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money is not speech and corporations are not people

Vincent C.
Group Organizer
Berkeley, CA
"money is not speech and corporations are not people."

Join us at the March 6 EB DFA Community MeetUp!

• Find out how we can join other cities and states in supporting
Move to Amend's constitutional amendment reversing the ludicrous "Corporations are People" ruling. That's a terrible decision and we see the effects of that decision playing out in the primary elections this year.

• Hear all of the candidates running for Sandre Swanson's Assembly seat. This is the most hotly contested AD seat in California. Cast your vote in the straw poll for your preferred candidate for the newly redistricted AD18 (was AD 16)

March 6 – Tuesday

Rockridge Public Library
5366 College (just a few blocks from Rockridge BART)
Oakland / http://www.oaklandlibrary.org/branches/rockridge.htm­

6:30 pm – Enjoy pizza and socialize with fellow progressives
7:00 pm – Move to Amend presentation & discussion
Candidates forum and straw poll

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/dfa-78/events/50344412/­

1. Our Meetup

Move-to-Amend - money is not speech and corporations are not people.

The viscerally obvious truth, "Corporations are not People!" prompts an I-knew-that-when-I-was-in-kindergarten response. Still, this simple premise has sparked a variety of creative initiatives to set the world – or at least this country - right again.

MTA Spokesperson Richard Hobbs will inform and inspire us as we hear how we can join an increasing number of cities and states – from locally here in Albany to Salt Lake City to Wisconsin – that are choosing to "Move-to-Amend."

Mr. Hobbs is a founder of Move to Amend San Jose chapter. Hobbs said that reverting to the intention of our founding fathers that corporate money is not speech and corporations are not persons under the Constitution is the quintessential strategic initiative …

He is a lawyer, political activist, and engaged citizen. He has dedicated his adult life to making the promise of a democratic republic a reality in the United States. He's spoken about Move to Amend at the MoveOn Jobs Not Cuts rally and lead teach ins about the need for a constitutional amendment.

Clearly, success in a campaign to amend the constitution will require a strong national movement, which is now focused on building grassroots support. Numerous local jurisdictions have taken measures demonstrating support.

The Wisconsin legislature recently introduced a Move to Amend resolution:

Similarly, Salt Lake City has launched a petition drive for an MTA Ballot resolution: http://movetoamend.org/news/salt-lake-city-move-amend-launches-petition-drive-ballot-resolution­.

Locally, the City Council of Albany passed a resolution in January 2012.

While it may appear that ordinary citizens lack a role in this process, Bill Moyers shows that's not the case. To see what you can do, watch his video:http://vimeo.com/35388815­

Link to MTA petition: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50137/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=6883­

Candidates Forum and Straw Poll – AD District 18 Candidates (Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro)

For the past six years, the seat has been held by Sandré Swanson, one of the most prominent African-American politicians in the Bay Area. But an historic exodus of blacks from Oakland, coupled with a dramatic redistricting and a newfangled primary season, has changed the demographic landscape of the district. As a result, the 16th may one of the most competitive legislative contests in California this year.

Vote your best pick to represent us in Sacramento in a DFA straw poll following the presentations and discussion.

Note: Statements following are based on material provided by candidates.

1. Rob Bonta / Alameda City Council

Throughout his career in public service, Vice Mayor Bonta, 39, has distinguished himself as a strong advocate for Alameda's and California's public schools. He has fought to prevent layoffs of firefighters and police officers, foster economic development, exercise fiscal responsibility, and improve recreation opportunities for families.

"My single most important priority will be preserving and enhancing the core public services that our community values most by exercising fiscal responsibility. I will exercise with the city the same fiscal discipline I demonstrated on the hospital board, where we took deliberate and intentional steps both to reduce costs and to generate additional revenue. A critical part of exercising fiscal responsibility for the City is cultivating sound and responsible economic development, particularly in promoting business attraction and business retention, as I have done as chair of the city's Economic Development Commission."

Website: http://www.robbonta.c...­

2. Abel Guillen / Peralta Community College Board

First elected to the Peralta Board in 2006, Abel kept his promises by holding Peralta's management more accountable and its operations more transparent through a series of financial reforms and cost-saving measures. Abel has pushed for effective educational programs in green businesses, multimedia, biotech and health care to get our community back to work. He helped to secure over $20 million for career education and green jobs, and expanded access by providing classes for 3,000 more students. He helped students by obtaining $2 million to build the Peralta Health and Wellness Center, created the Easy Pass partnership with AC Transit that saves each student over $1,000 a year, and secured funding to keep the Children's Center at the College of Alameda open.

Guillen also has tapped into the message of the 99 Percent. He won plaudits from the Occupy movement for his plan to explore the feasibility of moving the community college district's assets from large financial institutions to local credit unions and community banks.

Website: http://abelforassembl...­

3. Joel Young

I'm going to make sure that state agencies are buying goods and services from California businesses. The $7.2 billion dollar Bay bridge span was built overseas by thousands of workers. Can you imagine what a shot-in-the-arm that would have been for our struggling economy?

Other Bay area cities are outpacing Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro in creating green and information technology jobs. We have the potential to attract high tech firms. We have a workforce that is ready to lead the way. What we're missing is a support network. As a business lawyer I saw firsthand what it takes to launch a successful start-up. I worked on the Oakland Green Business Incubator program to help entrepreneurs turn a good idea into a great business. I'll work with the California Manufacturing Association to create a high tech Manufacturing Academy, and I'll work with our local elected officials to create a plan to recruit and retain firms.

Website: http://youngforassemb...­

2. Action Items

Progressive Opportunities Conference
FEBRUARY 26, 2012 | 10am – 7pm

• What does the loss of redevelopment funds mean for our region?
• Understanding Benefit Corporations and Flexible Purpose Corporations
• Worker Co-Op models
• Publicly owned banks and big bank alternatives
• Finance for food
• Alternative currencies in use now and what's possible
• Crowd sourcing and funding for small businesses
• Building community resilience through the localization movement
• Bikenomics –biking is not only green, but good for our local economy
• Supporting citizens against corporations and corporate personhood
…And so much more!

Participating Organizations and People Include:
American Independent Business Alliance, American Sustainable Business Council, BACE Timebank, BACE Timebank, Bay Area Green Tours, Bay Localize, B Corporations, BetterWorld Telecom, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, Buy Local Berkeley, City of Oakland, City Slicker Farms, Cutting Edge Capital, Dharma Merchant Services, East Bay Bicycle Coalition, Hope Solutions Merchant Services, Janelle Orsi, JASecon, Laughter Against the Machine Comedy, Local Clean Energy Alliance, LocalOn, Mechanics Bank, Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC), Northern California Independent Booksellers Association, Oakland Acorn, Occupy Oakland – Local Business Liaisons, One PacificCoast Foundation and Bank, Post Carbon Institute, Public Banking Institute, Public Banking Institute, Richmond Co-Development, Rising Sun Energy, RSF Social Finance, San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Association, Slow Money, State Senator Loni Hancock, Sustainable Business Alliance, The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, The Hoop Fund, Transition Berkeley.

Current Sponsors:
Sustainable Business Alliance, Buy Local Berkeley, Oakland Grown, and SFLOMA

More information:
Jody Colley, Publisher, East Bay Express / 510-879-3702

Come to the Meetup – March 6 – Tuesday
Rockridge Public Library
5366 College (just a few blocks from Rockridge BART)
Oakland / http://www.oaklandlib...­

6:30 pm – Enjoy pizza and socialize with fellow progressives
7:00 pm – Move to Amend presentation & discussion
Candidates forum and straw poll

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/dfa-78/events/50344412/­

You may notice that there are some new names on the Meetup Team. We welcome their support for EB Democracy for America and urge anyone else interested in Progressive change to consider joining the team.

Your Meetup Team: Carla, Frances, Janet F, Janet S, Mark, Michael, Norman, Sumi, Tara, Vincent & Yvonne.
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