that you know that the steps are working?


Getting just past that survival threshold is not hard, and does not take that much work. But you must get there if you want to make money.


You need to clearly understand where analytics fits into your business and how it can make a difference. For a great article on this, read How Google Analytics Custom Reports Helped My Client to Increase His Revenue, sent by Steve Mertz.


Is your Google Analytics set up for at least the survival threshold??? If not, see the tutorials at http://lowhangingloot.com/GoogleAnalyticsBasicsTutorials.aspx.


These are only the tutorials for getting you past the survival threshold; more complex ones are not included.


I want to schedule a follow up meeting on Google Analytics with the goal of getting everyone past the survival threshold. And I want to use real-life examples from your sites.


Want to be an example? Please email me with:

1. The major goal you want to tackle with Google Analytics. Include what problems you have been having addressing it.

2. What are your basic analytics (traffic, keywords, sources, current conversion) that can give us an idea of where you stand?

3. What has been most confusing to you about tackling this goal and how analytics applies?


Email me at anita(at)ebizowners.com. Or call me at[masked]-8002.


Here’s to increasing profits….




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