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Grand Blanc, MI
Hometown: Grand Blanc

Member since:

July 12, 2011

How many years have you been involved with Tabletop RPGs? No experience is required.

Been playing AD&D since the '90s. I bean with 2nd edition and spent time away from gaming until 2004. I was reintroduced to D&D with 3.5 and played a little but it wasn't the same. I had high hopes for 4E, but once again the system had moved away from roleplaying to more of a combat/strategy wargame. Now I run either Lejendary Adventure (the last game made by Gygax) or Castles and Crusades (which is old school Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with improved mechanics learned from 3.5).

Do you have experience as a GM/DM? If so, would you be interested in doing so here?

I ran games for my friends in the '90s and currently spend most of my sessions as GM. Most recently I began GMing Lejendary Adventure, a rare RPG which was the last published by Gary Gygax, creator of D&D. I'm happy to run a game for any players who prefer old school role playing.

What game or games would you be interested in playing?

Castles & Crusades Lejendary Adventure I'm not entirely against 3.5, 4E, or Pathfinder though they aren't my favorite systems.

Would you be interested in hosting games?

Yes, on a weekly or biweekly basis. Possibly twice a week if the people are really cool, though I've found it's hard to maintain that schedule with most groups.

Do you actively play any table top RPGs with other groups?

I most recently played with the Columbia Gamer's Guild meetup in Columbia, South Carolina and was an Event Organizer for that group.


Just moved back to the Flint area and am looking forward to running some games. I prefer older versions of D&D that emphasize role playing above power gaming. I run basic D&D, AD&D 1st edition, and Lejendary Adventure. I also have Star Wars RPG.

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