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Be careful of online get rich quick schemes.....

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My friend sent me an interesting article.....

It's a bit long but it's got a bunch of videos built in which make it easy to watch. (I've posted the link at the bottom) It's pretty much a good synopsis of the online world of Internet Marketing Guru's, and their Get Rich Quick Scheme's that are going around.

Here's the bottom line that you need to understand.... (I'll explain it in a nutshell)

Internet marketers will have some kind of flashy video sales letter or sales letter online, promoting some means to get rich online. They show you all kinds of testimonials, guarantees, income statements etc etc proving that they're system works.

What they often fail to tell you though is how they really made or are making their money. And how they're making they're money is by selling you the "method". Not by the method itself. Again so you find a sales letter or video sales letter of some IM guru. Well that sales letter is actually how they make their money. That's the actual method they're using. Not the method they claim to want to teach you about. I hope that makes sense? (it's a case of "do as I say, not as I do")

Also they might show an income statement for example. That income statement more often than not is based on either A) a bold face lie or B) the sales coming in from the page you're reading , again NOT from some supposed method they plan to teach you.

The other trick that's going around that many IMer's are using is they'll do anything to get your email address. So they'll offer you a video training course or some other valuable info product if you'll give up your name and email address. Then using that they start sending you emails which look almost as if someone's writing directly to you. They send you mostly good information, then gradually after they've gained your trust they'll ask you to buy something. Then if you buy it doesn't stop their. They'll keep trying to upgrade you over and over and over again to larger and larger training courses. All claiming that "now you're going to learn the secret". But again, their is NO SECRET METHOD. They're showing you the secret in what marketing they're doing to sell the snake oil product (some supposed secret method). As again, that's how they're making they're money, not off the supposed "money making method" they plan to share with you via they info product you're buying.

I've been doing internet marketing since the 90's infact and so I've seen most every trick in the book over the years. I guess not much has changed. Stuff that scammers use to do offline now is simply done online.

How to protect yourself:

If you find something that is claiming to make you big money simply type into Google the name of the product, or website, and then type in "reviews". So for example: Power X Bogger Pro reviews. You type that in and you'll likely find tons of people who are giving some independant reviews. Also check on youtube. But be careful with the reviews as well as many of them might be simply affiliates (sales people) of the product. So they might give it a good review only in hopes that you buy it so they earn their commission off your purchase. So you have to look around and do your research.

But also the other factor is that unless they offer a solid money back guarantee then don't buy it. And if they're not using some reputable credit card system like PayPal or Clickbank or something where you'll most likely be able to actually exercise the guarantee and get your money back if you don't like the product.

But again be careful as many of the products are actually designed in a way where it might take you longer than the 30 days necessary to learn the system, or impliment it. Therefore if you're money back guarantee time frame lapses then you'll be out of luck in terms of a refund.

So your really got to do your research out there before committing to anyone claiming to offer you the world. Remember nothing gets parted faster than a fool and his money.

But if you've done your research on the product, you have a secure 90 day money back guarantee or something that gives you enough time to actually try the product, the reviews of the product are at least "reasonable". (not all reviews will be positive 100% of the time). Then you might want to try it but be fully willing and ready to exercise the money back guarantee in the event that: A) they try and upsell you right away B) it takes too long or is too complicated to impliment their system C) You start getting spammed by other offers D) or anything that just doesn't seem logical about what they're saying or how they're system is suppose to work. But again as an entrepreneur to be successful you "have to try things". You can't be an entrepreneur who just watches the game. You have to go to bat, knowing that 9 out of 10 businesses you try will probably fail. But the one that succeeds might be all you need to set you up for life. So again don't over analyse everything to death either. You have to take chances, take calculated risks, and if you do that eventually something will take off for you. Just that along the way you got to be careful of all these endless snake oil salesmen that are hiding around every bend promising you the world if you buy their product.

here's that article I found that was rather interesting if you want to peek behind the curtain about what actually goes on in the world of internet marketing. But keep in mind that they're mostly looking at the "hype artists", to IMer's defense their are just as many honest marketers out there as well, so you can't paint everyone in this light just because they use "marketing". So take it with a grain of salt. So i just thought I'd post this to try and educate some of you as to what's out there when it comes to things like all these online Biz Opps that you'll find all claiming to make you rich in one way or another. So be careful okay. Again they make they're money on selling you the biz opp, not on the secret method the biz opp claims to reveal to you the customer. (at least in many cases) ...But in any-case the more you learn about how some of this stuff works the more careful you'll be to stop and think twice before joining or buying into anyone's deal.

This is that article that explains all this actually showing some of the examples of whats going on out there. Very interesting read:

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