From: Kristin
Sent on: Thursday, April 4, 2013 10:24 AM
Interestly, I thought that this whole conversation started over a "law" that requires a 2 year separation period and counseling as opposed to a 1 year separation before divorce is granted. If you have an abusive spouse (emotional, physical or spiritual) who doesn't want to go to counseling and doesn't want to stay married to you, will counseling and an extra year of abuse change that? Or, do we risk a much worse outcome in forcing these two people to continue to try reconciling? Children watching their parent's fight, not being given the opportunity to see what truely loving, careing and respectful relationships are like. No, most parents do not fight quitely behind closed doors. The tension within the household escalates everyday. The children want to stay with friends and not be around such dysfunction anymore. The "law" aspect of this should be not to interfer with the religious aspect.The law is what should say you have religious freedom to decide in this situation what will be of most benefit for your individual family. As you have noted, Rick, God's grace and mercy is what will help us all get though, not Uncle Sam and some government ideas of what is the right thing to do in mass quantities of people. I've been separated for 4 years, not divorced. I would have to absolutely have no sense of personal worth to still reside or have a relationship with my husband. This is the best thing I could every have done for myself and for my children. God guides me in every decision I make. God lifts the weight of my burdens. Not the US Government.

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