Re: [webdesign-459] Web Application slides

From: user 1.
Sent on: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 3:12 PM
Sean, thanks for the additional insight.

Regarding Phone Gap: I should probably put some disclaimers in there
that most of these things are still flying pink unicorns. I have not
been impressed even with the production applications Google has built
with Google Web Toolkit.

You're right; it has been great to see public API emergence; even in
the public sector to some degree. While I can't deny many of the
advantages of the walled gardens created by native apps (easier to
discover apps, uniform experience, etc.), I really like the idea of
having a broadly standardized platform for distributing and consuming
Internet applications (the browser) whenever possible.

It's interesting you mentioned that many applications are delivered
both as a public API on the Internet *and* by a conventional website.
Somebody in Philly made the same observation. I've been thinking about
the implications and I think maybe it is something we should run with
as developers.

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