*****French meetings, meetings in restaurants.

From: Kichiji
Sent on: Thursday, July 24, 2008 11:11 PM
To All members of the Calgary French Rendez-vous:


I would like to draw our attention to something that I wrote in my last broadcast message.

I wrote:

 "Note also that the meeting on Friday, July 18th, is at a restaurant,
 and as always in such cases we are expected to RSVP early and
 ACCURATELY so that I can reserve a table."

In the last four years, I have stated between 15 and 20 times that we must reply early when I need to make a reservation.  I shouldn't have to say that.  It should be common sense.

It is fortunate that on Wednesday July 16th, I was too busy to reserve a table.  If I had made the telephone call on Wednesday, I would have reserved a table for two, because that is the number of people including myself that had replied when I checked the web site on Wednesday, JUST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT.

I must say that I was happy to see seven people had replied on Thursday, and happily made a reservation for seven.

Don't misunderstand me.  When I stopped counting there were 14 of us.  The fact that there were 14 or more of us is not in of itself a bad thing.  I am happy when a lot of us come to the meetings.

A second thing that I do not want us to misunderstand is this.  Some of us may be thinking, "Kichiji doesn't want us to come unless we RSVP 'YES'".  That's not what I mean.  I mean RSVP "YES" if we will come to the meeting.  "But Kichiji", we may say, "those are logically the same".  In some sense, yes, but I can demonstrate the difference easily.  In the first case, that would mean that I wish that only two people had shown up on Friday.  Not so.  I wish that fourteen people had RSVPed "YES" on Wednesday.

Someone suggested that sometimes people don't know on Wednesday what they are doing on Friday.  Not so.  I don't accept that.  We are in control of our destiny.  10% of the time that hot man or woman we've been trying to date finally calls us back, or our car breaks down, or we get influenza.  That's life.  The remaining 90% of the time, we can know on Wednesday what we are doing on Friday by simply pulling out a black marker, and writing "RED DOOR BISTRO" on our calendar.

Please go to the web site a couple of days before each meeting, and adjust your reply according to your situation at that time.  A couple of days before the meeting, your reply should be pretty accurate.

The second part of my message that I would like us to review is the part that says. "...is at a restaurant".

I have to say that at the point that eleven people had arrived, I was shocked to discover that only one person had ordered food, and that person was I.

That does not mean that I, in fact, CARE whether we order food or not, or that it is BAD to go to a restaurant and not order food.  It's just weird.  In all cases, we must eat.  Therefore, we have a choice of two things.  We can eat, and then go to a restaurant.  We can go to a restaurant, and eat.  If I go to a restaurant, around dinner time, I will expect to eat.  Let's ignore the weirdness of eating and then going to a restaurant.

I brought a group of around 20 people to Red Door Bistro in December of 2006, and most of us ordered food, so I had good reason to assume we would order food.

I merely mean that life is simpler if we go to a restaurant and eat.  If we eat and then go to a restaurant, we must plan two things.  If we go to a restaurant and eat, we kill two birds with one stone.

Even if I don't care if we eat or not, the owners and the managers of the venues that I bring our group to DO CARE.  This is how they make their business.  It's a sign of respect to order something.  Because I show respect to the owners and managers of every venue to which I bring a group, they respect us back, and they are always happy to see us, and they treat us well, and they want us to come back.

I am looking forward to seeing us at the meetings!

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