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GOING GREEN doesn't just mean not to litter and plant a tree- there's a lot more to it- so we came up with a list of what we think are important parts of going green....

~Respect the earth!
~Embrace diversity!
~Buy as locally as possible!
~Know where your food comes from!!!!
~Buy as organically as possible!
~Read your labels!
~Reduce your consumption- not just of energy sources- but shopping too!
~Reuse what you have!
~Recycle, as much as you can!
~Do not waste!
~Conserve water-rain barrels are awesome!
~Do not waste! Anything! (it bears repeating.)
~Commute and carpool whenever possible!
~Be aware of your carbon footprint!
~Go paperless whenever possible!
~Reduce our disposable society!
~Support green businesses!
~Support fair trade!
~GROW SOMETHING! Plant a garden, be a part of a garden somewhere, have houseplants!
~Network with other greenies- we can always learn something!
~Share what you know- they can always learn something!
~Try going meatless as much as possible!
~Be an informed consumer!
~Don't be afraid to ask! Ask questions!
~Get to know your neighbors! Be a part of your neighborhood!
~Be a part of the green community!
~Be a part of the Pittsburgh community!
~Trade, swap and barter when possible!
~Think outside the box and even off the grid!
~Live creatively!
~Forgive yourself if you aren't perfect, just keep making the effort!
~Remember that NOBODY is perfect!
~Don't wait- start today!
~Encourage others. (but don't be pushy!)
~Know that it gets easier, it just starts with SMALL changes!
~Get out there!
~Make a difference!
~Be excited!
~Be passionate about it!
~The best thing you can do is INSPIRE OTHERS! (hence all the exclamation points!)

I'm sure there are others- feel free to share!
email me-

If it seems overwhelming- it can be. But it certainly doesn't have to be a drag. Taking small steps help- and collectively taking small steps helps even more! If everyone does their part- think of the impact we make!

Going green doesn't have to be a chore or a drag- and you certainly don't have to do it alone!

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