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From: Michael K.
Sent on: Monday, February 25, 2013 2:27 PM


Recently we have had an individual very upset that he sent an email to the group that wasn't approved.  I was accused of being like East Germany government limiting communication.  Taking that with a grain of salt, I wanted to make a post again to bring up the discussions again. 
We had this discussion about a year or so ago when members were complaining about getting too much email from items that the group felt should have been in the discussion boards.  It was decided then that only email regarding changes that related directly to an immediately upcoming event would be sent through.  Users can set their settings so that any new meetup is sent to them Daily, Weekly, Monthly or other options.  Since these are automated and ANY memeber can make a new meetup, it was decided to limit emails to the group.  What are everyone's thoughts?  Would you like to begin allowing emails to be sent to the group from any memeber or do we want to keep those discussions in the message board?  I'm sending this on the forum and also via email but responses are only being accepted in the forum at this time.  The address to the message forum is:

Thank you,

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