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ClojureHNL, an even easier setup

Kyle O.
Group Organizer
Honolulu, HI
I just set up my computer to act as the Swarm Server.  And, while doing so, I tried to keep all the configs fairly vanilla, but still a bit opinionated. During this exercise, I put together the simplest list of things to do to get started with Clojure and Emacs (IMHO).

Caveat: You can just show up to the Meetup with ssh.  That's really all you need.  But, of course, you won't be able to hack any Clojure outside of the meeting.

Thanks for playing,


Here's the simplest setup:

  • Install tmux
    Mac users can install via Homebrew.
  • Install Emacs version >= 24
    Homebrew FTW
  • Install Emacs Live (an opinionated set of Emacs defaults)
    Do this:­
  • Install Leiningen 2
    Do this:­
  • Bootstrap Leiningen
    Go to your work directory, wherever that is.
    Run this command: $ lein new test-proj
  • Test that you indeed have Clojure working
    Go to the new dir: $ cd test-proj
    Run a REPL: $ lein repl
    Add some numbers: user=> (+ 2 2)

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