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Mike Lawrence - Why I Resigned

Pam H.
San Diego, CA
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I meant to add that reading the DFA draft organizational guide reallly helped me put the pieces in place.

I had already read it when i went to the Feb SDforA meeting. So, considering whether we would become a Democratic club then seemed a logical option worth considering as our way of becoming a formal fund-raising organization. "Logical...worth considering..." did not make it the option that we would or should take. It only, now, made sense as something to consider.
A former member
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"Can't We All Just Get Along?" We're all different and come to DFA from different places. I like to come to the Meet-ups and share fellowship with other progressives. We're still trying to develop a vision and figure out how we can make an impact in San Diego. It's a huge undertaking and we need ALOT of flexibility. Charlie has done a great job getting us to where we're at and I think he does a good job as a facilitator and keeps the meetings moving. The Meet-ups usually have way too much on the agenda to stop and debate issues that pop up such as "Should California be re-districted and, if so, how best to do it?" It seems that we can have some minimal discussion on such topics, but if we are looking for consensus on a complicated issue, then a committee would have to be formed to report back to the group. We are attempting to tackle some big issues and can't just quit when things aren't going our way. This is the world of politics and yes we need to communicate/discuss/negotiate our concerns.

Charlie has been chastised, and has said he will be less involved in facilitating the discussion. If he is less involved then we need someone to facilitate the discussion. I really like Mike. I think he's a genuinely good guy and I hope he will re-think his position, but if it's too much of a burden then we need someone with the time and willingness to carry on. I for one think we've gotten along pretty well so far and I hope we can continue and develop plans to further our progressive movement.

pat taylor
Carol C.
Group Organizer
San Diego, CA
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To All Concerned and DFA Members Meetup Group 23:

I wrote the following respond on another Thread where Don and Donna Wrote their thoughts and suggestions on what DFA Meetup 23 should be do. The had some good replies, too.
Check them out.
I thought this might be of some help, all concerned:

Dear Don and Donna,

I agree with you, both. I am one of the meetup 23 agenda committee. I think most of the meetup members agree with your views. This is what has made our meetup so successful in the past.

Things are settling down. I guess we are having growing pains.

I talked couple of long term political friends. They said there is always some conflict arising in a group one time or another. They said it is practically true after a Big Loss! Emotions are high! Everybody is determined and anxious that the Democratic Party does it right this time! Many members, and, leaders thinks they have the answer. They think they need to control things in their own way, so we don't get off track! So, we don't lose again.

I know Mike tried several times to work things out with Charlie. It wasn't over one incident. I care for Charlie very much and hate disagreements. No one wanted to cause any trouble. But, Mike and the rest of us taking over from, our wonderful
leader for 2 years, Valerie (who stepped down) felt that we had to speak out when we saw the new changes and censorship ideas.

I think Charlie just has too many responsiblities. He just is overwhelmed and worried that things were not staying on track and wanted focus.

Tomorrow, we in the meetup committtee, are going set up the agenda, and pick a temporary moderator, and work toward full participation of all our members.

In fact, the speaker I have asked?to come (on very short Notice) is from U.Nations S.D. Association & will be speaking on her experiences in Iraq.

Personally, I like good short speeches 5-15 minutes long with lots of time for Questions and Discussion for the members. I think, we will be dealing with our present Meetup 23 local conflict, and watching the DFA DVD sent from DFA Headquarters.

I would like to ask you both to come to our next meetup, if possible, Wed. April 6, 2005 at 7:00pm located at Giovanni's Restaurant, at the Corner of Ruffin Rd. And Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Please come! Participate and help us figure this out. We have been a good, strong, friendly, fun bunch of people. Honest, Don and Donna.

I invite anyone else reading this to come, too.

Yes, Charlie Imes will be there, with his great big smile, and all his talents. From his replies on this site, he will be mostly listening and answering questions, this time.

Please don't hesitate to respond, critisize or tell me I am full of bullshit! Grinning.

Carol Changussad

Oh, To question "Can't We All Get Along". The answer is YES!biggrin
A former member
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The country is drowning in a sea of corruption. We need to settle our differences and get back to work on restoring a government that cares about people rather than catering to right wing extremist. In case you haven't noticed, San Diego County is also in deep trouble.

There's too much at stake and so little time. Let's get back in the fight against the neoconservatives rather than battling each other.

Joe Schneider
Carol C.
Group Organizer
San Diego, CA
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To all DFA MeetUp members #23 San Diego-New Speakers for Wed. 4/6 Meetup.

Anne Hoiberg from the UNA SD, will be speaking about her experiences in Iraq
on May 4, 2005 DFA Meetup. Anne could not make for our April 6th Meetup.

Francine Busby-Our hard working, talented Democrat that will Beat Duke Cummingham in 2006 will be our Second Speaker at our next meetup April 6, 2005. Francine raises my spirit each time she gives a speech!

Our First Speaker is Wade Sanders! Some of you might know him. For this of you who don't here, is a short bio:

Wade Sanders is a former Deputy Assistant Secratary of the Navy under the Clinton Administration. An award winning Journalist. He provides Television and print commentary on National Security matters for the National Press and International Press.

Wade Sander's attended Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Practices Law in San Diego. He served Two Combat Tours in Vietnam, including one in the Rivers of the Mekong Delta with John Kerry, Where With the SUPPORT of Their Men, They were Both Awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. He has been a close friend of John Kerry's for nearly 40 years. He has been active in each of his political Campaign.

He was Director of California Veterans for Kerry~A founder of the Veterans Brigade ~ and A member of Kerry's Band of Brothers. Yes, at the DNC Boston Convention, Kerry had his Band of Brothers walk out on stage, Wade Sanders was one of those men.

Wade Sanders will be sharing his experiences as he traveled thoughout the United States for nearly a year speaking to groups large and small, and doing media for the campaign. He will share His Insights regarding the campaign, and a Look to the Future.

We are lucky to have him as our guest. All visitors are welcome. Come early to get a good sit! Enjoy our speakers and DFA National HQ Updates and Suggestions for all our members!

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!

Till Then,
Carol Changus
Speaker Coordinator For DFA Meetup #23
Member of Meetup # 23 Steering Committee
A former member
Post #: 2
M.M said " people want a Fair, Kind, Democratic, Level-headed Leader". I think Charlie Imes is. He was very smooth and inclusive and patient and respectful of everyone at the organizing meeting for committees. We ended up with committees and Chairs so things could go forward. Charlie had done prep work to get lists so Chairs could see who had expressed interest in particular issues. There was a lot of time given to whether we want to be a Democratic club. Jess Durfee, chair of SDDems, asked it be considered; spoke and sat through our knocking it around. Plenty of discussion. We decided not to decide to do anything about it at this time. Ideas on both sides. I thought Charlie handled it well. I think he was broadsided at the Meetup by Jim Wade saying we ought to support Arnold's redistricting. Such an idea needs time.We need to have Agendae, plans for New Business so new ideas can be handled and time alloted after planned business. Out of courtesy, people should contact the Meetup or any meeting leader before hand. Valerie posted meeting Agendas and invited requests for additions. Makes sense.
Our goals are awesome.We all want to work with others of good will and intelligence and a desire to cooperate, to make progress. But I've noticed human beings everywhere are pretty wacko in these times. Pollutions must be affecting us. Heads of corporations need to think 'people' and 'earth' along with money. Democracy and sustaining life on earth are clearly in danger.
Carol C.
Group Organizer
San Diego, CA
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Dear Brina Rae,

I enjoyed your comments. We, at the Meetup #23 Steering Committee, all agreed that Charlie has created an important organization, San Diego for Democrary-SDfD.

We definitely agreed with you on all Charlie's talents, and all his great ideas and all his efforts and skills. He did a wonderful job.

We think that Charlie also did an excellent Job designing, creating all the committees, running his SDfD meetings. It is an important and vital new organization. Several Members of Meetup #23 Steering Committee are actually on his different committees!
We feel it is an important arm of action that DFA Meetups. A great place we
can send our members who want a more active role in Taking back America.

Issue of contention is only that DFA Meetup #23 wants to continue to our monthly meetups as Valerie has run it for 2 years!

All but one of our members wants it, to remain a separate group, that cooperates often and well with Charlie's new and Vital organization, and all its committees. We want to have Charlie and His Committee Heads to feel free to be asked onto the agenda, to present their latest updates and information.

Valerie and the New her replacements, merely want to run the meetup, as Valarie trained us to do. We are open to all input and information and suggestions from Charlie and his committee heads, as well as, all Democracy Organizations.

Every month we get items and suggestions from DFA National Office that we want to place on the meetup agenda, and, make sure we have candidates speak at our meetup, as well as, informative speakers that will inspire us. We have been working toward this goal for 4 or 5 months now.

We just do not want to be directly under Charlie's control and have our meetings run differently, with his direct oversight or vetting of all our work.

We do not want our job to be starting new meetup groups, mainly. That is not what we volunteer for, nor do most of us have the desire or the inclination or the additional time to donate to this function.

I thought Charlie's meetup committee was going to do that job, not Valarie's Job or the Meetup #23.

In addition, we want anybody to feel free to ask questions or to put forth their own views. We do not want any requirements needed to speak one's mind.

To me it is simple. Our meetup group #23 wants to keep working on simply organizing our monthly meeting, as we have for 2 years. In other words, it is like Social Security ~ if it works well why change it!

That does not mean we are not flexible. if something better comes along, we will definitely listen with our minds open.

Brina-Rae, does this sound logical and good to you?

It is kinda Hard to believe such a minor issue has caused all this ruckus! I wish I could write as witty as You and Others on this site. Please, inject some humor here , as you read this, we all could you some fun and good humor.

Thank you for all your comments on all the Message Board Threads. We learn for each other, keep them coming! So, we can beat the bloody Right(R), and take back our country!

We are having a meeting with Charlie today to clear all this mess up, and put it to rest.
Their have been so many miscommunications on all sides. Hopefully we can clear to air!

Hopeful & Exhausted,
Carol Changus
Speaker Coordinator Meetup #23
A former member
Post #: 7
Carol: Mike and Margaret were part of our Clairmont freeway blogging group on Friday. Mike took pictures so he's not in them, but he and Margarate have been part of DFA Meet-up #23, as I have been, since 4/03 and I'm so glad to hear you as part of the #23 board speak of our group as no one has on this topic. I hope this all get worked out and we remain the starting point for all persons that want democracy for America, many I'm sure, will want to eventually take that next step and become either part of Charlies group, or another group that helps all our cause that certainly is to lead us back as a City, as a State, and as a Nation, to be for the people and not the corporations puppies, even such things as the Freeway Bloggoing that was sponsored by VOTTERR. Gov. Dean, once he was out of the race for President, asked us to all work for local candidates. A good share of meet-up #23 were the ones who got out and did the walking, taking to our neighbors, etc. etc. for many of our local candidates, yet even those jobs were not part of our meet-up #23, they were jobs that speakers asked us to join in on.
To me, Charlie is taking that next step in forming committee's to work on many of our local, state, and national problems, but it is and should be separate. Democracy is so important, there is room for many types of groups. I feel, as you said so well, ours is to inform our members of issues, to disscuss those issues and if the speaker wishes help and what he/she has to say makes us want to take that next step, each one can decide on their own to take it, they are always welcome to continue coming to our meet-up, because it keeps us all informed on so many issues and gives us ideas as to what our places are within the goal of Democracy for America.

PS: I'll bring pictures this coming April meet-up.
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