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As the organizer of this group, it is my intention to create a new approach to losing weight and help our members obtain a unique understanding about the body. 60% of our nation is obese yet with all the diet aids and intelligent medical community 60% of us aren't getting reached or taking action to our so called desires. Why is that? I think I know, because I am included in this 60%. So this group is about taking a different approach based on some recent teachings I've learned over the past 4 years about the body. It's going to look at a mind, body, soul connection to our wholeness. A Healthy body that is balanced does not need to hold on to excess weight. We will learn more about this in the group.

How do I know and what do I have to offer? In 2002, at 5'4 I hit an all time high on the scale of 306 lbs. None of my friends, family or acquaintances knew I weighed this much, I had a lot of muscle under my excess and I held my head high and felt like the real me was not the body but the person inside so I was working on solutions to reflect my insides on the outside. So I began a serious journey towards transformation and learning. Over the last 4 years I have been educating myself on how my body works, what it needs to function optimally, and getting motivated and supported in doing the things I've learned. I have lost 100 lbs since that time, and I recently created this group to support me and others who are interested in learning new concepts about the body.

We will have guest speakers, mainly the teachers I've learned from because they have a burning hearts desire to help educate the population. We all know DIETS DO WORK, IF YOU WORK THEM! I know that any diet will work to help you lose weight even if it's not a healthy way of doing it, as long as you limit your usual intake and exercise your stored energy off! (i.e. fat) But the challenge over time has not been losing it, it's maintaining your ideal size you desire for yourself once you've taken it off. In our group we are focus on learning how, what and why regarding achieving the goals we truly desire for ourselves.

What we think about we create, so think about your joy, your pride, your ease you will feel and live with once you achieve your goals regarding your physical body and overall health.

Ask yourself, how will I feel when my pants are lose, every time I put them on? How will it feel when you look in the mirror and see success! How will it feel when you go on vacation and you don't feel tired after a full day of adventure?

These are the feelings you want to get in touch with so that your mind helps support your actions. This is one of the keys to successful life transforming WEIGHT RELEASE.... Notice, I didn't say "weight loss", because your language is very imporant to your actions and if you lose something you generally want to find it back. When we are focused on letting go and release that which no longer serves us for our best good, we will no longer need to hold on to it. Enjoy the journey - your life, because it's the most exciting adventure you'll ever know. Lydia

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