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VO Atlanta - Voiceover Conference with A-List Coach Denise Woods -   VO Atlanta 2015 is THE LARGEST Voiceover Event of 201 Gerald G. Feb 22, 2015 10:11 PM
Apologies are in order....... - Earlier today, we inadvertently sent out a series of announcements Gerald G. Jan 14, 2015 8:25 PM
Seeking Writers... - Upyri is Seeking Writers   Upyri’s sole premise is rooted in the idea of eternal reconciliation and redemption for all beings. We are accomplishing this goal through entertaining, thought provoking situations ignited by the creation of an o Gerald G. Jan 14, 2015 7:55 PM
Meetup details changed: IMPROV Session with Emmy Winner Lauren Hudson (Cancelled due to Illness)) - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­nta/events/219160749/ When : Tuesday, December 16,[masked]:00 Gerald G. Dec 15, 2014 6:50 PM
videographers - AFIF the producer is interested in collaborating with few photographers and videographers for upcoming fashion show series.  AFIF -- ACM18 Nov 18, 2014 6:42 PM
On-Camera Hosting and Presenting Class Starts Monday (Payment Plans Available) - Starting Monday evening, our On-Camera Hosting and Presenting class will begin.  For those of you interested, there are sport remaining. Payment plans are available, so register today. Gerald G. Sep 27, 2014 7:06 PM
Casting Call for Corporate Role-Players - Gerald G. Sep 17, 2014 7:20 PM
BigPictureCon Volunteers Needed - Gerald G. Sep 17, 2014 6:55 PM
On-Camera Hosting and Presenting Starts Monday - Don't miss a chance to join us for our Intro to On-Camera Hosting and Presenting this coming Monday evening with Emmy Award Winner Lauren Hudson. Lauren has  hosted the nationally-aired TV series "Hudson in Hollywood" and "Rising Stars" t Gerald G. Sep 13, 2014 4:10 PM
Kids Acting Classes Announced for 6-8th and 9-12th Grades - We're excited to announce our kids acting classes at FILM Atlanta.  Classes start September 23rd and last for 5 weeks.  The first two classes will be fore 6-8th Grade and 9-12th Grade Kids. Gerald G. Sep 6, 2014 5:11 PM
New updated training news posted...... check it out. There's something for everyone. - We're pleased to announce that we're rolling out our fall training options.  There's stil Gerald G. Sep 3, 2014 12:49 PM
Corrected Link for Mailing List - Seems Meetup doesn't like the link we provided to you before.  So, we're sending you the up Gerald G. Aug 25, 2014 11:09 AM
Updating our email list for FILM Atlanta - We're updating our email list so we can send you more relevant and updated information wit Gerald G. Aug 25, 2014 10:09 AM
Corrected Problem with Paypal - If you were trying to register for tomorrow's Meetup, you got an error due to a problem with the PayPal setup. That problem has been resolved and you may now use PayPal to RSVP for tomorrow's Meetup at FILM Atlanta. Sorry for the proble Gerald G. Aug 11, 2014 6:46 AM
Settings have changed for FILM Atlanta Meetup - Gerald Griffith, the Organizer of 'FILM Atlanta Meetup' Meetup Group has changed the settings for the group. We want to allow you an opportunity to suggest things to us as we plan and put together activities for the group. Members ca Gerald G. Jul 31, 2014 3:52 PM
We need your help.... - As you know, we've recently launched our new website Two of the wonderful features we have in our site are our FORUM and Gerald G. Jun 20, 2014 6:52 PM
Business of the Business Workshop - June 19th from 7pm - 9pm - [SPECIAL NOTICE] You must register at:­usiness-of-the-business/ (Meetup RSVP is NOT a Registration) Gerald G. Jun 16, 2014 9:22 PM
Business of the Business Workshop - June 19th from 7pm - 9pm - [SPECIAL NOTICE] You must register at:­usiness-of-the-business/ (Meetup RSVP is NOT a Registration) Gerald G. Jun 16, 2014 9:21 PM
Monday's FREE Intro to FILM Making Session and Business of the Business Workshop - If you're planning to attend Monday's session, be sure to register.  Space is limited and registration is required. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER On the 1 Gerald G. Jun 14, 2014 5:54 PM
One day left to win when you fill out our questionnaire.... - Just a reminder that tomorrow is the day we select a couple winners from those that have completed our questionnaire. We will be selecting two submissions and sending them a $25 Gift Card as a special thank you for taking the time give fe Gerald G. May 19, 2014 3:47 PM
Thanks for the Questionnaire Responses..... Keep Them Coming - Thanks so much for taking the time to complete our online questionnaire.  You Rock!!! There's still time to provide your input and suggestions to help us make FILM Atlanta better and more effective. We will be selecting two submissions Gerald G. May 14, 2014 6:13 AM
FILM Atlanta 2014 Questionnaire - Please take a moment to complete the following survey.  Your responses will aid us in putting together more effective training and networking opportunities as we work to serve you. Gerald G. May 12, 2014 7:21 PM
A couple things of interest... - If you read copy and want to grow beyond your current abilities, or Gerald G. Apr 30, 2014 10:20 PM
An Open Letter to FILM Atlanta - I'm hopeful you've seen the news about FILM Atlanta becoming a part o Gerald G. Apr 20, 2014 3:34 PM
FILM Atlanta Becomes Part of VoiceoverCity - I’m happy to announce that FILM Atlanta is changing.  As of April 15, 2014 FILM Atlanta became a part of the VoiceoverCity family ( FILM Atlanta will continue to represent the finest in Atlanta’s growing FILM indu Gerald G. Apr 18, 2014 5:49 PM
Looking for filmmaker for One Day Atlanta - FYI, interested filmmakers, please respond to ( [address removed] ). Cynthia Apr 8, 2014 12:08 AM
Re: [filmatlanta] Fwd: Please repost - Logo On Apr 3,[masked]:20 PM, "Cynthia Collins" < [address removed] > wrote: user 1. Apr 6, 2014 12:48 PM
60 Seconds to Stardom :: Monologue Showcase Atlanta - Passing along ...  Actors check it out! Cynthia Cynthia Apr 3, 2014 11:15 PM
Dead Man's Hand - Bored. Check out the short "Dead Man's Hand (2012)" directed, edited and produced by local filmmaker, Star Victoria. Cynthia Apr 3, 2014 10:29 PM
Fwd: Cheryle Reynolds sent you a message: "SpeedCollab" Event - It's Professional Speed Dating for the Film and TV Industry - Passing along. This looks like fun, and very informative. Cynthia ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Meetup < Cynthia Apr 3, 2014 8:23 PM
Fwd: Please repost - FYI ... passing along. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Bobby n Renee Peoples < the Cynthia Apr 3, 2014 8:19 PM
Fwd: Y'allywood music and film events coming up - Passing along ... All the best! Cynthia ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Michelle Bird < Cynthia Apr 3, 2014 8:11 PM
Tempting Fate Trailer Review - FYI, please review and respond to Cynthia Apr 1, 2014 11:41 PM
Fwd: Casting for New FOX Unscripted TV Series - Cynthia Apr 1, 2014 11:14 PM
Fwd: Erin Bundra sent you a message: Call for Entries - FYI Cynthia Apr 1, 2014 11:08 PM
Off Topic: FREE Event and Information for Music Lovers and Artists :: Soulful Sundays [1 Attachment] - From Recording Artist LaTosha Brown: I just want to personally invite you out this SUNDAY, April 6th for the kickoff of my S Cynthia Apr 1, 2014 3:08 PM
Fwd: LAST CALL for Seatfillers in Atlanta, GA for An Evening of Stars starring Usher, Jill Scott and more - FYI, in case you're interested in getting all dressed up for a great evening. Cynthia Mar 31, 2014 6:41 PM
Fwd: Erin Bundra sent you a message: Call for Entries - Guys check it out! ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Meetup < [address removed] > Date: Wed, Cynthia Mar 26, 2014 9:44 PM
Fwd: GET CONNECTED IS TOMORROW NIGHT - Cynthia Mar 26, 2014 3:58 PM
See You at the FILM Atlanta Meetup Tonight! - Special guest, Entertainment Attorney John Cones who will be speaking about film financing and securities. 7:30 pm VoiceOver City 1810 Waters Cynthia Mar 25, 2014 2:37 PM
Fwd: Kingdomwood's 'Low Rates' end April 1, 2014! - Spreading the love! ---------- Forwarded message ----------  From: Kingdomwood < [address removed] > Cynthia Mar 24, 2014 11:25 PM
Y'allywood Film Festival - Y'allywood Film Festival  is hosting a Film and Television industry happy hour at  Cynthia Mar 24, 2014 1:55 PM
Fwd: Location Opportunity - Cynthia Mar 24, 2014 1:53 PM
GREAT NEWS FOR ASPIRING ACTORS! - Two tickets have been donated to FILM Atlanta Meetup members to attend Chez Studios Acting Cynthia Mar 22, 2014 9:41 PM
Fwd: [ATML-FILM] Crew positions available for March film production in Atlanta - Cynthia Mar 22, 2014 8:18 PM
Advance VO workshop - Expressions F. Mar 21, 2014 1:49 PM
Fwd: Save the Date: Second Wind Event at The Carter Center - ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Heather Place < [address removed] > Date: Mon Cynthia Mar 18, 2014 9:54 PM
Group Name Change: FILM Atlanta Meet UP - Please note the name of this meet up has been switched from GA Indie Filmmakers to FILM Atlanta Meet Up due to another group with a similar name. You may also care to follow FILM Atlanta on Facebook at Cynthia Mar 13, 2014 5:22 AM
Fwd: Casting /Crew Call!!!! International World Cup Music Video Shoot/Film - FYI, spreading the love. Please respond to email address in the announcement. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Phoenix 4 Productions < Cynthia Mar 11, 2014 12:02 AM
FW: There's Still Time To Register For Tomorrow's FREE Webinar! - FYI. Cynthia Mar 10, 2014 2:13 PM
The PageMasters Screenwriter's Session (C.A.N.S.) - FYI... sharing the love. This guy know his stuff ... check him out! Cynthia Cynthia Mar 10, 2014 12:07 AM
Voiceover Conference in two weeks.... - Gerald G. Mar 7, 2014 2:55 PM
GA Crew Call - Cynthia Mar 7, 2014 11:59 AM
Fwd: Push Push Theater / GRFX Series production assistant opportunity - If interested and available, please forward me your resume to  [address removed] so that he can Cynthia Mar 7, 2014 11:50 AM
"3D for beginners" - For anyone interested in learning Motion Graphics, join this meetup. It's a great for beginners.  ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Motion Graphics & Visual Cynthia Mar 6, 2014 11:13 PM
Fwd: Success! Sarah Jones Included in Oscars Broadcast - Her light lives on ... R.I.P. Sarah Jones. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Cynthia Mar 3, 2014 7:55 PM
VOs for Cartoon Network - ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: expressionsfilms < [address removed] > Cynthia Mar 2, 2014 7:51 AM
ATL S.O.A.R 3/8 *****NYC S.O.A.R 3/29****** REGISTER NOW TO GET EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Don't miss out! ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Winsome Sinclair < [address removed] > Cynthia Feb 28, 2014 11:19 PM
Fwd: Can you tell your friends to ask the Academy Awards to honor Sarah Elizabeth Jones? - ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: < petitions@eart Cynthia Feb 28, 2014 7:10 PM
Fwd: Future Project - Forwarding for a FILM Atlanta member. Please respond to the email address in the notice.  Thanks. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Cynthia Feb 28, 2014 4:47 PM
Your VANGUARD Invitation for Tomorrow Night! - Cynthia Feb 25, 2014 7:12 PM
Your VANGUARD Invitation (Tomorrow Night, Wed., 2/26) - Please note the address for the event is included in this invitation. Cynthia Feb 25, 2014 12:36 PM
Seats are going fast for this one ... - Train with one of the hardest working, funniest 1st AD's in the Directors Guild. From Cynthia Feb 23, 2014 3:37 PM
Fwd: Chez Studios - March - Passing along. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Chez Studios < [address removed] > Cynthia Feb 22, 2014 8:47 PM
START OWNING THE AUDITION ROOM!! S.O.A.R. with Winsome Sinclair - ATL and NY!! WSA CASTING'S S.O.A.R. INTENSIVE IS Cynthia Feb 19, 2014 6:51 PM
Fwd: Invite to Screen 13% - For information about FILM Atlanta membership visit­mbership/ . Cynthia Feb 18, 2014 8:51 AM
Fwd: Your VANGUARD Invitation - Cynthia Feb 18, 2014 7:11 AM
Seeking Audio Mixer for Weekend Shoot (Apprentice Opportunity - non paid) - Opportunity for students and new folks to learn, sharpen skills, and build valuable relationships with notable Atlanta filmmakers . Submit resume with links to your work (if yo Cynthia Feb 18, 2014 12:29 AM
Seeking Audio Mixer for Weekend Shoot - Non-Paid -   Great opportunity for a student or new person to the industry/area to work with and build relationships with award winning Atlanta filmmakers . Cynthia Feb 18, 2014 12:20 AM
Meetup details changed: Due To Weather Conditions Tonight's Meetup Cancelled Until Further Notice! - DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, TONIGHT'S MEETUP CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!­ilmmakers/events/164272172/ When : Thursday, Feb Cynthia Feb 13, 2014 7:00 AM
CREW FUNDAMENTALS:: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! - Train with one of the hardest working, funniest 1st ADs in the Directors Guild.  Seats going fast for this March seminar!  Visit:­event?eventid=2 Cynthia Feb 9, 2014 3:48 AM
Fwd: LAST DAY Rob Hardy's Amazing Stories (Feb 9, 2014) - ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Chez Studios < [address removed] > Date: Fri, Cynthia Feb 7, 2014 4:34 PM
CREW FUNDAMENTALS - Tickets going fast. For more information and to register visit: Cynthia Feb 5, 2014 2:04 AM
How to work at Cartoon Network as a VO Talent! - Expressions F. Feb 4, 2014 11:49 PM
Meetup details changed: Network, Crew Up! Cast! Also Big News Affecting All GA Entertainment Pros - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­ilmmakers/events/164272172/ When : Wednesday, February Cynthia Feb 4, 2014 5:20 AM
Fwd: CALLING ALL MODELS! "Casting for Fashion Show" FILMED FOR NETWORK TV! - FYI ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:32 PM Subject: CALLING ALL MODELS! "Casting for Fashion Show" FILMED FOR NETWORK TV! Cynthia Feb 4, 2014 1:56 AM
Fwd: Must Attend Government Contractor Networking - Exclusive Event!!! - FYI. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 5:37 PM Subject: Must Attend Government Contractor Networking - Exclusive Event!!! To: Cynthia Feb 4, 2014 1:54 AM
Fwd: Global Film Forum - FYI. Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 8:56 AM Subject: Global Film Forum To: " [address removed] " < cco Cynthia Feb 4, 2014 1:51 AM
Urgent Request for Key Costume Designer Assistants! - Must be able to work tomorrow!  Must have experience sewing men's suit jackets. Great opportunity to produce work for a major film in town!  Submit your resume to [address removed].  Feel free to pass along to anyon Cynthia Feb 1, 2014 7:02 PM
GET CONNECTED IS CANCELLED TONIGHT (1/30/14) - Due to the weather and dangerous driving cond Cynthia Jan 30, 2014 9:22 AM
Fwd: SAT 2/8! $15 OFF S.O.A.R. with Winsome Sinclair ATLANTA: The 1-Day Acting Intensive - FYI, great opportunity. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: W. Sinclair < [address removed] Cynthia Jan 26, 2014 9:36 AM
Thank You - Thank you for attending VANGUARD. We are so excited about everything happening in our great state right now. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to set the standard for events in Atlanta. Our mission is to EMPOWER Georgia entertainment professiona Cynthia Jan 24, 2014 11:02 AM
Fwd: Chez Studios Presents - Rob Hardy's Amazing Stories - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 21, 2014 5:20 PM
::: News You Can Use ::: - Click Here for Details and to Register  for our exclusive 2014 Kick Off Meetup Cynthia Jan 18, 2014 5:13 PM
Lights. Camera. Education! Announcing White House Student Film Festival! - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 16, 2014 1:22 PM
EXCLUSIVE Invitation TO GA FILM INDUSTRY 2014 KICK OFF W/ SAG-AFTRA, IATSE & MORE - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­ilmmakers/events/158199552/   Cynthia Jan 13, 2014 7:11 PM
Fwd: [address removed] sent you an article from Atlanta Business Chronicle - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 13, 2014 2:47 PM
Cartoon Network VOs Workshop - Preview not available Expressions F. Jan 12, 2014 9:58 PM
EXCLUSIVE INVITE TO GA FILM INDUSTRY 2014 KICK OFF WITH SAG-AFTRA, IATSE & MORE - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­ilmmakers/events/158199552/   Cynthia Jan 12, 2014 9:20 PM
You're Invited to an Exclusive 2014 Industry Kickoff with SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Others - We're extending a special invitation to this list since many o Cynthia Jan 12, 2014 5:03 PM
NEW DEVELOPMENTS! 2014 Industry Kick Off with SAG-AFTRA, IATSE & More! - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­ilmmakers/events/158199552/ When : Wednesday, January Cynthia Jan 11, 2014 10:53 PM
DATE CORRECTION! Learn How to Work as a Voiceover Talent on Cartoon Network - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 9, 2014 11:44 AM
Fwd: America’s Got Talent Audition News - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 8, 2014 8:42 PM
Learn How to Do VOs for Cartoon Network - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 8, 2014 8:40 PM
Fwd: ::: Media Training with Alpha Trivette - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 4, 2014 8:10 PM
What's Going With This Meetup You Ask? - First, I'd like to wish each of you a very prosperous, happy and healthy New Year! FYI, our next meetup will be Wednesday, January 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at an undisclosed venue for now .... I will make the anno Cynthia Jan 2, 2014 12:03 PM
Re: [Georgia-Indie-Filmmakers] You Asked For It ... Now It's Back!!! - Wow! Well written and quite catchy. Art J. Jan 2, 2014 9:09 AM
You Asked For It ... Now It's Back!!! - Preview not available Cynthia Jan 2, 2014 3:50 AM

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