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Looking for Macintosh Computer-using DMs out there.

Terry M.
Manchaca, TX
Post #: 36
I've run my campaign for 30+years, using Supercard and Hypercard to run the game (object-oriented programming language applications) and am looking for others to share with and collaborate with. I've created a fairly complex set of programs for running the game because I was very dissatisfied with the commercial efforts out there (they are SO pretty, but in terms of adaptability and options, they really aren't very good, simply because if you make a program too adaptable, the buyers simply make their own from your work; hence limits).

Anyone out there on the Mac and also a DM?

If anyone is interested, let me know. We run a game on Sunday that is RP focused because most of the hard work is done with a touch of a button, saving me time and letting me focus on "fantasy realism", a suspension of disbelief you would expect from a good novel rather than "roll, calculate, roll, look up, RP, roll, write, roll, look up something, etc.) which is necessary, but not always the most fun aspect.

I've yet to get the players to let me automate THEIR rolls (just joking, wouldn't even try), but it sure saves me a lot of time creating treasure like detailed jewelry, unique pubs, NPCs who are different each time in multiple ways, etc., whatever I choose.

I'd love to create a cadre of us to develop it and use it in the area. If you have some programming experience, or use a Mac, and also DM, drop me a line.
A former member
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Hi Terry,
I'm also a programmer. This sounds interesting. Could you send me what you've made so I can play around with it? I'd like to eventually to something for DM'ing with iPhone or iPad
Terry M.
Manchaca, TX
Post #: 37
I've tried that. I end up with nothing.
However, I'd be happy to invite you to come take a look, see if we can't work together to make it something the community can use (those that have Macs, at least). Sending you my number, privately.
A former member
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I'm a mac user, DM, and have experience as a software tester. Had much the same poor experience with D&D software so I'm very interested in something good being available and be glad to help out if possible.
user 9023132
Cedar Park, TX
Post #: 3
Hey. I'm a Mac user (I work for Apple) and am a DM. I have played around with using scripting to generate "To Hit" rolls, etc. I'd be interested to see what you have as well as collaborate if you are interested. Thanks, Arthur
Terry M.
Manchaca, TX
Post #: 38
Okay. Those interested in learning more about the program I created using Hypercard (now using Supercard), give me a call for directions. We'll meet on a Saturday and see if we can't turn it into something you all can use. Three examples of what it produces:

Random jewelery that is highly individualized but also without the chaotic answers like purple emeralds or green rose quartz. The prices are calculated by the various factors. The script is huge, could probably be reduced quite a bit by someone who knows what they are doing.

• electrum bracelet (ornamental chains or straps that are worn on the wrist.) made of fair quality materials with a few marks and striations, 9 years old, fairly done with a few flaws, engraved with a person (with a 2 Goldsheen,opaque,,,,golden glass with minute sparkles,cabachon, and 3 Hambergyle,transparent,colorless,hard,ge­m) worth 312.25 gp weighing 2 coins

Every item is unique.

Another area is all the databases of instant access information about deities, spells, magic items, etc.

There is a pub creator:
Spear and Bass Club
good accomodations, common room, dormitory room, and 2-4 private rooms, fireplaces, stuffed cloth mattresses, some sanitary facilities, incidental vermin
excellent drink, good beer, good wine, plus "unlimited" pantry, freshness, cleanliness, earthenware cups, special care in preparation
good food, limited portions of fruits, stews and soups, chicken, pork, beef, fish, dishes cooked to order
lower upper class to the east edge of town
Sign is written/object, new
drinking contest, plays,
squash 24 cp, Gelyne in dubbatte - stewed chicken. 6 gp, soup of mixed meats 30 cp, New Peas for a Meat Day - a dish of peas cooked in broth. 6 gp, all-you-can-eat sausage and morkoth (whatever left-overs they have) soup 6 gp, pickles 6 cp, Schyconys with the Bruesse - chicken stewed with beef. 6 gp, Funges - mushrooms in broth and spices. 6 gp, skewered whole fowl (pheasant) with dark bread trenchers 54 sp, ox platter 36 cp,
doctor 21 gp, page of book binding + costs for unusual materials 7 gp, female prostitute per hour 168 gp, armor/weapons repaired 7 %, baths 21 cp,
wooden utensils, old, damaged walls, bare wood ceilings, old, damaged walls, bare thatch ceiling, graffiti carved walls,
great water, lousy view,
no cooking in rooms, lights out at midnight,
Room sizes: 10' x 15', 10' x 20',
stabling per night 6 sp, common room 24 sp, room/hour 150 cp, room/night 6 gp, rooms per tenday 60 gp

All unique and adjustable.

I could go on for some time.

It IS possible to make standalone applications using this, so I can pass out copies of things to those who help add to it and help make it better.
It won't work on an IBM, just a Mac. If interested, whether to help program, add data, whatever, contact me on this site with the best time to meet on Saturdays and we'll schedule ways to meet and add to this program. There is no reason it cannot be easily adjusted to third or fourth edition, original D&D (Mystara, etc.), or even other game systems.

Still looking to fill out our group, as well. See the other ad.
A former member
Post #: 2
I use Unity Game Engine for all sorts of stuff and know that the sky's the limit with what you can do with it. It's cross platform, free, and can create iPhone apps (with a paid add-on). It's 3d. I have quite a few projects of my own right now, but if anyone's interested in creating a 3d DM app with it, I can give some help.
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