PickupUltimate.com Presentation Followup

From: Chris O.
Sent on: Friday, April 3, 2009 9:38 AM
Hi everyone,

? Thanks for letting me present last night; I enjoyed sharing my site and the discussion/questions.? I wanted to send a few follow-up thoughts and share my presentation notes in case anyone was interested.

? Feel free to play around with the site and add a game.? If you do, please be sure to mark the game as "Display: no" so it doesn't show up on the map.? The JS code for the homepage is minified, but if you look at js/map.js you can see the "debug" version.? The edit page is js/edit.js and most of the other code is so small I just left it inline on the pages (not good for performance; I know).

? I feel like I could have done a better job of showing you the actual PHP code that runs the project.? Maybe in the future I can do another presentation where we build a small app during the meeting so you can get a better idea of how Kohana works.

? Presentation notes are attached.

? Here are some various thoughts I've had since last night:

? > Someone asked me about the Javascript navigation/tabs.? Just to clarify I used Javascript for the tabs on the map (because they control a Javascript action), but normal anchor tags for links.? Semantic markup is your friend.

? > Joao had mentioned using DropBox as a backup solution.? I didn't realize this last night, but git should work well with DropBox.? git doesn't need a server in the traditional sense; everything sits in a .git folder in your project.? When DropBox backs up your files it's also backing up a copy of your git repository.? If you ever needed to restore from the DropBox backup you would have your git repo and your entire history of commits to your project.? No need to push commits to a server.

? > PHP gives you flexibility, but it's your job to use it correctly.? I think PHP should adopt a slogan: "PHP.? Code Responsibly." ;)

? > There is more than one way to skin a cat, but they all get the job done.? For example: I choose to use direct SQL instead of an ORM layer and Kohana over CodeIgniter.? Did those decision have a major impact on the final product?? Not at all.? I think too often, and especially for technically-oriented people, we focus so much on the details that we forget the bigger picture.? What matters to the end user?? What is the community impact of this site? etc.? Those things matter 100x more than your technology choice.? (Note: I'm not saying technology choice doesn't matter, and I'm obviously very bullish on PHP and Kohana, but when it's all said and done the end product is what matters.)

? > Ideas are a dime a dozen; execution is golden.? If you're not sure of the best way to do something just get out there and start doing it.? You can always change your code later if you need to.

? > Certain technologies have learning curves that are worth the investment.? It's up to you to judge which ones are worth your time.? Examples: git, Kohana (or other frameworks), vi, linux, etc

? Thanks again!? Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

-- Chris
?? [address removed]

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