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Material for last evening session - your finger's energy info

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Dear Friends!
Thank you for your presence and active participation. When you are physically show up at our sessions you help me open the guidance channel specific to you and then everyone can benefit from it. This what makes our session both intimate and powerful - the combination of your personal and group desires makes it easy for me to channel energy that is relevant to all of us ;-)
As promised, here is the info about fingers' energy with crystals that amoplify their energy.

Positive quality and intentions:
Thumb  = The Master of Manifestation / Success - The Doer
Traits:  Competence, Enthusiasm, Focus, Tangible Results, Wise use of Will, Builder / Creator

Index Finger / Jupiter=  The Master of Power - The Leader
Traits:  Influential, Powerful, Decisive, Courageous, Independence, Leadership, Confidence

Middle Finger / Saturn  = The Master of Responsibility - The Business Person
Traits:  Responsible, Organized, Reliable, Accountable, Resourceful, Money Wise

Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Creativity  - The Artist
Traits:  Creative, Unique, Authentic, High Profile Person, Performer, Observant, Creative Explorer

Little Finger / Mercury = The Master of Communication - The Author / Speaker
Traits:  Mental Quickness, Translator, Messenger, Self Awareness, Excellent Lister, Motivational

Left Hand:
Thumb = The Master of Family / Tribe / Community
Traits:  Team Player, Loyal, Community Oriented, Cooperative, Matriarchal / Patriarchal, Good Self Care

Index Finger = The Master of Living ones Passions
Traits:  Lives Passions, Self Aware, Good Boundaries, Self Empowered, Emotionally Independent

Middle Finger / Saturn= The Master of Integrity / The Mentor
Traits:  High Personal Integrity, Role Model, Teacher / Mentor, Principled, High Values, Persistence

Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Self Approval / The Innovator
Traits:  True to Self, Innovation, Self Acceptance, Experimental Nature, Strength under Pressure, Resilient

Little Finger / Mercury = The Master of insight / The Mentor
Traits:  Inspiring, Mental Agility, Clarity, Intuition, Inspirational communication, Healing, Wisdom

If something does not work in your life - check our what energy is stuck - we had this scanning yesterday - try it on yourself, then hold your "stuck" finger as I touch you and release the flow again.
Thumb  = Inability to manifest or follow through, Frustration, Incompletions, Are avoiding risk, Feeling like a failure, Being overly Bossy / Pushy, Stubborn, Dominating, I have to do everything to get it done right or on time

Index Finger / Jupiter = Loss of Power in the World, Helplessness, Overwhelm, Fear of being controlled or reluctance to take the Lead, Mis-directed Anger, Mis-use of Power, Playing it Safe, Selling out / not going for what you really want

Middle Finger / Saturn   = Being Irresponsible or experiencing others that way, Being overly Responsible (taking or too much) Lack of Integrity in the external world, Money Problems, Broken Contracts, Logistical problems, Feeling like you are not Enough

Ring Finger / Apollo = Creativity Blocks, Apathy, Uncertain of who you are or where you fit in the world, Hiding behind a Persona, Fear of being seen, Performance Anxiety, Wall flower, Too Defensive, Playing Small

Little Finger / Mercury = Not Speaking Up, Communication Breakdowns, Talking too much, Unaware of the message you convey, Don’t promote yourself, Misunderstandings happen frequently, Withdrawing when you don’t get your way.

Thumb = Out of Sync with Family / Tribe / Community,  Family / Tribe / Community doesn’t Understand, Respect or Value me, You Sacrifice too often for the needs of the Family / Tribe / Community, You avoid Family / Tribe / Community - you are the Lone Wolf, You are trying to escape from a dysfunctional  (F/T/C) situation

Index Finger / Jupiter  = Loss of Personal Power, Blocked Passions, Shame is a close companion, Shut down / feeling numb, Boundary issues (frequently feel violated), Professional Victim, Not sure what you need and afraid to ask for it, You do what every you want without appropriate restraint, No sense of Satisfaction  from you life activities, Lack of excitement in your life

Middle Finger / Saturn  = Loss of Self Worth, Guilt Issues (It’s always my fault - It’s never my fault), Out of Integrity with Self, Scarcity issues (not enough money, time, love, etc) Not sure how to value things in your life, Don’t hold yourself accountable, You agree too easily, Change to meet the expectations of others

Ring Finger / Apollo = Loss of Connection with Self, Fear of Rejection, Paralysis (stuck in fear), Judging and rejecting others to avoid it happening ot your, Need people to like you, Often feel like you don’t belong,
Little Finger / Mercury = Vulnerability and Surrender issues, Intimacy Breakdowns / Issues, Mistrust in Intimate Relationships, Manipulation of Self and Others, Self Abandonment, Argumentative (and you have to win)
If you want to work with energetic qualities more, you can use info below and  crystals. If you are interested in crystals - I am also happy to calculate your personal 8 crystals mandala that helps you connect the dots in your energetic field and move energy more effectively.
Jupiter  (Index Finger)  Leadership, Executive Ability, Self-Esteem, Ambition for Power, Money, Spiritual/Religious Authority (Amethyst Lapis Lazuli Blue Topaz) In the Jupiter finger we focus on the most outer aspects of life, our relationships with others and the power sharing balance that takes place there. Any emphasis on the finger of Jupiter will tend to bring out the qualities of leadership, executive ability, ambition, and self-confidence. The Jupiterian personality is strongly driven and find themselves placed in executive roles often in spite of themselves. This is also the place to find the energy for material and financial motivation and gain. You can also use a ring to focus your intention More ideas is under Smart Ionizer Ring, Pendant and Bracelet All-in-One Set

Saturn  (Middle Finger) Responsibility, the Law both Universal and Human, Justice, Sense of Right and Wrong, (Rose Quartz, Coral)
Stones that feel soft, soothing. Saturn has been called "the balance wheel" of the hand or the personality. It is here that we find the qualities relating to universal and human law and justice and our relationship to them. To emphasize the role of Saturn is to emphasize the sense of what is right and wrong, what is proper in any given situation. Other qualities related to Saturn are a certain tendency toward introspection. Saturn in its extreme can develop into a tendency to secretiveness. Saturn  carried too far tends to be weighty, heavy and sad. We all have more than enough of the qualities of Saturn. It would be rare that a person would want to bring greater emphasis to this particular aspect.

Apollo  (Ring Finger) Love of Beauty, Creativity, Expression of self, Relationship with Others (Jade, Turquoise, Moonstone, Amethyst) Apollo is called the "ring finger" for good reason. Its qualities are some of those which are best emphasized and which most benefit from the the wearing of a ring to emphasize those qualities. Apollo represents, above all, creativity. It is creativity in artistic expression, in craftsmanship, indeed creativity in every endeavor of life. Apollo is the cultivation of the love of beauty in all its forms but especially of the natural world. Apollo represents the "tree-hugger" in all of us. Apollo is that energy within each of us which gives rise to expression of self on every level It is supportive of all other energy and lends them grace, beauty and compassion.

Mercury  (Small Finger)
Intuition, Communication, Quick Intelligence (Amber Moonstone Citrine) Mercury is the energy of communication. Think of Mercury as your antenna both receiving and transmitting. Mercury is your communication skills not just verbally but in every way. Receptively, Mercury is your intuition, way you receive all information, all data, and with what sensitivity you receive that data. Strong Mercury skill manifest as what we see in our times as bright intelligence. Easily carried away with itself, Mercury can turn into the con artist quite easily and this not only towards others but towards one's self. Be wary of what filters you might want to place on these important functions.

Thumb (The Will), Personal and Universal. Self-Assertion  (Garnet Carnelian Ruby)
The thumb is the only finger not named for one of the Greek gods. It's just the thumb, but it is all-important because it represents the quality of will, both personal and universal. We all need this quality but the thumb is so emphasized in the hand by the very nature of our anatomy that it would be unusual for a person to need to emphasize the quality of will except on a fairly temporary basis.
Any questions/ call me at 847 414 3730847 414 3730
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