Round 19 Wrap up: Beware of the spooks.

From: Andrew G.
Sent on: Friday, November 9, 2012 6:44 AM
# Subject: Round 19: Beware of the spooks.

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Hello Hackers-

Thanks to [Facebook NYC]( for hosting us! I
always give Facebook a lot of crap, but they were very gracious
hosts and even invited us back!

## A fun way to spend some time...

Implement [RC4]( in your favorite
language. It's not incredibly complicated, and it has many known
weaknesses, but it's a fun exercise in crytographic meanderings.
Then, you should of course share it on the list.

(See my implementation in
[Guile Scheme]( It took 27 minutes
to write and debug (at 5:30 in the morning). See? Quick.)

## Projects Presented (in random-pseudo order)

### Jay Goel

Jay hates GMail and most webmail clients, but is attempting to
rectify that situation with Hipflask, an MUA over the web that
can connect to multiple IMAP accounts.

[ *I'm very excited about this and would love to have the free time*
*to help out. If you have some free time and hate your mail situation*
*please, please, contribute! -- ed*]

* [github](
* [twitter](

### Bjorne Roche

Bjorne wrote a basic command line guitar tuner so you can be even
*more* nerdy when playing ukelele[0]. We were then treated to an
impromptu concert, in which the singer was a little flat...

* [github](

### [Last minute weather substitution] Jay Goel

[ *Round 19 was Jay's first Hack and Tell, and was very excited about*
*presenting--he submitted 3 proposals! He got the chance to talk*
*again after bad weather made a presenter cancel. Thanks Jay -- ed*]

For Jay's second act, he showed us his version of most people's
shoddy management of resumes. The punchline is bootstrap, and the
setup is JSON. The climax though, is a very useful tool that could
save many people a lot of frustration when writing a resume.

* [github](
* [resume babel](

### [Braindump] Zachary Kanfer

Zach showed us how he won a game of golf by implementing
[K-Means]( clustering in
[Arc]( Not discussed is how
really means jibberish.

* [background](

### Moses Nakamaru

Moses showed us how he used
[parser combinators](
in [Scala]( to create an argument parsing
library that doesn't suck so bad.

[ *What apartment did the pirate live in? 2RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! -- ed*]

* [github](

### Aditya Mukerjee

Aditya is a data guy, and he and a few friends hacked together a way
to collect real time sentiment on the presidential debates. [ *Personally,*
*it'd be more interesting to see it hooked up to someone undergoing*
*[Ludovico therapy](*
*-- ed*]

* [sentiment tracking app](

### Siraaj Khandkar

Conway's [Game of Life](, in
[Erlang]( (where each cell is a process!),
[awk]( and in

* [github](
* [twitter](

### Roman Shtylman

Roman shared with us his ventures into building
[Chrome Apps](, which
I guess you could consider Google's take on
His first attempt, a full blown
[IRC]( client.

* [github](

## Announcements and Things to Watch out for...

### Round 20 - Coming Soon

We've got two potential spaces lined up, so look for us again right
before the holiday rush!

### Coder Weekly [recycled from last time, but still great!]

I don't get much time to read the web these days, so I've been
relying more and more on a weekly mailing list called
[Coder Weekly]( It gets sent every
weekend and has a good mix of interesting articles.

## Clouds in many shapes and sizes...

Until next time!

Happy Hacking,

Andrew (@apgwoz) and James (@j2labs)

[0]: Oh just kidding. I too have a ukelele, though I have no musical
talent. On my ever long list of things to do is to learn to play punk
rock covers on it.

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