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Hello, My Name Is... (Our Official Introduction Page)

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Hi! My name is Jen, I'm your group organizer. I've been vegan for a little over two years and have been organizing this group for just a few months fewer than that.

Shortly after I went vegan, I found this nifty message board called Vegan Represent, which I just fell in love with! While I was there, I noticed there were a number of potlucks being announced for the Chico, California and Chicago, Illinois areas. Well, one day the absolute unfairness of being excluded from the awesome prospect of vegan potlucks just got to me and I posted a comment about how jealous I was! That remark prompted DaveDandelion (whose photo is just to the left, over there) to ask me if I wouldn't like some help putting together a local vegan meetup group. Well, I was terrified, but I jumped on board, anyway, and now, 23 meetups later, here we are!

I'm so glad we've been introduced! Now, what did you say your name was?
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Hello, my name is Brittany, and I've only been to one meetup.

I've been vegan for exactly fourteen months, and it was due to a combination of Vegan Outreach literature, having my own kitchen, and needing a new year's resolution. Interestingly, I became Quaker-ish soon after. Makes sense. Nonviolence. In a similar vein, I feel like I've missed the memo about atheism. Is there some important essay linking veganism to atheism, or some respected theorist?

My current conundrums are with sustainability (think horsepower and farming) and museum-quality pest management, after the best preventive measures have failed.
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Welcome, Brittany! Thanks so much for your intro biggrin

Is there some important essay linking veganism to atheism, or some respected theorist?

Oh, I should hope not, or I'd really be in trouble! I have noticed a trend veering towards agnosticism and atheism amongst vegans, but I tend to chalk it up towards the overall skepticism of our age and the simple fact that most vegans are avidly independent and very willing to challenge social norms in order to honor a deep inner truth. (There are, actually, a few Christian-oriented vegan resources that I know of, and a whole chapter of the Unitarian Universalist church dedicated to vegan activism)

My current conundrums are with sustainability (think horsepower and farming)

Oh, I know! I could really ramble, here, but my perspective is that vegan sustainability has everything to do with appropriate size -- ie, if our farming techniques are tractor sized, then we'll require fossil fuels; if our farming utensils are plough sized, then we'll require horse power; if our farming utensils are hoe sized, then we'll require human hands and little else. The trade off is that for every down-size we require more farms. The upshot is that our true sustainability explodes with every downscale.

and museum-quality pest management, after the best preventive measures have failed.

A very good question! I wonder what Buddhists and Jainists do?
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My mother and step father are Buddhist. There really isn't pest control in their house. If they find one, they try to scoot it out the door. On a small household scale, prevention/cleanliness is probably the best thing.
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Hello, my name is Diana. I have been (mostly) vegan for about 2 years now. I was motivated by the environmental problems created by the livestock industry; but as a side benefit, the decision has been good for my cholesterol. I wish more people were aware of the environmental, economic and health problems created by eating meat and using animal products.
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Helloo, Diana! Thank you for your lovely introduction! (I try to scoot pests out of the house, as much as possible too -- except for the spiders, of course, who I simply try to leave be)
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Hello, my name is Monika. I have been veg*n for about 20 years now, vegan for about half of that time. I grew up in the midwest and was initially motivated because of the impact that meat consumption has on the environment and health, however, compassion was not far behind. And so I learned to live without cheese. I am also raising my daughter vegan.
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Why hello, Monika, I'm so pleased to meet you! (And I'm terribly sorry I missed your post up until now!) Where in the midwest are you transitioning from? I ask because the gentleman who helped me organize this meetup is in Chicago :)

So glad you're here. Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Hi Jen! I am transitioning from Chicago, and I am pretty active in the veg community here - so I have met Dave Dandelion, and he is such a wonderful person! Although I am sad to be leaving Chicago, I look forward to meeting new like-minded people and joining the veg community in NC. Now if I can just find a natural parenting group, I will be all set. :)
Heather N.
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Portland, OR
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Hi! I'm Heather, representing for myself and my fiance Brandon. Currently we're in MD, but we're moving to NC on 1 August and I wanted to get a head start on meeting like-minded people down in the Triad area. I was so excited to find this meetup group. I was afraid there might not be very many vegans in the area, but I'm glad to know that there is. Are there any good vegan friendly restaurants? I'm looking forward to meeting up with you guys in a month and a few weeks!
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