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night time puppy yelping and potty troubles!!

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Have you moved her crate to your bedroom? I made the mistake with my first Frenchie of putting her crate in the kitchen and then going upstairs to sleep....she screamed every night, all night, for weeks AND she pooed in her crate every night. I realize now it was a bad move on my part, she was already experiencing a certain level of separation anxiety from her litter but I was only making it worse. As long as they can see you they are way more comforted. Later on you can move the crate out and she'll be just fine, but for now, having the crate in your room where she can see you will be the major factor on the howling. Another thing, is her stool runny or just loose like soft serve? It's very possible she could have coccidia, which is very common for new puppies when they've been moved to a new home and are experience stress. Giardia could be unlikely unless she's been exposed to a contaminated puddle, water bowl or urine of another dog outside the home. We use one specific website to help clear up common canine ailments and save ourselves a trip to the vet in most cases. Our entire pack got kennel cough, we used ox-e drops and they all cleared up and are fine, it was such a life (and money) saver! In most cases when it's a parasite, it's hard to detect because it has to be in a certain phase of formation. I would strongly suggest putting baby on the bac pac plus, it's a probiotic supplement you add to their food 1x per day to boost immunity. All of our dogs are on it and go to parks, I feel it's kept them healthier than ever before:­

Here is info on actual coccidia, the 2nd Frenchie I got had it as a pup after leaving his litter:

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Carly, thanks for the info about the probiotic! I have been thinking about adding it to Zeus's diet for some time now as he has a very sensitive tummy and anything new added to his diet sets things off. Hoping this will help!
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Carly- Thanks for the info! We actually just moved her to the bedroom 2 nights ago. We also had a puppy trainer over for 2 hours that helped us getting her to " love " her crate. Karin form plucky puppy was a HUGE help!! She showed us how to use a clicker an treats to condition her to going into her crate on her own. We are still practicing these exercises. But after 2 hours of doing this with her- AND moving her into our bedroom. It was a miracle!! She slept for the first night in almost 3 weeks!!! We took one potty break when she woke up and whined at about 3 am. We have had 2 great nights so far!!

Also riding in the crate in the car has been soooo much better! MUCH less yelping!

I think she had such anxiety associated with it from almost 3 weeks of yelping all night in our kitchen.

And we started giving her probiotics that we ordered online from http://www.naturesfar...­. her breeder recommended these. Her horrible stinky gas seems to be much better.

We are still working on trying to figure out the right kind of food. We had her on Instinct grain free chicken. Trying to switch her to a different protein. We are trying Acana Ranchlands -its blend of Buffalo, Beef and Lamb. The size of the kibble is pretty large though. We put hot water on it to soften it. But honestly, what type of food to feed her, is so confusing to me. Maybe this another good topic for discussion...
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I'm so happy to hear nighttime has gotten better, yay! As for food, I don't give my Frenchies anything with chicken. Frenchies are prone to food allergies, my male was allergic to lamb which was giving him chronic ear infections (yeast) and so I did a food trial to eliminate things from his diet and found that was the issue. They also break out in hives if they have anything with chicken because they are allergic to corn and chickens are corn fed....they can't even have bacon grease. So I did a lot of research on and found a food that they love that can be changed up and not cause tummy upset, it's called Fromm. Their last bag was whitefish and sweet potato, now they are eating duck and sweet potato. I always give them something with the sweet potato because it aids in digestion along with low grains. I don't go completely grain free, some grains are good. This food is actually a happy medium, they love and we love it. I get it at Pets on Broadway as they have the best prices on it, plus buy 12 bags get 1 free! I love that the 4-star nutritionals line allows you to add so much variety to their meals:) My bf used to feed all his Dachshunds Orijen which was great, but very high in protein and they became overweight. Since they've been eating this food their coats are beautiful, no skin problems and everyone is at a healthy weight. Acana is great too, but a little on the spendy side for me. Here is the website, call and they will send you a $5 off coupon:)­

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It is so helpful as a new Frenchie owner to read all of these discussions and learn from others' experiences. It is day 5 with our 1st Frenchie puppy and she is doing really well so far considering. We've had several puppies before, different breeds, and we've crate trained before with various success rates, but this time we are trying something different based on advice from a couple different Frenchie sources. We are using an 8 panel ex-pen (each panel is 24" wide x 48" high) with a door. This is set up on a larger square of scrap linoleum that my husband got from Lowes to protect our hardwood floor. Then inside that we have her crate with the door taken off and a towel inside for bedding and a plush toy which she uses to prop up her head like a pillow. She uses that as her den and sleep space. Also in the ex-pen she has a corner litter box that she uses about 50% of the time during the day and at night. The litter is actually bedding material (natural pine pellets) from a farm and feed store at $5 a bag. The breeder had started the litter box training, so that had helped, she was used to it before we got her. The rest of the time while confined in the ex-pen, she uses a pee pad that is set up outside of the litter box on the linoleum. It's rewashable with a vinyl backing. She rarely misses the pee pad. When outside of the ex-pen we have her using a doggie door with our other dogs whenever she's out of the ex-pen with her peeing/pooping outside 90% of the time. It took her a day to learn it, but now she just follows them out. Trying to catch her in the act each time to reward her with a training treat and "good potty!" (Helps having other dogs for her to copy!) As recommended by her breeder, she has water and food available to her in the ex-pen all the time at this age, as well as her toys. We have 2 dachshunds, who were crate trained originally, but now at age 5 and 8, sleep on a couch right outside the ex-pen -- so the puppy is never alone. The first night was sort of unbelievable, she only cried for awhile before passing out...probably just exhausted. 2nd night was so horrible, she cried and kept us up all night, but we had decided not to go to her except when she was quiet so she wouldn't learn that crying would bring us to her. 3rd night was better, got a few hours of sleep and last night was better still - she slept more after crying for less time. Took a week off from work to help with her adjustment to our home, so I'm trying to catch up on sleep during her daytime naps.
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Hi, Julie! You are doing so much of it right, I hesitate to add...but...Boo is my third you, I "free fed" my first two dogs, and had a TERRIBLE time getting them house trained! Both were "chow hounds" and would eat ANYTHING!! Boo, however, is the PICKIEST Frenchie I've ever met, and REFUSES to eat kibble...he wants ONLY canned dog a result, when he was younger, I fed him 3 times a day, small little meals....and then walked him immediately...and then again when he got "restless" about 30 minutes later. The vet explained that when dogs eat, their full tummies put pressure on their bowels, and they feel the need to "go". When I free feed, I don't know when they are eating, controlling feeding time, you are able to control "go" time...

My dogs know that crying in the crate achieves only ONE thing...they get out to go potty, and then they go right back to the playtime, no fun, no ball, no....this method will teach your puppy that you are there if s/he needs you, but his place to be is in the crate. You might end up taking them out to potty a dozen times before s/he catches on...with our fur-babies, actions speak louder than words! Remember, the ONLY right answer is the one that works for you!
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