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Halloween Tradition Of Feeding The Spirits

Surrey, BC
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Awens to All:

One of the Most Sacred Aspects of Halloween is the Celtic Samhain Tradition of Feeding Nourishment to the Spirits of our Ancient Ancesters. Every October 31st, it is the Tradition that our Children (although they usually dont know the actual reason) dress up in Costumes and go from Door to Door play acting being the Spirits of our Ancient Ancestors going from Door to Door gaining Nourishment for their Spiritual Energies.

Such things is discussed in the TLC Channels "Origins Of Halloween" when the Late Paganistic Scholar Robin Skelton speaks of such things when he mentions how by giving out Treats and Prizes to the Children, we are actually Feeding and Nourishing the Spirits of not only our Ancestors, but also paying Homage to the various other Spirits that help us with our Daily Lives, such as our Guardian Angels, the Gnomes in our Gardens, the Fairies, the Pixies, the Brownies, the Dryads, as well as the Mischievous Spirits of the Gremlins.

These were steadfast Traditions of our Ancient Celtic Ancestors back in Ancient Neolithic Times before the coming of the Romans and then the Burning Times and was considered Sacred enough that one of the functions of The Sacred Stonehenge was for it to show a Light Ray through a certain set of Stones to mark the time for the Celebration of Samhain to begin and to prepare Nourishing Handouts and Sacrifices to be given.

And such things should be considered Sacred as any other Spiritual aspect of any other Theological Tradition or Philosophy. So what goes into the Child's Candy Sack should be Respected and Not Intereferred with. Like the Plate of Offerings that is passed around in a Christian Church, it is concidered to be Bad Karma to take back from the Plate of Offerings what has been put in. Thus a Child's Candy Pile that the Child has collected during his or hers Halloween Trick or Treating should be treated as Sacred and nothing removed from that Pile. Even to a Parent, such Candy Piles are similar to being the Property of the Spirits and to take away from that Pile is paramount as Stealing from the Spiritual Energies of your Guardian Angels, the Spirits, as well as the Gods. To do so brings about the Law of Karma and such Bad Karma will tend to come back to the Offender by the Power of many times fold.

To take from such Candy Piles is an act that shows that one takes the Nourishments of Life for Granted, and as the High Druid Priestess Emma "Bobcat" Restall-Orr points out in her book "Living With Honour, A Pagan Ethics", the fastest way to Lose Honour is to take the Goodness of ones Life for Granted.

So if one is Wise in the ways of the Ancient Ones, one will always be prepared to hand out Good Sweet as well as Nutricious Treats to all who come to your door on All Hallows Eve and never take away. If one does this, the Law of Good Karma is invoked and Goodness and Happiness will come to one during the next New Year when the Days become Longer and the Crops start to grow in the next Spring.

Burnaby, BC
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I knew Robin quite well. His children are around my age. He was an authoritarian parent and believe me when I tell you there was NO WAY he would have let his kids eat ALL the Halloween candy.
Some remarks:
He was a believer in God(s)(-desses):
He thought he could heal with his psychic powers.
He firmly believed in ghosts, lots of them.
He was obsessed with anything occult and practiced it everyday.
Interesting man, great conversations, but I definitely wouldn't want to quote him on a skeptic or atheist website. He was neither skeptical nor atheist...
Surrey, BC
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I am Sad to hear that about Robin Skelton. The only thing I know of him is his comments that are recorded in the Documentary "Origins Of Halloween".

Once again, I have found that there are more Hypocrits within the Circles of Celtic Paganism as any other Belief System that I have ever known.

The Late Isaac Bonewits points that out in Chapter 10 of his book "Essential Guide Of Druidism".

That is why it has become my pleasure to Expose the Charlatans of Paganism who are not Agnostic.

Surrey, BC
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Actually, it has been beyond belief how many Pagans I have known who Preach "Do What Thou Wilt, Whilst Harming None" yet they do not allow others Freedom of Will or Speech and then Do Harm to those who do Free Will that they dont agree with.

That is why I pretty much Practise my Craft Solitarily these days. I have found the Happiest Pagans are the ones who Practise Solitarily.

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